Heritage Village Acquires Doukhobor Elevator

Kamsack Times, March 29, 2001, page 1.

After years of patience and quiet negotiation it seems certain that a major Doukhobor agricultural relic at Veregin will be preserved.

Veregin's last remaining elevator, since the other Saskatchewan Wheat Pool elevator was demolished last week, is a structure that was built by Doukhobor pioneers using their own design and methods in 1908.

It is the last of its kind still standing, Andy Kazakoff, district Pool delegate said.

After working on a proposal to have the National Doukhobor Heritage Village at Veregin assume ownership of the elevator which is located on adjacent property, Kazakoff said favourable offers made by CN have been accepted by the heritage village board.

The elevator, which contains all the hardware and mechanisms that it contained when it was closed for use about four years ago, is located along the CN tracks. The deal allows the structure to stay where it is, providing that a fence between it and the main tracks is erected.

It is the intent of the heritage village to leave the elevator as a reminder of the Doukhobor community's past and it will be restored as financing permits, Kazakoff said.

It was a long process, but everyone involved, the Village of Veregin, Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, CN and the heritage village, were very accommodating, he said.


Sent in by Koozma J. Tarasoff

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