These were sent in by Jenny Kondrashov-Clark, 2001 March 20. She gives no dates and asks if anyone can help identify them. "My family were Molokans from Blagoveshchensk. I am gathering photographs, stories and history from my father and Uncles to write a novel based on their very interesting history. I have photographs of the Molokans in Blagoveshchensk, and the Hotel which they built in 1914. I also have a photo taken in early 1900's of the waterfront of Blagoveshchensk. A town that was mostly built by industrious Molokans.I would love to be able to share and trade information.Blagoveshchensk (also Blagoveschensk, and Blagovescensk) sits on the Russian border north of China. More Molokans lived here than anywhere else in Russia. Many fled south through China. Read more about Blagoveshchensk. See the region. See detailed map.

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My Grandfather in an ornate wicker chair.

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My Grandfather's sister and fiancée, wearing Japanese costumes, in exile in Japan.

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These two girls are family that I haven't identified and would like to. Might be younger sisters of my Grandmother.

Photos of 3 Molokan Buildings in Blagoveshchensk, Russia
Molokans in the Far East, from John J. Stephan, The Russian Far East: a history. 1994
"The Molokans", Through Siberia, by Henry Lansdell. 1882.
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