Thu, 15 Jul 1999 14:40:47 -0700  (Jean Murray)

Hello, Andrew,
My apologies for taking so long to respond to your letter!
I am sending two attachments with this is a picture of a
group taken in SF around 1911-12. Many of them are Evanikoff family, and
it is one of my very favorite photos. The young boy, seated on the ground
at left, is my father, and he is holding what appears to be a Bible. The
other two boys are holding "ENGLISH FOR NEW AMERICANS". 

The second attachment is a page sent to me by my cousin, John Poppin, of
the identification of the people his Aunt Billie identified. I had sent him
to photo and asked if he could help in the ID's of the people I did not
know. If the yellow highlighting comes through, these are my ID's of the
persons whom I am sure about. [Unfortunately this was not recieved]

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Unfortunately, I could not open the Vereschagin art photos. I tried to
locate them on other sites but was unsuccessful. Incidentally, I spoke to
my cousin, Ann Vereschagin, a couple of days ago regarding some family
history questions, and she told me that she knows the Conovaloff's very
well and in fact, I believe she said that she was related to them. 

I hope you are going strong on the map again! I really appreciated getting
the Shubin map......even that is extremely helpful. 

I will later on send you a few more photos of my grandparents taken in
Russia before they left. (See below.)

One more question: have you ever researched and found info on your
family's immigration to the US? So far I have not been successful. My
Evanikoff grandparents came through Galveston, TX, and I have been told
that my mother, along with her parents, came through Ellis Island. It's
probably going to take many hours of reeling through microfilm to find

Jean Murray 

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Can anyone help Jean identify these pictures taken by her grandfather in about August 1970, in Pitigorsk, Russia? 

Click to Enlarge Left to Right:

1. Unidentified
2. Kuzma Pavlovich Evanikoff with son, Fyodor Kuzmich Evanikoff 
3. Tatiana Yakovlevna (Gorohova) Evanikoff

Date of origin: Approximately 1903/1904
Place of origin: Probably Kars area
Reverse of photo shows (in Russian): 

     This photo ... was taken in May, 1916, in Elizavetopol.  I am only sure about two people and am guessing at a couple.  I am hoping that a relative in SF to whom I have sent this photo might be able to identify them with certainty.
     Seated, L/R:  Nikolai Pavlovich Evanikoff (?),  Great Grandmother Evanikoff whose name I do not know, Malina Pavlovna Evanikoff (married name not known), unidentified child, unidentified female.
     Standing, L/R:  Sasha Nikolaievna Evanikoff (?) , unidentified female, unidentified female, Nikolai Nikolaievich Evanikoff (?).
     [But handwritten on the back-- "To all our dear relatives in America, from the Mikhailov family. City of Elisavetopol, May 1916." -- is evidence that this is NOT the Evanikoff family!] 

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