Note on Names

For security and other reasons, Russian Christians often used initials or did not mention the names of the people they wrote about. Some used pseudonyms. This was the best thing to do in their time. But it was not the best for this story. It will be hard enough for readers to keep a clear picture of who did what, without having to deal with unnamed or partially named characters. I only wrote about real people, but where names were missing I have supplied them, as follows. Should anyone who reads the story know what the real names of these people were, please contact the publisher. The names or parts of names I supplied appear in bold:

Danilo Astachov
Fyodor Sakharov
Grigory Korsh
Olga Braun
Sergey Yushkevich
Viktor Alekhin
Vladimir Golitsyn
Yelizaveta Kasyanova
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