Tolstoy helps Molokane from Samara, 1897

 Excerpts from The Journal of Leo Tolstoi: First Volume—1895-1899.

The Journal of Leo Tolstoy/sketch (by C. Shokor-Trotsky)
13. To the Emperor (about the Molokane). October, 1897.
14. To the Peterburgskaia Vledomosti (about the Molokane). October, 1897.

The Journal of Leo Tolstoy (Translated in 1917 by Rose Strunsky)

Yasnaya Polyana, September 19, 1897 —  My work was interrupted also by the arrival of the Molokane from Samara in reference to their children which were taken away. I wanted to write abroad and even wrote a very violent, and what seemed to me, strong letter, but changed my mind. It was not to be done before God. I have to try again. Today I wrote letters ...  and saw the Molokane off.

Note 222. The Molokane, from the province of Samara, district of Buzuluk* [700+ miles away from Tolstoy's home], came twice (in April and September, 1897) to Tolstoi to ask him that he help them get back the children taken from them by the police and placed in Orthodox monasteries. (See Tolstoi's letter about this to the editor of Peterburgskaia Viedomosti, printed in that paper in October, 1897, and reprinted in the Collected Works of Tolstoi, edited by Sytin, Popular Edition, Volume XXII. See also, article of A. S. Prugavin, "Leo Tolstoi and the Malakans of Samara," [pages 35+] in his book, Leo Tolstoi and the Tolstoians, Moscow, 1911.) [*Due to redistricting, Buzuluk is now in Orenburg Oblast.]

Note: 223. About the children taken away from the Molokane. The rough draft of this letter is now in the Petrograd Tolstoi Museum.

Note 224. Count A. V. Olsuphiev, Adjutant General. In letters to him and to the two other persons mentioned below, Tolstoi asked their collaboration in freeing from the monasteries, the children taken from the Molokane.

Note 232. Tolstoi sent to the editor of the Peterburgskaia Viedomosti a letter in regard to the children taken away from the Samara Molokane, and about those measures which were suggested as a means of fighting the sectarians and Old-Believers which were made in the missionary congress in Kazan. This letter was printed in No. 282, of October I5th.
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