Wren's Patch

"Molokan tomato growers from Manjimup"

Download 2.5 MB PDF: "Wren's Patch" courtesy of Spice Magazine — Issue 10, March 2008, pages 35-36.
"Wren's Patch" is a 2-page story in Spice Magazine by Sarah Green about "Wren's Veggie Patch" farm, West Australia. It starts with a half-page photo of Joanna Wren in the vines, followed by an interview with her parents David Alex and Faith (George Nazaroff) Wren about their history and farm, and ending with a "simple tomato and cucumber salad" — Russian-style. The 5-hectare (12.4 acres) Wren farm is on Sunshine Ave., Alexandra Bridge, about 50 air miles (80 kilometers) west of Manjimup, closer to Courtenay. They are also about 50 air miles south of their new Jumper-Maksimist church in Capel,WA. Google Earth shows their prayer hall, being constructed at the time of this aritcle. Their faith is Spiritual Christian Dukh-i-zhiznik.

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