$1000 needed for Armenian Spiritual Christian Directory

Alexei Sandykov needs at least $300 for a printer and paper to get started on the first phone directory of Molokans in Armenia. He plans to include a list of all villages, churches, cemeteries; and maybe maps, history and photos depending on funding and costs.

It is hoped that diaspora Spiritual Christians will pre-buy 100 books at $10 each to give him at least $1000 he needs to fund this exciting new project.

He wants to travel to northern Armenia to find and photo abandoned villages and churches. He's been photographing grave markers at the three Molokan cemeteries in Erevan. He wants to include lots of genealogical and demographic information which takes time to collect. See Molokan Old Cemetery, Charbakh, Yerevan, Armenia 79 photos by Alexei Sandikov.

Click to ENLARGEAlexei is very capable and anxious to complete this project. With his cousins he created the Sandykov genealogy website which has a short history of Spiritual Christians in the Caucasus, his family family tree and a list of all founding families of Shorzha village.

In July Alexei got called into the Army and will serve for the next 2 years. In the meantime his wife will carry on with the directory project. Click on photo to enlarge.

The Arizona congregation will collect prepayments for increments of 5 directories for $50, or 10 directories for $100. Anything less is a donation for no books. When the books arrive next year, we will forward them to you.

The Church of Spiritual Molokans of Arizona, Inc.
For Armenian Molokan Directory
13664 W Holly Street
Goodyear, AZ 85338-2406

For direct bank deposit information (national or international), phone Lissa Haprov 623-853-5093, or e-mail  SpiritualChristianMolokans@yahoo.com

If anyone else wants to individually fund this entire project yourself, please do. Send Alexei US$1000 by MoneyGram and agree to recieve and distribute 100 books. Contact him directly by e-mail alexey_sandikov@mail.ru, or postal mail. He writes and understands English well.

Republic of Armenia
Avet-Avetisyan street 23, apt.2
Sandikov Alexei

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