6 Photos of Dukhizhizniki
by Sergey Maximishin

Fioletovo and Dilijan villages, Armenia May 2007 Mazimishin.com

FIOLETOVO Spiritual Christians Molokans (self-named "Spiritual Christian") the Russian religious movement close to Protestantism. In the middle of 19-th century Spiritual Christians Molokans under the order of tsar Nikolay have been banished to difficult of access mountain areas of just annexed Armenia and Azerbaijan. Now in mountains of Armenia remained two villages (Lermontovo and Fioletovo) where Spiritual Christians Molokans live compactly Photo: typical Dukh-i-zhiznkik Molokan's house. Three open books lay in everyone Dukh-i-zhiznkik Molokan's house: the Old Testament, the New Testament and revelations of Dukh-i-zhiznkik Molokan's prophet Maxim Rudomyotkin.

DILIJAN  Spiritual Christians Molokans praying assembly.

FIOLETOVO The name "Molokan" was used in reference to the people who ignored the 200 fasting days, drinking milk (moloko = "milk" in Russian). Of 4 congregations of Spiritual Christians in Fioletovo, 1 is Molokan and 3 are different Dukhizhiznik faiths. 

FIOLETOVO Economic specialization of Spiritual Christians Molokans is cultivation of cabbage. In days of Soviet Union Spiritual Christians Molokans sold their prepared on special recipes sauerkraut on all country and earned huge money. Today it is difficult to them to overcome numerous state borders between republics of the former USSR and their economy has come to decline. 70 percent of cabbage of an old harvest are used as fertilizer for a new crop.

FIOLETOVO  Spiritual Christians Molokans prefer to bake bread at home.

FIOLETOVO Дети молокан. Spiritual Christian Molokan children.

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