Fioletova, Armenia

A thoughtful Armenian photo-journalist found our website and sent his photos published in Expelled from the homeland.
Spiritual Christians Molokans in Armenia: Although largely considered monoethnic, small groups of ethnic minorities nevertheless add some color to life in the Republic. One of Armenia's most interesting ethnic groups are the Spiritual Christians Molokans. An article and photographs from Fioletovo will be published by HETQ at a later date. [See links below.]
Photos taken by Onnik Krikorian.
Sunday, September 5, 2004

From: "Onnik Krikorian" <>
Subject: Molokan NEWS: Armenia
Date:  6 Sep 2004

 I don't have any news or info to add about
Spiritual Christians Molokans in Armenia but I've just returned from Fioletovo and although didn't get many photos taken because of the weather but also, because most of the villagers did not want their photos taken, I thought I'd send them on. You're free to use them for educational and not-for-profit purposes.

[next replies:]  ".....Sunday was the first time I visited a Spiritual Christian Molokan village in Armenia although of course, I knew them as one of Armenia's national minorities. Anyway, I enjoyed my visit despite how difficult it was to photograph most of them. Incidentally, I was sent there with a journalist who will write a story to go with the photos. ...." and "...When an English translation of the article is ready by the journalist I was working with, I'll send it on. The article is for HETQ Online: ..."

Onnik Krikorian
Oneworld Multimedia

Morozov Moisei

Morozov Mikhail and wife Ania.

Morozov Moisei who has
married relatives in California.

Morozov Moisei, Tania Pavlovna (wife), and daughter at home.

Daughter of Morozov Moisei.
in kitchen left.

Zadorkin girl.

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