Historic Monument Planned 

Update Feb 15, 2006 Mohoff has halted collecting funds until he can arrange a building permit: "Most important, I need someone in Mexico to help us get the permit first before we collect money."
In 2009 Mohoff died.

Dear Friends:

2006  marks the 100th Anniversary of the founding of the Russian Molokan Colony in the Guadalupe Valley, near Ensenada, Mexico. Thousands of tourists have visited the streets and nearby wineries where the Molokan Colony flourished and many more tourists will come. Thanks in part to the Molokans, the Guadalupe Valley turned a once virgin land into productive and progressive farms that continue to attract visitors.*

A project, headed by me, is underway to erect a Historical Monument that will honor the dedicated and brave Russian families who settled in the Guadalupe Valley 100 years ago. The 30" x 30" stone monument will be placed on the grounds of the Russian Molokan Church. Currently, no monument exists that pays tribute to the Pryguny Molokans. This monument will be accessible to anyone who wants to view it by entering the assembly Church yard. It will be inscribed with a Russian title and will have English on one side and Spanish on the other [street-side]. This monument will stand 5 feet high and weigh approximately 1200 pounds.
I was born in the Guadalupe Valley, in the home of my Russian parents, and I will never forget the kindness of Mexican people and the intense emotional bond I feel for Guadalupe. I have carefully chronicled the history of the Russian Colony in my book, "The Russian Colony of Guadalupe Valley Molokans in Mexico." I feel that a monument honoring the historic legacy left by the Russian is important and will be of historical significance and interest to the Mexican people and to their Guadalupe visitors.

I hope that you will join me in our dream to establish a Historical Monument that win leave a lasting and loving tribute to the Russians who so dearly loved this Valley. The Russian influence in the Guadalupe Valley has lured historians, scholars and artists as well as curious tourists who have marveled at the legacy left by this group of hardworking and determined people.

If you are interested in helping with this project to erect the Historical Monument honoring the Molokan Russian Colony, please contact me.

George W. Mohoff (1924-2009)
2221 Via Camille
Montebello CA 90640

Phone: 323-721-8610

The proposed monument will be in front of the prayer hall along the street fence, on a fenced courtyard slab about 8 feet on each side. There will be 2 entry ways from the street. The monument will be 5 ft. high a 3-foot high tablet sitting on a 2-foot high base which is 30-inch square.
Monumento Historico 1906 -1963
Commemoracion a la Colonia Rusa De Guadalupe

En el a
o de 1905 el Valle de Guadalupe, se vendi a 104 familias Rusas Molokan. El Sr. Ivan G. Samarin, Leader de la comunidad, a nombre de la empresa Rusa, viaj a la capital de Mexico para recibir permiso para establecer una Colonia Rusa, y tambien la libertad en sus servicios religiosos.
Esto fue reportado en el Diario Oficial de Mexico no, 17, Marzo 20 de 1906.

Historic Monument 1906 - 1963
In Commemoration of the Russian Colony of Guadalupe

In 1905 Guadalupe Valley was purchased by 104 Russian Molokans families. In 1906 their Leader Ivan G. Samarin, on behalf of the Pryguny Molokans, traveled to Mexico City to receive permission to establish a Russian Colony in the Guadalupe Valley and to receive a guarantee of Religious freedom.
This was reported in the official Daily News of Mexico, number 17, on March 20, 1906.
*In a local newspaper article about the opening of the museum in Guadalupe it is reported that in June 1952 the president of Mexico, Lopez Mateos, came to the Russian Colony and "he said that the Russians converted this virgin land of the Guadalupe Valley to an oasis, such that today we can enjoy its fruit."
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