Spiritual Christian Cemeteries in Turkey Vandalized

Kars, Turkey Two Turkish news articles were posted in October 2006 about vandalism at the Chakmak Spiritual Christian cemetery, just north of Kars, Turkey. The articles are not translated yet, but show seven photos, including a robbed grave filled with trash and a rare remaining marker for A.V. Samarin

Spiritual Christians from Kars have reported that the Turkish army used the Molokan grave markers for target practice during maneuvers, and grave robbing was so common that they had to guard recently buried people for a few days until the body rotted enough to discourage the thieves. It was common to dig up a grave hoping to find gold teeth.

During one burial in the 1970s (?), the Spiritual Christians buried a grave in the day, went back to their village for a meal, and when the guards returned a few hours after burial to watch over night, the grave had already been robbed and the body mutilated. They had to repair the casket and body, and rebury the next day.

Thanks to Suat Boyar (Stepan Mikhailich Agapov) for the links.

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