New Russian Colonists

By Associated Press. Los Angeles Herald, February 1, 1905. Page 2
Driven From Their Fatherland
Are Headed for Los Angeles

NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 31. Seven Russian families reached this city today from New York, en route to Los Angeles to make their homes with the Russian colony near that city. The immigrants say they were compelled to leave Russia owing to the excessive taxes.

Their tax-breaks expired. Beginning in the 1840s voluntary settlers to Transcaucasia "upon their arrival" got "economic opportunities and benefits not available to their brethren in the interior provinces" "an eight-year tax holiday", "freedom from economic restrictions, ... significant financial investment in their trade and industrial projects," and more "towns in which sectarians could register officially." (Breyfogle N.B. Heretics and colonizers: forging Russia's empire in the south Caucasus, pages 145-147.)
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