Russians Flee To California

By Associated Press. Los Angeles Herald, July 23, 1905. Page 5
Religious Exiles Coming To America

Angeleno is Head Adviser

Families Are Arriving Every Few
Weeks To Join Local Colony, and Will Locate in Southern and Lower California

Like this pilgrims of old, fleeing from a land of oppression to a land of liberty, Russian Protestant peasants of Transcaucasia, near the Turkish border and known as Molokane, or Brotherhood of Spiritual Christians, are coming to the sunny clime of California in large numbers from the land of the great white czar, but unlike the Pilgrim fathers, they find a land of plenty and prosperity to greet them.

For some time the Russian colony of Los Angeles has lent a bit of bright medieval color to this cosmopolitan city, but these industrious farmers are already planning to emigrate to farming lands in what is known as the ex-mission Guadalupe Rancho, situated in the Guadalupe valley, northeast of Ensenada de Todos Santos. Here the fertile land will be devoted to walnuts, olives and vineyards and the raising of stock. Wheat will be one of the main products and a flour mill will be erected.

Largely instrumental in planning and securing land for this large Russian colony is Capt C.P. de Blumenthal, who is looked upon as head adviser and friend by the local colony.

Russians Are Industrious

The 100 Russian families which have settled in Los Angeles and vicinity have found ready employment and are rapidly learning the English language. They, have proved very satisfactory as employees and are a sober, industrious people, abstaining from intoxicants, tobacco. and other common vices. They do not come here as cheap labor, but to labor shoulder to shoulder with American workmen for fair wages.

During the coming two years, only part of the local colony will go to the ranch, the remainder working here. It is expected that one or two more colonies will be organized. The Mexican government is favorably disposed to these colonies and has put large tracts of lands their disposal small payments. All this work has been under the direct supervision of Mr. de Blumenthal, who had prepared every thing as far as possible before the arrival of the immigrants.

Capt. de Blumenthal, who is a native Russian, came to this country ten years ago, since which time, he has mastered the English language. He is a graduate of the University of St. Petersburg and speaks fluently a dozen languages. He has been prominently connected with several institutions of learning in this country. Mme. de Blumenthal is also an enthusiastic Worker for the colony and has put the lace industry of her countrywomen before the public in an able and effective manner.

Capt. de Blumenthal will remain in Los Angeles until the colonies are established, when he will settle there as head adviser.
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