Russian Colonists Stricken With Fever

By Associated Press. Los Angeles Herald, August 13, 1905. Page 1
Two Hundred Peaseants Arrive in Los Angeles After Terrible Experience in Panama

Pestilent fevers have destroyed the hopes of Russian colony builders that they would the able to live and prosper in the lowlands of Mexico and the isthmus.

Nearly 200 Russian peasants have arrived in Los Angeles during the past weeks from Panama, stricken with malaria and other fevers, and are being taken care of by their fellow countrymen who early last year laid the foundations for a settlement in the eastern part of the city.

Those who arrived last week first landed at New Orleans and went from there to Panama, from where they were not able to proceed further, because, of a lack of funds. They obtained employment at good wages and started a colony, but were seized with sickness. With the money which they had earned and with the financial help of those Russians in Los Angeles, they were enabled to continue their journey, arriving here from San Francisco.

Some will seek employment in Los Angeles, but the larger number expect to become a part of the colony, which is now being formed at Ensenada, Mexico.
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