Report Cholera Under Control

By Associated Press. Los Angeles Herald, September 5, 1905. Page 1
Hamburg Authorities Say it Cannot Spread

Steamship Bulgarian Held

Directors of Hamburg-American Line Confident They Have Taken Ample Precautions Against Bringing the Plague Here

HAMBURG [Germany]. Sept. 4.— The authorities declare there are no new cases of cholera in Hamburg and that they believe the further spread of the disease is impossible.

Thirty-one Russian emigrants who arrived here with the Russian who died of the disease last month, and who were bound for the United States, as well as a thousand others who were discharged from the Hamburg-American line steamer Moltke, have been detained on board the company's steamer Bulgaria, anchored in mid stream in the Elbe [River], off Brunshausen [between Hamburg and the Nordic Sea, Atlantic Ocean], for four days without the disease breaking out among them. They have, however, been subjected to a thorough fumigation and all their baggage has been disinfected. These emigrants have been examined daily by the company's doctors, and if tomorrow passes with out symptoms of the disease the Bulgaria will sail for the United States on Thursday.

Dr. Otto Ecker, a director of the Hamburg-American line, said to the Associated Press today that he was confident there was no cholera among passengers on board the Bulgaria, as otherwise the captain would not dispatch the ship because of the danger of having to bring back a thousand emigrants at the company's expense.

He said: "It is to the interest of the company to take no risk of shipping the disease to America. As soon as we discovered the case among the Russians we immediately wired all our agents to refuse further bookings of emigrants. This order will remain in force until we are satisfied the danger has been passed."

More Deaths in Prussia

Berlin Government Making Preparations for Possible Outbreak By Associated Press.

BERLIN, Sept. 4.— lt was officially bulletined today that sixty-five cholera cases and twenty-three deaths have occurred in Prussia. Of this number ten cases and three deaths were reported up to noon today. The number of cases reported by private sources since the official bulletin was made up indicates a total of fully seventy.

While anxiety is not yet the word to describe the feeling of the imperial health officers, concern over the cholera situation does  exist. Most of the new cases do not break out among the quarantined persons, but are suddenly heard of in detached farm houses or villages not near the Vistula. Hence the inference is that infected districts are widening slowly and the measures to hold the disease strictly within the existing boundaries have not been fully successful.

These measures, however, are being sharply increased. Orders were issued today to close all refreshment houses along the Vistula except those located in towns. These small restaurants and bars are frequented by rivermen who are the class most likely to be in fected.

In anticipation of cholera reaching Berlin the government yesterday began the erection near Berlin of two barracks for cholera patients and also established an inspection station for river traffic.

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Annual Meeting Postponed
By Associated Press.
MARIENWERDER, West Prussia, Sept. 4.— Five new cases of cholera have been reported, two at Thorn, one each at Grabowka, Mocker and Treull.
All the annual meetings of various societies, such as agricultural, veterans and religious bodies, fixed to occur in this part of Prussia during September, have been Indefinitely postponed owing to the outbreak of cholera.

Seven Cases Reported in Brotnberg

By Associated Press
BROMBERG, Prussia, Sept. 4.— The local government has been notified of the following cases of cholera: One each in Nakel Stoewer, Czarnlfu, Briefendorf, Romanshof and Walkwltz and two in Wetssehoche. Three deaths have occurred in the Bromberg district.

Four Deaths Occur at Culm
By Associated Press.
CULM, Prussia, Sept. 4.— Of the nine cholera cases which were first discovered here four have terminated  fatally. All the dredgers which operated along the Vistula are under close observation.

French Ministry on the Qul Vive
By Associated Press.
PARIS, Sept. 4.— The ministry of the interior has adopted energetic measures to protect the frontiers against cholera coming from Germany.