Molokanes Seek Big Colony Site

By Associated Press. Los Angeles Herald, March 18, 1907, page 1.
Thousands from Russia are Negotiating

Interpreter Reaches San Francisco,
Hoping to Select Place to Which
Members of Peculiar Sect May Flock

SAN FRANCISCO, March 17.— W. H.
Coward of Stockton arrived here today,
accompanied by a Russian interpreter, for a
conference with some representative Russian
settlers who wish to form a large agricultural
colony in California.

The vanguard of these colonies is already in
San Francisco and 3000 more of them are
temporarily working in Los Angeles until
such time as their spokesman shall decide
upon the most desirable place for them to
settle in one large colony occupying at least
50,000 acres.

The Russians are members of a peculiar
religious sect called "Molokanes."

See further commentary by the interepreter:
Molokans Turn Up As Usual Looking For Land,
The Hawaiian Gazette, April 2, 1907, page 6.
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