200th Anniversary Convention
Presentation Report

San Francisco Molokan Church Septemeber 18, 2005 
by Mary Shubin-Needham

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[14 American-Molokans attended the 200th Anniversary Convention in Russia on July 22-27, 2005, They are the entire Pete William and June (Wm. Popin) Loskutoff family — 3 daughters (Katrina Hazen, Alison _?_, Mary Jane
Shabalin), each with husbands (Tim Hazen, _?_, Andrei Shabalin), and all 5 grandchildren (ages 13-27), all from the Bay Area — plus their cousin Dr. Alex Allan Desatoff (mother: Myrna Sam Loskutoff-Desatoff, Whittier). Pete Loskutoff and Andrei Shabalin were the American- Molokan Representatives to the Convention. This is part of their report about this historic event.]

   A 15-minute video/slide presentation was shown after the church services. The video included scenes of the conference grounds, attendees, the new church and Peter Loskutoff’s speech. Members of the Loscutoff family shared their personal experiences throughout the video presentation.

    The delegation was especially impressed by the hospitality and good food they enjoyed at the conference. We learned the ladies of the congregation served them two meals each day at long tables covered with homemade tablecloths brought in fresh every morning. Samovars were at each table and tea was served even in the 100-degree weather.

    Food preparation was done in three kitchens; one in the church and two outdoors via natural gas lines brought from the main kitchen. The tables were served from a serving line of 75 ladies. All meals were homemade and there was great abundance, with borscht and lapsha being served at the same meal! 200 eggs were used for one meal preparation and two steers donated to the church were used during the conference.

    Pete Loskutoff gave an emotional testimony about his initial apprehension of traveling with his family to Russia during these uncertain times, and how the trip turned out to be the highlight of his life. Peter Loskutoff shared his reflections on how their traveling inconveniences were light compared to those coming across the border from Georgia.

    And lastly, the Loskutoff grandchildren were delighted to discover that their world isn’t so small as it might seem on a Sunday morning in Sunday School class, but that they are part of a much bigger family.

[Several Jumpers from the Kerman-Fresno area attended this presentation. More information later.....]

45 photos of congregation delegates attending the congress

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