Potrero Hill Baby Boomers — Molokans

"The Hill" in "The City" held a second annual reunion on Saturday September 29, 2008.
About 50 people attended the 2008 Potrero Hill Baby Boomers Reunion, San Francisco, California. 15 in the photo below are of Russian-Molokan descent.
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Click on photo to enlarge, or click here for original photo (1.1K). Much thanks to 2nd-cousing Sharon (#15) for the news, photo and websites; and to Ann Loskutoff, Linda Hjelle and Peter Borodin for names, genealogy.

  1. Lynn Susoeff
  2. Tom Susoeff
  3. Priscilla John Benassini (father: John William Popin, Sr.; mother: Nell Dimitri Evanikoff)
  4. _?_
  5. Bill Alex Goosieff (father: Alexander Alexei Goosieff; mother: Manya Fred Volkoff; brother: #6)
  6. Peter Alex Goosieff (father: Alexander Alexei Goosieff; mother: Manya Fred Volkoff; brother: #5)
  7. Linda James Loskutoff-Hjelle (father: Jack James Loskutoff; mother Mary James Popoff; husband: #10)
  8. Barbara Walter Fetesoff- (father: Walter Wm. Fetesoff; mother: Alice Esi Bogdanov)
  1. Victor Vas. Granchukoff (wife: Nadia W Loskutoff; father: Semion Granchukoff; mother: Afanasia Penzur)
  2. Ken Hjelle (Norwegian descent; wife: # 7)
  3. Kathy O'Brien (father: Joseph Alyouis O'Brien; mother: Nellie Fred Susoeff; sister: #14)
  4. John Timofey Razvaliaeff (father: Timofey Andrew Razvaliaeff; mother: Stenya William Ramzoff)
  5. Zena Peter Browning (father: Peter S. Susoev; mother: Nadia Vasily Baholdin)
  6. Sarah O'Brien (father: Joseph Alyouis O'Brien; mother was Nellie Fred Susoeff; sister: #11)
  7. Sharon Watson-Wehrli (father: Watson; mother Gussie Michael Susoeff; grandmother Anna Efim Loskutoff; grandfather Michael James Susoeff)
  8. Peter John Borodin (father: John Jack Borodin; mother: Jania Pete Petrov)
Women mostly run the the reunion projects, led by Marian, who with Dee-Dee, have done most of the organizing which is posted by Vickie on the Internet. They have 2 websites (below) with lists for local hang-outs, family names, and those who died; and lots of photos. More than 1090 messages were posted on the guestbook/blog by October 2008. All ethnic groups participate, even O.J. Simpson posted a supporting message.

Souvenir T-shirts have been produced for 2007 and 2008. The first shirt merely stated: "1st Annual Potrero Hill Babyboomers Reunion, September 29, 2007". The next shirt is more elaborate: "On the front they will say 2nd Annual Potrero Hill Babyboomers Reunion, below that we will have our zip code 94107, on the back we will be listings all the schools on the hill and also some hang outs. Guys T-shirts will be dark blue with light blue print. Girls T-shirts will be light blue with dark blue print."

The first reunion ad asks:
"Did you grow-up on the Hill? Hangout at Jackson Park, the Mayflower, Goat Hill Pizza, or other neighborhood haunts? Come to the first annual Potrero Hill Baby Boomers Reunion! $10/$20 at door. 3 p.m. to 10 p.m., Mariposa Hunters Point Yacht Club, 405 Terry A. Francois (formerly: China Basin Street). Information: 673.3578."

The second reunion on Saturday 29, 2008 was at the Jelly's Cafe, Pier 50, 295 Terry Francois Street (formerly: China Basin Street), $15 admission. Guys and gals T-shirts are for sale for $20. The ad is more elaborate:
"We are once again seeking a special group of people who grew up on the “The Hill” from the late 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or currently living there and frequently visited or “hung out” at the following places, Pennsylvania Street, Jackson Park, 20th Street, Carolina Stairs, Vermont Park, 18th Street and when old enough… the Mayflower, Goat Hill Pizza, Blooms (Used to be Joe’s), Good Life, Mission Rock, Ramp, Dogpatch Bar, Bottom Of The Hill, Double Play, Hamburger Nancy’s II Pirada, etc."
The 2008 reunion was saddened by the concurrent funeral of Ruby Hazen, mother of several PHBBs.

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