Searching for Information about Famly History
in Subbotniki Community in Western Ukraine


Rivne Oblast and Kostopil

I’m writing a family memoir and searching for a Subbotnik family that was close with my Jewish family in a small village in what is now the Western Ukraine.  It was called Pohorelowka before WW2, and part of Poland, in the region of Wohlynia {Vohlynia}. The closest city is Kostopil, near Rivne. Today the village is called Poliske {Поліське}. I would love to know more about Subbotniks in this region— to get a sense of numbers, places and kind of worship, how they were treated by the majority population, and their experience under the Soviets and the Nazis. But mostly, I’d love to find the surname of the family. All I have is the name of a son, Kondrat, who lifespan was approximately 1925-1985. I actually visited the village in 2016, but no one had any knowledge of any history of Subbotniks in this village.

I welcome any information and guidance to assist me in my search.

With many thanks,

Isa Milman


By Original version (Ukrainian): Alex Tora
English translation: KaterBegemot 
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