Mohoff. George W. The Russian Colony of Guadalupe: Pryguny Molokans in Mexico, 1995.
Red text is added information. These Russian Spiritual Christians (dukhovnye khristiane) were are mostly of the Prygun faith. Name spellings are as published, not cross-checked with other records. Married women's maiden names are not listed. Names may be repeated on the same list. Spellings often vary. Transliteration from Russian is not uniform. A few names were missed and noted. Lists are sorted here alphabetically for ease of use. This is a partial list, missing 2 cemeteries and maiden names.

Surnames Indexed Below (Soundex - Russian tranliteration (ALA-LC) linked to Origins of Prygun and Molokan Surnames)
Soundex - Transliteraton
A125 - Abakumov
A155 - Afonin
A241 - Akloff(1)
B121 - Bobyshev
B110 - Babaev
B261 - Bugrov
B261 - Bukhrov
C141 - Chepliev(2)
D453 - Dalmatov
D231 - Desiatov
D421 - Dolgov
D163 - Dvortsov(3)
E132 - Evdokinov
E121 - Evseev
F431 - Filatov
G210 - Gusev
K132 - Kaptsov
K412 - Kolpakov
K262 - Kashirskii
K411 - Kholopov
K531 - Khomutov
K423 - Khystov
K121 - Kobzev
K651 - Kornev
K521 - Kurbatov(5)
L231 - Lugotov
M311 - Matveev(4)
M452 - Mel'nikov
M322 - Metchikov
M210 - Mokhov
M251 - Mokshanov
M241 - Morozov
N261 - Nazarov
N121 - Novikov
O243 - Ogol'tsov
P141 - Pavlov
P116 - Pivovarov
P322 - Podsakov
P110 - Popov
P311 - Potapov
P613 - Pra(v)din
R210 - Rogov
R353 - Rudometkin
S565 - Samarin
S536 - Samodurov
S150 - Shubin(5)
T452 - Tolmasov
T621 - Tregubov(5)
(1) Page 71. (2) Chapluk, Chaplok.  (3) Descendants?   (4) Medveyiff.   (5) Moved to Jerome Junction, Arizona.

Property owners 1938-1947

Abakumoff, Emiliano
Abakumoff, Miguel

Afonin, Catalina

Babishoff, Agafia P.
Babishoff, Jim
Babishoff, Pablo

Bibayoff, Agafia K.
Bibayoff, Agafia P.
Bibayoff, Gregory

Bukroff, Basilio B.
Bukroff, Basilio M.

Dalgoff, Alejandro A.
Dalgoff, Alejandro M.
Evdokimoff, Maria

Kachirsky, Alejandro
Kachirsky, Pablo

Michikoff, Maria S.
Michikoff, Miguel
Michikoff, Daniel and Moises
Michikoff, Tanya

Mohoff, Basilio J.

Nazaroff, Basilio
Nazaroff, Gabriel
Nazaroff, Juan
Nazaroff, Moises
Nazaroff, Nicolas
Patsekayeff, Susan

Pivavoroff, Alejandro
Pivavoroff, Basilio
Pivavoroff, Juan

Rogoff, Basilio B.
Rogoff, David
Rogoff, Juan B.
Rogoff, Marfa A.
Rogoff, Moises J.

Samaduroff, Alejandro
Samaduroff, Basilio
Samaduroff, Juan
Samaduroff, Moises
Samaduroff, Moises J.

Samarin, Alejandro K.
Samarin, Juan
Samarin, Agafia
Samarin, Estela M.
Samarin, Gregory
Samarin, Juan K.
Samarin, Moises
Samarin, Pablo

Tolmasoff, Basilio

See maps.
Property Owners
Cultivatable Acres Grazing Parcels
Total Parcels
Afonin, K. 8
Abakumoff, E. 5
Babishoff, P. 5
Babishoff, J.
Babishoff, A 4
Bibayeff, A.K. 4
Bibayeff, A.C.
Babishoff, G. 4
Buckroff, B.M. 8
Buckroff, B. Ma. 5
Buckroff, B.B. 4
Buckroff, M. 1
Dalgoff, A.A.
Dalgoff, A.M. 6
Evdikimoff, M. 5
Kachirsky, P. 4
Kachirsky, A.
Mechikoff, M. 4
Mechikoff, M. 4
Mohoff, B.
Nazaroff, A. 8
Nazaroff, I. 3
Nazaroff, M. 15
Patsekayeff, S. 2
Pivovaroff, A. 3
Pivovaroff, J. 5
Rogoff, M.
Rogoff, B.B. 4
Rogoff, B.M. 1
Rogoff, M.J. 5
Rogoff, B.P. 4
Samarin, G.
Samarin, P.
Samarin, J.
Samarin, I.
Samarin, A.
Samarin, J.A. 15
Samarin, A. P.
Samaduroff, M. 12
Samaduroff, J.
Samaduroff, M.J. 15
Tolmasoff, B. 4
Amount of land owned:
Hectares 3,060 Hs
2,351 Hs 5,411Hs
Square Miles
                               *  Round-off error.

Residents of Guadalupe Colony and vicinity of Punta Banda, San Antonio, Ensenada, 1905-1965

See maps.
Emiliyan B. Abakumoff
Ghanya E. Abakumoff
Ivan B. Abakumoff
Jim I. Abakumoff
John I. Abakumoff
Katsya E. Abakumoff
Katsya I. Abakumoff
Manya E. Abakumoff
Manya I. Abakumoff
Mothvhey I. Abakumoff
Onya E. Abakumoff
Onya M. Abakumoff
Parasha T. Abakumoff
Stella I. Abakumoff
Vasilli I. Abakumoff

Alexsay I. Afonin
Daniel I. Afonin
Daniel M. Afonin
Ghanya G. Afonin
Grigori D. Afonin
Grigori G. Afonin
Grigori I. Afonin
Ivan D. Afonin
Ivan G. Afonin
Jacob G. Afonin
Katsya P. Afonin
Manya G. Afonin
Manya I. Afonin
Masha I. Afonin
Mathriona A. Afonin
Mikhail G. Afonin
Moisay I. Afonin
Onya G. Afonin
Onya I. Afonin
Tanya I. Afonin
Vasilli I. Afonin

Alexsay P. Babeshoff
Alexsay T. Babeshoff
Andray T. Babeshoff
Ariyna P. Babeshoff
Aryisha G. Babeshoff
Dunya T Babeshoff
Dunyasha G. Babeshoff
Esvhyrya F. Babeshoff
Ghanya G. Babeshoff
Ghanya K. Babeshoff
Grigori P. Babeshoff
Grigori S. Babeshoff
Ivan G. Babeshoff
Ivan P. Babeshoff
Ivan T. Babeshoff
Lusha G. Babeshoff
Manya G. Babeshoff
Manya T. Babeshoff
Manya T. Babeshoff
Masha G. Babeshoff
Moisey T. Babeshoff
Nora T. Babeshoff
Onya G. Babeshoff
Pavil S. Babeshoff
Poliya T. Babeshoff
Sara V. Babeshoff
Simiyon S. Babeshoff
Simiyon T. Babeshoff
Tanya Pavlovna Babeshoff
Timofey P. Babeshoff
Timofey S. Babeshoff
Vasilli G. Babeshoff
Vasilli P. Babeshoff
Vasilli T. Babeshoff
Vera G. Babeshoff

Alexsay A. Bibayeff
Alexsay S. Bibayeff
David T Bibayeff
Fenya K. Bibayeff
Feyodor Y. Bibayeff
fManya V. Bibayeff
Gabriel T. Bibayeff
Ghanya K. Bibayeff
Ghanya P. Bibayeff
Gregory A. Bibayeff
Issaey, V. Bibayeff
Ivan A. Bibayeff
Ivan S. Bibayeff
Ivan V. Bibayeff
Ivan V. Bibayeff
Julia V. Bibayef
Marieya S. Bibayeff
Masha B. Bibayeff
Maxim T. Bibayeff
Moisay V. Bibayeff
Nicholi V. Bibayeff
Onya V. Bibayeff
Polya A. Bibayeff
Polya V. Bibayeff
Santiago V. Bibayeff
Savelyie Y. Bibayeff
Simiyon T. Bibayeff
Tanya Y. Bibayeff
Timofey A. Bibayeff
Vasilli S. Bibayeff
Vasilli Y. Bibayeff
Vasilli Y. Bibayeff

Jack Bogroff

Alexsay I. Buckroff
Andrey I. Buckroff
Dunya M. Buckroff
Dunya V. Buckroff
Fenya V. Buckroff
Gabriel M. Buckroff
Ghanya I. Buckroff
Ghanya V. Buckroff
Gregory V. Buckroff
Ivan V. Buckroff
Ivan V. Buckroff
Jim M. Buckroff
Julia M. Buckroff
lyon V Buckroff
Manya I. Buckroff
Manya M. Buckroff
Manya M. Buckroff
Manya V. Buckroff
Mariya S. Buckroff
Maxim I. Buckroff
Mikhail M. Buckroff
Mikhial V. Buckroff
Mikhial V. Buckroff
Moisey V. Buckroff
Motvey V Buckroff
Motvey V. Buckroff
Nastiya A. Buckroff
Nicholai V. Buckroff
Nickolai M. Buckroff
Nora V. Buckroff
Onya V. Buckroff
Oolyasha P. Buckroff
Petro P. Buckroff
Petro V. Buckroff
Polya M. Buckroff
Tanya V. Buckroff
Vasilli I. Buckroff
Vasilli M. Buckroff
Vasilli M. Buckroff
Vasilli V. Buckroff
Vera P. Buckroff

Agnes P. Dalgoff
Alexsay A. Dalgoff
Alexsay M. Dalgoff
Dunya A. Dalgoff
Dunya M. Dalgoff
Dunya P. Dalgoff
Fenya P. Dalgoff
Gabriel P. Dalgoff
Ghanya A. Dalgoff
Katsya V. Dalgoff
Lyoxsie A. Dalgoff
Masha A. Dalgoff
Masha P. Dalgoff
Mikhial A. Dalgoff
Pavil A. Dalgoff

Ivan Dvartsoff

Afanasyie A. Evdokimoff
Fenya A. Evdokimoff
Gabriel A. Evdokimoff
Ghanya A. Evdokimoff
Ivan A. Evkokimoff
Masha G. Evdokimoff
Moisay A. Evdokimoff
Onya V. Evdokimoff
Tanya A. Evdokimoff
Vasilli A. Evdokimoff

Petro Evseyaff

Alexsay V. Filatoff
Daniel V. Filatoff
Moisay V. Filatoff
Onya A. Filatoff
Onya V. Filatoff
Vasilli D. Filatoff

Alexsay Gooseff
Ivan S. Gooseff

Alexay Halopoff
Fenya A. Halopoff
Fuyodor A. Halopoff
Ivan A. Halopoff
Mikhial A. Halopoff
Vasilli A. Halopoff

Alexsay Hamutoff
Ivan S. Homotoff

Alexsay P. Kachirsky
Fatsay T. Kachirsky
Fenya A. Kachirsky
Gabriel A. Kachirsky
Ghanya I. Kachirsky
Ivan A. Kachirsky
Ivan V. Kachirsky
Jacob V. Kachirsky
Julia I. Kachirsky
Juliya V. Kachirsky
Katsya V. Kachirsky
Manya A. Kachirsky
Manya P. Kachirsky
Manya V. Kachirsky
Manya V. Kachirsky
Mikhayil A. Kacirsky
Moisay P. Kachirsky
Onya P. Kachirsky
Onya V Kachirsky
Onya V. Kachirsky
Ooliyana V. Kachirsky
Pavil F. Kachirsky
Pavil V. Kachirsky
Petro P. Kachirsky
Sassana I. Kachirsky
Timofey P. Kachirsky
Vasilie Kachirsky
Vasilie V. Kachirsky
Vasilli P. Kachirsky
Vera V. Kachirsky

Ivan K. Karnaujoff
Vera I. Karnaujoff

Alexsay V. Kobzeff
Dunya A. Kobzeff
Effim A. Kobzeff
Esvriya A. Kobzeff
Ivan A. Kobzeff
Katsya A. Kobzeff
Manya A. Kobzeff
Onya I. Kobzeff
Ooliyana A. Kobzeff
Parasha T. Kobzeff
Petro A. Kobzeff
Tanya A. Kobzeff
Timofey A. Kobzeff
Vasilli A. Kobzeff
Vera A. Kobzeff

Alexsay I. Kornoff
Andrey A. Kornoff
Dunya A. Kornoff
Dunya T. Kornoff
Fenya A. Kornoff
Grigoryie I. Kornoff
Ivan A. Kornoff
Katsya A. Kornoff
Luba A. Kornoff
Manya A. Kornoff
Onya A. Kornoff
Onya I. Kornoff
Parasha A. Kornoff
Tanya A. Kornoff
Vera A. Kornoff

Alexsay V. Kotoff
Darunya V. Kotoff
Ghanya V. Kotoff
Manya V. Kotoff
Mikhial V. Kotoff
Morrie V. Kotoff
Vasilli A. Kotoff
Vera V. Kotoff

Maxim M. Klistoff

Aksiniya G. Makshanoff
Alexsay G. Makshanoff
Ivan A. Makshanoff
Loxie G. Makshanoff
Motvay A. Makshanoff
Onya A. Makshanoff
Vasilli A. Makshanoff

Afanasyie M. Michikoff
Annooshka F. Michikoff
Daniel M. Michikoff
Dunya M. Michikoff
Gregory I. Michikoff
Ivan A. Michikoff
Ivan M. Michikoff
Manya I. Michikoff
Manya M. Michikoff
Manya V. Michikoff
Mikhial A. Michikoff
Moisay M. Michikoff
Moisay M. Michikoff
Nora I. Michikoff
Nora M. Michikoff
Pavil M. Michikoff
Petro M. Michikoff
Sara I. Michikoff
Tanya I. Michikoff
Tanya P. Michikoff
Tanya V. Michikoff
Timofey I. Michikoff
Timofey M. Michikoff
Vasilli I. Michikoff
Vasilli M. Michikoff

Emilyan M. Melnikoff
Koolina Melnikoff

Alexsay I. Mohoff
Alexsay V. Mohoff
Andrey I. Mohoff
Daniel I. Mohoff
Esvriya I. Mohoff
Gabriel I. Mohoff
Gregory I. Mohoff
Gregory I. Mohoff
Gregory V. Mohoff
Isaey V. Mohoff
Ivan G. Mohoff
Ivan I. Mohoff
Ivan M. Mohoff
Ivan V. Mohoff
Katsya I. Mohoff
Katsya V. Mohoff
Lyukeriya V. Mohoff
Manya A. Mohoff
Manya I. Mohoff
Manya V. Mohoff
Matronya G. Mohoff
Mikhail G. Mohoff
Moisay I. Mohoff
Moisay V. Mohoff
Nastiya I. Mohoff
Nastiya S. Mohoff
Onya I. Mohoff
Onya M. Mohoff
Onya V. Mohoff
Oolyasha T. Mohoff
Petro V. Mohoff
Sasha V. Mohoff
Tanya A. Mohoff
Timofey M. Mohoff
Variya L. Mohoff
Vasilli G. Mohoff
Vasilli I. Mohoff
Vasilli I. Mohoff

Alexsay F. Morozoff
Fenya V. Morozoff
Fiyador V. Morozoff
Ghanya A. Morozoff
Ivan A. Morozoff
Ivan V. Morozoff
Manya A. Morozoff
Masha Morozoff
Nickolai V. Morozoff
Paskooniya M. Morozoff
Stenya F. Morozoff
Tanya A. Morozoff
Tanya V. Morozoff
Timofey A. Morozoff
Timofey F. Morozoff
Vasilli F. Morozoff

Alexsay I. Nazaroff
Andrey I. Nazaroff
David G. Nazaroff
David M. Nazaroff
Esvriya I. Nazaroff
Fenya G. Nazaroff
Gabriel I. Nazaroff
Gabriel M. Nazaroff
Gabriel V. Nazaroff
Ghanya F. Nazaroff
Ghanya G. Nazaroff
Ghanya I. Nazaroff
Ghanya M. Nazaroff
Gregory I. Nazaroff
Isaey V. Nazaroff
Ivan I. Nazaroff
Ivan I. Nazaroff
Jacob V. Nazaroff
Lusha G. Nazaroff
Manya P. Nazaroff
Manya V. Nazaroff
Manya V. Nazaroff
Maxim G. Nazaroff
Moisay G. Nazaroff
Nickolai I. Nazaroff
Onya I. Nazaroff
Parasha D. Nazaroff
Petro M. Nazaroff
Polya G. Nazaroff
Tanya A. Nazaroff
Tanya I. Nazaroff
Vasilli I. Nazaroff
Vasilli M. Nazaroff
Vasilli V. Nazaroff
Vera G. Nazaroff

Pavil Novikoff

Annooshka M. Pavloff
Dunya R. Pavloff
Radiyon S. Pavloff

Alexsay I. Pivovaroff
Alexsay V. Pivovaroff
Andrey I. Pivovaroff
Annooshka I. Pivovaroff
Dunya S. Pivovaroff
Gabriel A. Pivovaroff
Gabriel I. Pivovaroff
Gabriel Y. Pivovaroff
Ghanya I. Pivovaroff
Ivan G. Pivovaroff
Ivan I. Pivovaroff
Ivan V. Pivovaroff
Jacob G. Pivovaroff
Jacob I. Pivovaroff
Onya I. Pivovaroff
Vasilli G. Pivovaroff
Vera I. Pivovaroff

Parasha V. Patapoff
Polya G. Patapoff
Vasilli K. Patapoff
Vasilli V. Patapoff

Egor S. Popoff
Koolina M. Popoff

Ivan P. Podsekayeff
Mariya I. Podsekayeff

Famma Pradin
Onya Pradin
Shoora F. Pradin
Victor F. Pradin

Alexsay I. Rogoff
Andrey M. Rogoff
Daniel N. Rogoff
David I. Rogoff
David P. Rogoff
Esvriya A. Rogoff
Fenya A. Rogoff
Fenya M. Rogoff
Gabriel N. Rogoff
Gabriel V. Rogoff
Ghanya M. Rogoff
Ghanya V Rogoff
Gregory I. Rogoff
Ivan D. Rogoff
Ivan I. Rogoff
Ivan M. Rogoff
Ivan P. Rogoff
Ivan V. Rogoff
Julia V. Rogoff
Katsya V. Rogoff
Luba I. Rogoff
Luba N. Rogoff
Manya D. Rogoff
Manya V. Rogoff
Manya Y. Rogoff
Marffa A. Rogoff
Marya I. Rogoff
Matrionya A. Rogoff
Mikhail P. Rogoff
Mikhial V. Rogoff
Moisie I. Rogoff
Motvey I. Rogoff
Nadya N. Rogoff
Nastiya I. Rogoff
Nickolai V. Rogoff
Nora V Rogoff
Ooliyaniya I. Rogoff
Pavil D. Rogoff
Pavil I. Rogoff
Petro V. Rogoff
Rakhiliya D. Rogoff
Sasha I. Rogoff
Simiyon D. Rogoff
Tanya M. Rogoff
Tanya M. Rogoff
Timofey M. Rogoff
Timofey V. Rogoff
Vasilli M. Rogoff
Vasilli P. Rogoff
Vasilli V. Rogoff
Vera I. Rogoff

Ivan R. Rudametkin
Mariya I. Rudametkin

Alexsay A. Samarin
Alexsay I. G. Samarin
Alexsay I. Samarin
Alexsay I. Samarin
Alexsay K. Samarin
Alexsay P. Samarin
Andrey T. Samarin
Daniel I. Samarin
David T Samarin
Dunya A. Samarin
Dunya I. Samarin
Dunya V. Samarin
Esvriya G. Samarin
Fyudor T. Samarin
Gabriel I. Samarin
Ghanya A. Samarin
Ghanya G. Samarin
Ghanya Y. Samarin
Gregory T. Samarin
Ivan A. Samarin
Ivan A. Samarin
Ivan G. Samarin
Ivan G. Samarin
Ivan I. Samarin
Ivan K. Samarin
Ivan T. Samarin
Ivan V. Samarin
Ivan Y. Samarin
Jacob T. Samarin
Jacob T. Samarin
Julia I. Samarin
Karp S. Samarin
Luba I. Samarin
Lusha I. Samarin
Lusha P. Samarin
Manya A. Samarin
Manya A. Samarin
Manya A. Samarin
Manya I. Samarin
Masha I. Samarin
Masha I. Samarin
Masha I. Samarin
Mikhial I. Samarin
Mikhial I. Samarin
Moisay G. Samarin
Moisay I. Samarin
Moisie A. Samarin
Moisie V. Samarin
Nastiya I. Samarin
Nickolai T. Samarin
Nura P. Samarin
Onya D. Samarin
Onya G. Samarin
Pavil I. Samarin
Pavil T Samarin
Pavil V. Samarin
Petro G. Samarin
Radiyon G. Samarin
Sara A. Samarin
Sasana A. Samarin
Stenya A. Samarin
Stenya A. Samarin
Tanya A. Samarin
Tanya I. Samarin
Tanya I. Samarin
Tanya I. Samarin
Tanya V. Samarin
Timofey A. Samarin
Timofey G. Samarin
Timofey M. Samarin
Timofey V. Samarin
Timofey Y. Samarin
Vasilli A. Samarin
Vasilli A. Samarin
Vasilli I. Samarin
Vasilli K. Samarin
Vasilli P. Samarin
Vasilli T Samarin
Vera I. Samarin

Pavil I. Samaduroff
Dunya P. Samaduroff
Timofey P. Samaduroff
Ghanya S. Samaduroff
Ivan P. Samaduroff
Nastiya I. Samaduroff
Pavil I. Samaduroff
lyon I. Samaduroff
Ivan I. Samaduroff
Lusha A. Samaduroff
Manya I. Samaduroff
Gregory I. Samaduroff
Vasilli I. Samaduroff
Sasha G. Samaduroff
Jacob V. Samaduroff
Akssiniya V. Samaduroff
Alexsay I. Samaduroff
Onya A. Samaduroff
Vera A. Samaduroff
Moisay I. Samaduroff
Manya I. Samaduroff
Ooliyana M. Samaduroff
Daniel M. Samaduroff
Petro M. Samaduroff
Fenya M. Samaduroff
Moisay P. Samaduroff
Tanya D. Samaduroff
Pavil M. Samaduroff
Jacob M. Samaduroff
Ivan M. Samaduroff
David M. Samaduroff
Vasilli M. Samaduroff
Vera V. Samaduroff
Nadya V. Samaduroff
Luba V. Samaduroff
Nickolai V. Samaduroff
Andrey M. Samaduroff
Peatra P. Samaduroff
Andrey A. Samaduroff
Moisay A. Samaduroff
Alexsay A. Samaduroff
Esther A. Samaduroff
Tanya A. Samaduroff
Sonya A. Samaduroff

Vasilli T. Tolmasoff
Nickolai T. Tolmasoff
Masha P. Tolmasoff
Ivan V. Tolmasoff
Dunya Tolmasoff
Pavil V. Tolmasoff
Timofey V. Tolmasoff
Tanya Tolmasoff
Alexsay V. Tolmasoff
Masha I. Tolmasoff
Fyudor V Tolmasoff
Tanya Tolmasoff
Ivan N. Tolmasoff
Alexsay A. Tolmasoff
Vasilli G. Tolmasoff
Ghanya A. Tolmasoff
Fyudor V. Tolmasoff
Nastiya V. Tolmasoff
Fenya V. Tolmasoff
Ghanya V. Tolmasoff
Vasilli V. Tolmasoff
Gregory V. Tolmasoff
Ivan V. Tolmasoff
Mikhial M. Tolmasoff
Dunya S. Tolmasoff
Timofey M. Tolmasoff
Petro M. Tolmasoff
Alexsay M. Tolmasoff
Vera M. Tolmasoff
Ivan M. Tolmasoff
Manya D. Tolmasoff
David I. Tolmasoff
Mikhial I. Tolmasoff
Onya I. Tolmasoff
Ooliyasha G. Tolmasoff
Gregory V. Tolmasoff
Ivan I. Tolmasoff
Manya I. Tolmasoff
Vasilli M. Tolmasoff
Manya V. Tolmasoff
Vasilli V Tolmasoff

Residents of La Mission

Dunya P. Babeshoff
Dunya V. Babeshoff
Ghanya T. Babeshoff
Ghanya V. Babeshoff
Ivan V. Babeshoff
Julia T. Babeshoff
Koolina T. Babeshoff
Manya T. Babeshoff
Mikhial V. Babeshoff
Moises T. Babeshoff
Onya T. Babeshoff
Pavil T. Babeshoff
Timofey V. Babeshoff
Vasilli S. Babeshoff
Vera T. Babeshoff
Vasilli Bolderoff
Lookyan Bolotin
Vasilli Evdokimoff
Alexsay F. Kotoff
Alexsay Mackshanoff
Mikhial Orloff
See maps.

Residents of San Antonio and Ensenada, Mexico, 1909-1965

See maps.
Alexsay M. Agalsoff
Aryina K. Agalsoff
David I. Agalsoff
David N. Agalsoff
Dunya D. Agalsoff
Dunya M. Agalsoff
Esther D. Agalsoff
Esther N. Agalsoff
Ghanya M. Agalsoff
Jack N. Agalsoff
Jim N. Agalsoff
John M. Agalsoff
John N. Agalsoff
John N. Agalsoff
Katya M. Agalsoff
Lucy N. Agalsoff
Manya A. Agalsoff
Manya D. Agalsoff
Manya M. Agalsoff
Manya N. Agalsoff
Masha I. Agalsoff
Masha L. Agalsoff
Mikhial N. Agalsoff
Morris D. Agalsoff
Nickolai D. Agalsoff
Nickolai M. Agalsoff
Nickolai N. Agalsoff
Tanya M. Agalsoff
Alexsay I. Dolmatoff
Ghanya I. Dolmatoff
Isaey I. Dolmatoff
Isaey I. Dolmatoff
Ivan P. Dolmatoff
Jack I. Dolmatoff
Manya I. Dolmatoff
Manya I. Dolmatoff
Moisei I. Dolmatoff
Sasana D. Dolmatoff
Tanya A. Dolmatoff
Vasilli I. Dolmatoff
Vera I. Dolmatoff

Andrey D. Filatoff
Andrey S. Filatoff
David I. Filatoff
David S. Filatoff
Dunya D. Filatoff
Ghanya A. Filatoff
Ghanya A. Filatoff
Ivan D. Filatoff
Pavil D. Filatoff
Raquel I. Filatoff
Andrey D. Klistoff
David S. Klistoff
Ghanya A. Klistoff
Ghavronya N. Klistoff
Nastiya A. Klistoff
Nastiya I. Klistoff
Tanya A. Klistoff

Fenya M. Kapsoff
Ghanya G. Kapsoff
Ghanya S. Kapsoff
Gregory I. Kapsoff
Ivan M. Kapsoff
Lusha G. Kapsoff

Petro K. Karnookhoff

Fenya I. Medveyiff
Nickolai V. Medveyiff
Vasilli M. Medveyiff
Vera V. Medveyiff
Alexsay D. Novikoff
David A. Novikoff
Iyon D. Novikoff
Jacob D. Novikoff
Raquel D. Novikoff
Tanya S. Novikoff

Ivan V. Pivovaroff
Katsya I. Pivovaroff
Vasilli I. Pivovaroff
Vera V Pivovaroff

Alexsay I. Rudametkin
Andrey I. Rudametkin
Masha A. Rudametkin
Masha I. Rudametkin
Matrusha K. Rudaametkin
Onya P. Rudametkin
Petro I. Rudametkin
Polya V. Rudametkin
Sasha I. Rudametkin
Timofey I. Rudametkin
Vasilli I. Rudametkin
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Residents of Ensenada, Mexico

Ivan E. Abakumoff
Julia E. Abakumoff
Mikhial E. Abakumoff
Tanya E. Abakumoff
Timofey E. Abakumoff

Mike V. Bibayeff

Andrey A. Filatoff
Anita A. Filatoff
David A. Filatoff
David P. Filatoff
Elena S. Filatoff
Esther A. Filatoff
Nastiya P. Filatoff
Pavil P. Filatoff
Petro D. Filatoff
Polya G. Filatoff
Raquel A. Filatoff
Sergio A. Filatoff
Vera S. Filatoff

Isaey Chapluk
Paranya R. Chapluk
Alexsay A. Klistoff
Alexsay D. Klistoff
David N. Klistoff
David S. Klistoff
George S. Klistoff
Ghanya S. Klistoff
Jacob A. Klistoff
John N. Klistoff
Manya M. Klistoff
Mikhial N. Klistoff
Nickolai D. Klistoff
Nora A. Klistoff
Onya I. Klistoff
Onya S. Klistoff
Onya Y. Klistoff
Simiyon D. Klistoff
Stenya A. Klistoff

Gregory I. Kotkoff
Ivan S. Kotkoff
Martha K. Kotkoff
Mikhial I. Kotkoff
Nickolai I. Kotkoff
Pavil I. Kotkoff
Vera I. Kotkoff

Nickolai S. Kozloff
Simyon Kozloff
Soffiya Kozloff
Tanya S. Kozloff

Sabelo Ligutoff

Nastiya P. Novikoff
Simiyon D. Novikoff
Lusha I. Pivovaroff
Marffa I. Pivovaroff
Tanya I. Pivovaroff

Alejandro R. Pobloff
Daniel P. Pobloff
Gregory P. Pobloff
Isaey P. Pobloff
Katsya M. Pobloff
Manya M. Pobloff
Mariya M. Pobloff
Mariya R. Pobloff
Motvey M. Pobloff
Motvey R. Pobloff
Nora V. Pobloff
Onya M. Pobloff
Onya P. Pobloff
Pavil R. Pobloff
Petro R. Pobloff
Radivon P. Pobloff
Sara P. Pobloff
Stephen R. Pobloff
Vasilli M. Pobloff
Vera P. Pobloff

Emma V. Popoff
Vera V. Popoff
Mariya V. Popoff
Nastiya Popof
Tanya V. Popoff
Vasilli Popoff

Alexsay A. Rudametkin
Alexsay I. Rudametkin
Alexsay M. Rudametkin
Dunya A. Rudametkin
Dunya P. Rudametkin
Fenya A. Rudametkin
Fenya I. Rudametkin
Fenya I. Rudametkin
George I. Rudametkin
Ghanya Rudametkin
Gregory A. Rudametkin
Iffim I. Rudametkin
Ivan I. Rudametkin
Ivan M. Rudametkin
Jim I. Rudametkin
John A. Rudametkin
John I. Rudametkin
Manya A. Rudametkin
Manya I. Rudametkin
Manya M. Rudametkin
Moisay K. Rudametkin
Nickolai M. Rudametkin
Onya I. Rudametkin
Philip M. Rudametkin
Tanya A. Rudametkin
Vera I. Rudametkin

Alexsay I. Samarin
Feyodor I. Samarin
Ivan I. Samarin
Ivan P. Samarin
Mikhial I. Samarin
Nora A. Samarin
Pavil I. Samarin
Pavil P. Samarin
Sara A. Samarin
Sara P. Samarin
Simiyon P. Samarin
Tanya P. Samarin
Timofey P. Samarin
Vasilli I. Samarin
Vera I. Samarin
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Resident families of Punta Banda

Alexsay A. Desatoff
Jacob A. Desatoff
Ivan A. Desatoff
Moisie A. Desatoff
Alexsay T. Kalpakoff
Pavil T. Kalpakoff
Vasilli T. Kalpakoff
Ivan M. Kapsoff
Ivan M. Kobzeff
Pavil Novikoff
Ivan P. Samaduroff
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Those buried in the cemetery in Guadalupe, Mexico

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131 names listed. Dates of birth and death are shown when submitted. Links to photo of grave marker when submitted.
Gravemarkers are mostly in Russian with no uniform transliteration into English.
Two names marked with asterisk (*) were not on the published list, though gravemarkers are in the cemetery.







  Alexsay M.
  Daniel M.
  Gregory D.
  Jacob G.
  Matriona A.
  Vasili F.(-1924)*
  Arina P.
  Dunia V. (1906-1996)
  Ivan G. (1922-1939)
  Ivan V.
  Julia J.
  Masha A.
  Masha G.
  Michael V.
  Simion S.
  Timofey V.
  Vasilli S.
  Vera J.
  Alekamdro A.
  Alexsay S.
  Feodor Y.
  Hania K.
  Hania P.
  Ivan S.
  John A.
  Maria S.
  Masha B.
  Savilie Y.
  Tania J.
  Dunia M.
  Maria S.
  Michael M.
  Moises V.
  Motvey V.
  Nicolas M.
  Vasilli V.
   Parasha R.
   Alexsay M.
   Masha P.
   Ivan I.
   Afanasie A.(1893-1937)
   David S.
   John D.
   Pavil D.
   Pedro Y.(1905 1970)*
   Sergio A.(1909 1956)
   Fenia S.
   Julia I.
   Mania V.
   Moises P.
   Sasana I.
   Mania A.
   Luba A.
   David S.
   Maxim M.
   Polya A.
   Simion D.
   Aksinia G.
   Alexsay F.
   Feodor V.(18471933)
   Pascunia M.
   Afansasie F.
   Alexsay M.
   Moises M.
   Onya F.
   Emilian M.
   Kulina I.
   Andrey I.
   Gregory I.
   Mikhial G.
   Nastiya I.
   Tania A.
   Vasilli G.
   Alexsay I.
   Gabriel I.
   Ivan I.(1881-1940)
   Anushka I.
   Gabriel A.
   Hania I.
   Vasilli G.
   Anushka M.
   Ridivon S
   Eggor S.
   Kulina M.
   Ivan P.
   Maria I.
  David I.
  David P.
  Ivan D.
  Ivan I.
  Ivan P.
  Juan V.
  Luba I.
  Maria J.
  Matriona A.
  Mikhial P.
  Nicolai B.
  Pavil D.
  Pedro B
  Tanya M.
  Vasilli P.(1869 -1946)
  Alexsay K.
  Jacob T.
  Karp S.
  Lusha P.
  Masha I.
  Masha I.
  Moisei A.
  Moises G.
  Pavil T.
  Stenya A.
  Tanya I.
  Timofey M.
  Vasilli K.
  David M.
  Dunia P.
  Jack M.
  Moisei P.
  Pavil I.
  Dunia S.(1884 - 1933)
  Gregory V.(1922 -1933)
  Jim M.(1899-1923)
  Mikhial M.
  Nicolai V.
  Petro M.


Those who moved to Jerome Junction, Arizona, January 1916.

The list of names below was unknown to Mohoff. On page 62, only one paragraph briefly mentions this resettlement group, with errors:

"Although there were more than 100 families living in Guadalupe, people continued to immigrate. In 1915, about 120 families inhabited the Valley. About this time 20 families journeyed to Jerome [Junction], Arizona, by horse and wagon to experiment with communal living. They temporarily established themselves in a large barn, and acquired jobs connected to [their own farm or other] ranch or factory work. The colony ultimately failed [due to non-delivery of irrigation water] and the families returned either to Mexico or Los Angeles."

In his 2003 book The True Molokan, on page 247, Mohoff modified this short section:

"By 1915, there were over 150 families who inhabited the valley. About this time 25 families journeyed to Jerome [Junction], Arizona, by horse and wagon to experiment with communal living, they established themselves in large barns and acquired menial jobs connected with [their own farm or other] ranch or factory work. The colony soon disbanded because of quarrels and disagreements among the members. The experimentalist scattered to other Molokan settlements and some returned to Guadalupe."

Both of the above history quotes have mistakes and should not be cited as fact. A more complete history is in-progress. In Mexico they were the Tiukma (Тюкма) congregation, from Novo-Mikhailovka village, Kars Oblast, Russia (now in Turkey). The village in Kars province changed names several times. The current name is
Dikmekoyu or Dikme (found on map south of Kars city). The suffix "koy" means village in the Turkish language. Immigrating Pryguny pronounced Dikme as Tiukma (soundex similar words)

When they got to Arizona in 1916, they were called "Jeromesky" (Dzheromskiy : Джеромский) for the train station and sign they stopped at
Jerome Junction, a depot town built by Senator W. A. Clark who earlier invited Dukhoborsty and Svobodniki (1901), and Pryguny (1905-1907) to farm sugar beets in Orange County, California, and likely played a role in recruiting them to grow food for his mine workers in Jerome.

In January 1916, the Tiukma congregation traveled to the U.S. border by "horse and wagon" then boarded a train at the National City Depot, destination "Jerome Junction, Arizona" in what is now Chino Valley, 25 miles north of Prescott, at that time the capital of the new state of Arizona. They signed a contract with Hassayampa Alfalfa Farms Company (HAFC) for 3,000 acres (4.5 mi2, map), with a contingency for 10,000 acres (15.6 mi
2) expecting all from Mexico to follow. Due to flood damage, they did not get irrigation water, and by August moved 85 miles south to live near other Spiritual Christians west of Glendale, and in 1917 sued HAFC. In the 1920s nearly all the Arizona colonists moved to California, and a few, including V.G. Pivovaroff, returned to Mexico.

Most American Prygun and Dukh-i-zhiznik oral history, and Mohoff, mistakenly reported they went to the mountain-side mining town of Jerome, Arizona, which is 18 miles west of Jerome Junction. Visitors to this colony were given directions get off the train at the sign "Jerome," hence the nickname and misunderstanding about its location in oral history.

For much more, see "Dzheromeskiy Colony Arizona 1916".

Names on Border Crossing List Names on Court Papers
Evseff Alex P.
Evseff Petro Greg
Evseff Stephen Greg

Kachirsky Ivan?
Kachirsky John F.
Kachirsky Peter

Kobseff John

Kotoff Alex Filip
Kotoff Vasili Alex

Kurbatoff Everny?

Novikoff Mary
Novikoff Pavel

Pivovaroff John William
Pivovaroff Julia Stephan
Pivovaroff Vasili Gavrilovitch

Popoff Alex
Popoff Egor Saveleich
Popoff James

Rudometkin Petro I

Shubin Ygnas Stepan

Susoeff John

Tolmasoff Alex
Tolmasoff Fred

Treguboff Mose Jack
Evseoff Alexey
Evseoff Efin
Evseoff Petro
Evseoff Stephan

Kashirski Ivan
Kashirski Vacili
Kashirski Yon

Kobziff Ivan
Kodziff Ubaser Ne

Kotoff Alexsey
Kotoff Vacili

Kurbatoff Ereney

Ludowich Calvari (Ligutoff / Lugotoff Sabelo)

Novikoff Pavlo

Pivovaroff Alexey
Pivovaroff Ivan
Pivovaroff Vacili

Popoff Egor
Popoff Jim
Popoff Yon

Rudmatkin Petro

Schubin Ignatsz

Tolmosoff Alex
Tolmosoff Feodor

Treguboff Moses

Pryguny in Mexico
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