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Dec 31 Movie About the Last Malakan in Kars, Turkey : "Deli Deli Olma" (Are you Crazy?) — Rent/ Buy with English subtitles.

Dec 31 Taxonomy of 3 Spiritual Christian groups: Molokane, Pryguny and Dukh-i-zhizniki — songs, holidays, prophets, communion and books
Dec 31

It’s Always 1989 in a Forgotten Caucasus Village; Time stops at the last Soviet-style collective farm in Azerbaijan, By Paul Salopek, National Geographic, February 1, 2016.
Aug 15
Aug 15
Mohoff. George W. The Russian Colony of Guadalupe
APPENDIX J  — 1938 — 15 Households migrate to Ramona, North San Diego County, California
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Jul 15

Communal Property Dispute in Stavropol, Russia. — 11 Dukh-i-zhiznik families in court.
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  Aug 1

Subbotnik immigrants from Russia slowly getting Israel citizenship — 7 in 5 years.
  Jul 9

Molokan Center in Baku Saved! — Azerbaijani artists win fight to save a prayer house-turned-cinema from demolition, Global Voices blog, July 9, 2019.
May 7
100-200 people now protesting demolition of historic Molokane center in Baku, Azerbaijan — news with 2 photos and video (3:45 min.) — On May 1 a letter was sent to government leader, many photos. — 3-D building diagram
Mar 20
Molokane in the San Francisco Chronicle, March 16, 2019 — History with 5 photos.
Feb 20

Prophecies of M.G. Rudomyotkin is Topic at History Conference — 23 Feb 2019, Tempe, Arizona.

Feb 15 Taxonomy of 3 Spiritual Christian groups: Molokane, Pryguny and Dukh-i-zhizniki — songs, holidays, prophets, communion and books
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Jul 18

ISKRA issues now online with archive, by USCC Doukhobors. FREE TRIAL for 75-year anniversary.

Jul 15 Taxonomy of 3 Spiritual Christian groups: Molokane, Pryguny and Dukh-i-zhizniki — songs, holidays, prophets, communion and books
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Nov 21

Inquiry from Russian journalist Georgii Nastenko, and his articles in Trud news. — Molokane mentioned 36 times.
Oct 21

Appendices from Mohoff. G.W. The Russian Colony of Guadalupe Pryguny in Mexico, 1993.
Lists of property owners, residents, and cemetery markers. — Added 2 cemeteries, map list, database of all names.
May 8 Aug 17 Get woke about malakan — new section in Taxonomy ...

May 11 Dukh-i-zhizniki in America (draft in-progress)
May 5
New Russian Thesis on Doukhobor Singing — Molokane mentioned 45+ times.

Feb 22 Molokane evacuate Oroville Dam flood area

Feb 14 New soldiers cost $50,000 each to recruit, cheap compared to other expenses of war.

Feb 9 The Pilgrims of Russian-town Seventy Years Later, by Stephen E. Scott
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Dec 27
Jan 15
Who/What are malakan? — new section in Taxonomy ...
Oct 8
Dec 11 Moore, Willard B. Communal Experiments as Resolution of Sectarian Identity Crisis, University of California, Berkeley, 1976.
July 16
Filippovitch, Yekaterina. "Tea, community, more tea: Life in Russia for today's Dukh-i-zhizniki Molokans ," Russia Beyond the Headlines, July 6, 2016. — Dukh-i-zhizniki in Kamenka khutor (4 miles south-east of Kamennaya Balka), central Stavropol krai. I was their guest in 2007.
July 16
Adkins, Jesse. "Strange Bedfellows: The Bolshevik-Molokanye Relationship," Inquiry, v.6, 2005, 13 pages.

Dec 26 Dukh-i-zhizniki in America (draft in-progress)

Jan 15 Taxonomy of 3 Spiritual Christian groups: Molokane, Pryguny and Dukh-i-zhizniki — songs, holidays, prophets, communion and books
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April 14 Members of Odd Brotherhood Make This City Their Home, By C.P. de Blumenthal, Los Angeles Herald, July 17, 1904.

April 13 Russian Wedding in Los Angeles Colony [24 Dec 1904], Los Angeles Herald, January 1, 1905.

April 8 Heretics and Colonizers — Dr. Breyfogle is guest speaker at Kerman dinner on March 7.

Aug 7 Dukh-i-zhizniki in America (draft in-progress)

Aug 7 Taxonomy of 3 Spiritual Christian groups: Molokane, Pryguny and Dukh-i-zhizniki — songs, holidays, prophets, communion and books
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  Dec 8 Dukh-i-zhizniki in America (draft in-progress)

Oct 12 Taxonomy of 3 Spiritual Christian groups: Molokane, Pryguny and Dukh-i-zhizniki — songs, holidays, prophets, communion and books
Sept 18   Molokan Picnic, Saturday September 20, 10 am, (pray 11 am), $5 — Redwood City, Flood Park. — Map — Flyer.
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Dec 24
Announcements — Live video : Molokane invited to join Doukhobors for Rozhestvo and Novye God services.

Oct 28 Taxonomy of 3 Spiritual Christian groups: Molokane, Pryguny and Dukh-i-zhizniki — songs, holidays, prophets, communion and books
July 19
Molokan Picnic, Saturday July 21, Sheridan sobraniya — Potluck or Pay, Raffle, Gather 10 am, Pray at Noon. 
June 2
Funeral San Francisco : William M. LOSKUTOFF, 40-year cemetery director, zamestitel' presviter  —
Saturday-Sunday, June 2-3
 2012  ^
Aug 25
Azerbaijan: Warned for meeting without state permission, legal status applications still delayed, Forum 18 News, 27 July 201
— 3 Molokan congregations registered
May  13
Announcements — Funeral Kerman, California : MENDRIN Jack J. Saturday-Sunday, May 14-15. Meat butcher.
May  5
Молокане в селе Свободное, в Грузии, Кавказский акцент, № 4(147), 01.06.-15.06.2006
Molokane in Svobodnoe, Republic of Georgia, Caucasian Focus, No. 4 (147), January 2006
May  5
Учебный процесс может не возобновиться в селе Свободное Лагодехского района,, января 5, 2011 г.
The teaching process can not resume in the village of Svobodnoe, Lagodekhi district, Georgia News, January 5, 2011.
May  5
Narrative of the Visit of Isaac Robson and Thomas Harvey to The South of Russia, &c., 1868, pages 11-16.
— September 6, 1867 visit with Molokane, origin ~100 years earlier. Simon Ouklev = Semyon Matveevish Uklein.
May  2
Yaddaşin keηdiyi yol (Azerbaijani) — Дорога длиною с память (Russian) — видео, 13 апреля 2010
— Часть 1 (9:57 минут): Как молокан жить? — Часть 2 (9:12 минут) : Свадьба. Русские народные песни добавили
The Road Is As Long As Memory — video, April 13, 2010
— Part 1 (9:57 minutes) : How do Molokans live? Interviews. Funeral. — Part 2 (9:12 min.): Wedding. Russian folk music added.
May  2
CNN World View : Ivanovka, Azerbaijan — Back in the USSR — ANS-TV (2:52 minutes) — Feb 14, 2011
Apr 27
Kars’ın Molokanları ve Doukhoborlar’ına ne oldu? — 31.03.2011 — Atatόrk άniversiti, Erzurum, Tόrkiye
What Happened to Kars Molokans and Doukhobors? — March 31, 2011 — Ataturk University, Erzurum, Turkey
Apr 16
Chapter 12, “Russian sectarian pacifism: the Tolstoyans” (pp. 442-70), in Brock, Peter, Pacifism in Europe to 1914
(Vol. 1 of A History of Pacifism). Princeton University Press, 1972.  556 pp. — Mentions Molokan antimilitarianism.
Apr 4 Apr 16
Gorelovka – Episodes from the Life of a Disappearing Community (trailer) — Map-1, Map-2, Doukhobor Genealogy Website
48 minute documentary film about Georgia Doukhobors by Alexander Kviria, 2010. Shown in 5 film festivals.
Ealier research clip : Духоборы в Гореловке в Гузии — Doukhobors in Gorelovka, Georgia 2006
Mar 24
Biblical Pseudepigrapha and Apocrypha in Russian Spiritual Verses and Peasant Prophecies, by Dr. Eugene J. Clay, ASU
Medieval Academy of America / Medieval Association of the Pacific, Annual Meeting, Scottsdale, Arizona
Session 44 (page 26): Radical Religionists Through The Ages, April 16, 2011 - 1:30pm
Mar 24
The Theater of Heretics: Liturgies of Religious Dissenters in Seventeenth-Century Muscovy, by Dr. Eugene J. Clay
ACMRS Conference, Performance and Theatricality in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, 10-12 February 2011
Session 2A (page 8) : Liturgy as Theater: Theory, Musical Motifs, Heresy, 11 February, 10:45 am
Mar 22
Şamaxı Tarix-Diyarşόnasliq Muzeyi  —  Shamakhi History and Local Lore Museum, 2009 — Molokane in Azerbaijan
Mar 13
Announcements — Doukhobor Performs with Band in Los Angeles, March 13, 18; Vanya Popov from Grand Forks.
Feb 24 Feb 25
Строительство Молитвенного Дома в Москве, с. Молоково — По Следам Молоканства, Декабрь 16th, 2010
Molokan Prayer Hall Construction Started near Moscow, in Molokovo — Po Sledam Molokanstva, 16 December 2010
Donations to: First Russian Christian Molokan Church, 841 Carolina Street, San Francisco CA 94107-2703 — For:  Moscow.
Feb 23
Malakanlar - Ηağatay Yolda — Video segment from Turkish TV program "Chagatai on the Road" about Molokans (8:37 min).
Feb 23
Молоканский сад Баку, в ярких тонах / Molokan garden of Baku, in vivid colors, Azerbaijan in Photos. Much more.
Feb 23
Cold Comfort for Displaced Armenian Villagers, Refworld, United Nations, 12 Feb. 2011.
480 old Dukh-i-zhinik houses too dangerous, Chambarak (former Krasnosel’sk), Armenia.
Jan 26 Jan 27
Israeli bureaucracy puts roadblocks in path of Subbotnik Jews: Freund, Jewish Tribune, Canada, 26 January 2011.
Columbus of hidden Jews, Ynetnews, January 25, 2011.
500 Jews a Day Lost to Assimilation, Jewish Agency for Israel, January 25, 2011
Jan 21
Doukhobors in the Caucasus, 1863-1864, by Alexander Petzholdt, German scientist, traveller-explorer.
Excerpts translated by Dr. Schaarschmidt from Der Kaukasus: Eine naturhistorische so wie land- und volkswirtschaftliche Studie
(ausgefόhrt im Jahre 1863 und 1864) (H.Fries, 1866). — Pryguny included with Molokane (German: Molokanen
Jan 14
Kuznetsova, MR 2009, Early Russian evangelicals (1874-1929) : historical background & hermeneutical tendencies
based on I.V. Kargel’s written heritage
, PhD thesis, University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa.
Jan 13 Jan 14
Announcemnt: 5 Arizona Funerals Denied Use of Assembly Hall by Aunt and Cousins. — Your Help Needed.
Jan 10
Russia Woos Orthodox Sect to Repopulate Siberia (11 photos), Der Speigel, Jan 1, 2011 — Some Starovery return home.
Location of former village Ofir in Uruguay, near New Isrealites in San Javier, and Dukh-i-zhiniki about 20 miles northeast.
Village Dersu named from the lead character in book and movie: Dersu Uzala. Sattelite maps: Russian, English.
Posted below on Mar. 25, 2009: Its Population Falling, Russia Beckons Its Children Home, New York Times, March 21, 2009.
Jan 9
Імперське законодавство першої чверті ХІХ століття щодо духовних християн в Україні: підтримка чи загравання?
Наукові праці історичного факультету Запорізького державного університету. – Запоріжжя: Просвіта, 2005.
– Вип. XIX.– С.124 – 129.  — Examines 13 of many Imperial commands (ukazi) about Spiritual Christians.
Imperial Legislation of the First Quarter of the 19th Century Regarding Ukrainian Doukhobors: Support or Appeasement?,
Proceedings of the Faculty of History, Zaporozhye State University Vol. XIX (Kiev: Zaporozhiye Archive, 2005).
Jan 2
Russian Sectarian Peasants in the West, A Stake in the Land, by P.A. Speek, 1921. Pages 24-33. 
In 1918, Dr. Speek surveyed immigrant Russian sectarians in Los Angeles (100+ attended) and San Francisco.
Other topics in his report: education (152, 175, 176, 217, 218, 231, 235, 236, ), group size (133).
Jan 1
Metaphor and Changing Reality: The Foodways and Beliefs of the Russian Dukh-i-zhiniki Molokans in the United States,
by Willard B. Moore; in Linda Keller Brown, L.K., K. Mussell. Ethnic and Regional Foodways in the United States:
The Performance of Group Identity, 1984, pages 91-112.
 2011  ^
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Dec 9
Russia's Subbotnik Jews get rabbi, Ynetnews, December 9, 2010 — Rabbi Avrasin emissary to Vysokii, Voronezh RF
Dec 7
English for Doukhobors: 110 Years of Russian-English Contact in Canada (2009)
Four norms - one culture: Doukhobor Russian in Canada (2004)
by Dr. Gunter Schaarschmidt, University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Nov 24 May 5, '11
Taxonomy of Molokane, Pryguny and Dukh-i-zhizniki — songs, holidays, prophets, communion and books.
Nov 9 Nov 29 Новый Сионский Песенник (New Zion Songbook) "molokan penya" by Jeremiah E Shubin, Piccadilly, Australia.
Diaspora Dukh-i-zhiznik verses and readings — 2337 (-371 repeats) tracks in 16 sets, Join. Download 1623. Add your set.
Oct 19
The Woman Clothed in the Sun: Apocalyptic Warfare in Service of Radical Pacifism — Dukh-i-zhiznik
Religious Studies Faculty Forum by Eugene Clay. Thur. Oct. 21, 12 pm, West Hall 120, ASU Tempe campus, Arizona
Oct 19
"Tolstoy and the Russian Sectarians," by Andrei Conovaloff, Saturday, October 23, 11:00-11:15 am.
Leo N. Tolstoy's Centennial Festival, Pyramid Annex Conference Center, California State University Long Beach, CA
Oct 19
“Heavenly Warfare and Earthly Pacifism: Russian Spiritual Christians in the First World War”, Preliminary Program, page 6.
by J. Eugene Clay, Arizona State University. November 18, 2010, Thursday 3 pm to 4:45 pm,
Session 2-16: "Fractionalization in Traditional Russian Communities: Case Studies of Old Believers and [Pryguny] Molokans",
42nd Annual Convention of Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies,
San Francisco Room, Westin Bonaventure Hotel, 404 South Figueroa Street (at 4th St.), Los Angeles CA.
Oct 19
"The Holy Jumpers" by Helen S. Gray, The Liberal Review (Chicago IL), Vol.2, No.4, May 1905. Pages 215-220.
Holiness Church, shout and leap for joy, as high as the chairs, property shared, prophesy, visions, Bible is true, disturbing peace
Oct 19
"Little Russia" in Los Angeles, by Mrs. Anna G. Murdock, Missions, June 1912, Vol.3, no.6, page 476
The majority of Russians in Los Angeles are "Holy Jumpers", widespread system of bartering young girls for money.
Oct 19
Curious Customs Among the Russians, by Emma L. Miller,  Missions, July 1912, Vol.3, no.7, page 564
meeting of the Holy Jumpers, shout and clap their hands and dance and jump, windows closed or the Spirit would escape
Oct 19
Holy Jumpers: Evangelicals and Radicals in Progressive Era America, by William Kostlevy, 2010, 240 pages.
Holiness Christians, spirit jumpers, baptism by the holy spirit, developed modern evangelical and Pentecostal Christianity.
Oct 19 Nov 9
Chapter 6:  The Mennonites and Others, The Molokane (or "Holy Jumpers"), The Contientious Objector, 1916, page 43.
ERROR: Molokane are not Pryguny (Holy Jumpers). Pryguny in America transformed into Dukh-i-zhiniki
Oct 10
Announcements — Food prices jump 30% to 80% in south Russia
Sep 6
«Духом Богу молюсь и кланяюсь…», «Аргументы и факты», 27 января 2010 г.
"To the Spirit of God, I Pray and Bow…", Argumenty i Fakty, January 27, 2010. — Doukhobor Genealogy Website
Aug 24
Russia: drought is slowing economy, hiking prices, The Associated Press, August 24, 2010
Aug 24
Georgia, Molokans, religion, Russian minority, Tbilisi: The End of History,
Temo Bardzimashvili's photo blog, August 24, 2010 —  6 photos, more about Transfiguration day, August 19
Aug 22
Molokans in Georgia, 2001 — 18 Photos
Aug 19
Transfiguration Day, — Molokan holiday, Tiblisi, Georgia
Aug 17 Aug 30
Bomb Injures 30+ in Central Piatigorsk — No Molokane, Pryguny, or Dukh-i-zhizniki Injured
Aug 16
Русская секта пытается выжить в Азербайджане,, 12 июля 2010
Ethnic Russian Sect Struggling to Survive in Azerbaijan,, July 8, 2010
Aug 7 Aug 13
Announcements — Fires in Russia May Postpone Some Molokan Sevices, Moscow gets rain
Aug 7 Aug 25
Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) Railway : The New "Silk Road", Natonal Geographic, August 2010.
Jul 30
Analect 2.734x: [Dukh-i-zhiznik] Molokan, an older man with scythe, Russian harvest. Valley of Guadalupe, BC
by painter Anthony Dubovsky, San Diego, California, June 16, 2010.
Jul 25
Annie Zolnekoff, mother of former mayor, dead at 85, Whittier Daily News, July 24, 2010.
Obituary, genealogy: Molokan and Prygun Genealogy Board
Jul 12 — First US Prygun congregation website, by Bill I. Kapssof, minister
"Christian Molokan Church of Woodburn," formerly: "The First Re - Formed Christian Molokan Church"
Jul 10
Духоборцы: проданная, преданная, пропитая вера — Doukhobors: sold, betrayed and drank the faith
33 minute video about Duokhobors remaining in Georgia, by Vasili Glebov 2005-2006.
Jul 8 Jul 24
Ethnic Russian Sect Struggling to Survive in Azerbaijan,, July 8, 2010 — Ivan Varonin funeral, 5 photos
Also at: Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review, July 22, 2010 witout photos.
Jun 12
Colonia Rusa: Vestiges of Russia fade in Baja village, The San Diego Union, July 7, 1988. — Dukh-i-zhiznik
Jun 11
Pryguny in San Francisco, 1943, LIFE Magazine, March 29, 1943, page 116.
Jun 11
Yasnaya Polyana – a mecca for lovers of Tolstoy — Canadian Doukhobors move to Russia, TV News, May 15, 2010.
Jun 10 Jun 26
Molokan, Prygun and Dukh-i-zhiznik Genealogy Resources — Updated
Jun 9
Return home not so easy for Russian sect in South Caucasus, The Russia Journal, Issue 300, June 12, 2001.
Jun 9
Халколиванов, Иоанн Егорович. Письма духовного отца к его духовному сыну, живущему в селении,
в котором есть часть молокан, о вере и жизни христианской
. Самара Губ. тип. 1863. — Биография
Khalkolivanov, Ioann Igorovich (1814-1882). Letters from the spiritual father to his spiritual son, who lives in a village
which is part Molokan, about faith and Christian life. Samara Province. 1863. — Biography
Jun 6
American Dukh-i-zhiznik Religious Holidays — 2010
Jun 3 Jun 6
[Dukh-i-zhiznik] Prygun Singing Compared in Russia and America: 1989-1994 research by Dr. Mazo
Jun 3
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May 26 Jun 6 Russia: Stavropol downtown bombed — 8 dead, 30+ wounded — 6:45 pm, about 8 am Califonria time, May 26.
Bomb in cafe, 50 feet from the Concert Hall "Stavropol", Palace of Culture and Sport, 251 Lenin Street.
May 5
70 Molokan families converted to Judaism in Saratov, Russia — Russian audio added with translation
Apr 29
Armenia: Our Trip, Day 7 - May 4, 2009 — German tourists visit Molokan and Dukh-i-zhiznik villages, 7 photos
Apr 29
[Dukh-i-zhiznik] Molokans in Mexico: Valle de Guadalupe, Baja Mexico, Nov 10, 2009 — 79 photos Aliscia Niles (Babishoff)
Apr 18
Molokans Visit New Israel, Uruguay, South America, c. 1915 — 5 photos
Apr 18
Прыгуны — Молокане. Этнические меньшинства Армении. Фоторепортаж.  Февраль 27, 2010
Dukh-i-zhiznik — Molokans. Ethnic minorities in Armenia. Photostory. February 27, 2010
Apr 4
Христос воскрес! Christ has Risen! Molokans celebrate Easter. Jumpers celebrate an abbreviated form of OT passover.
Apr 2 Apr 10
Appendices from Mohoff. G.W. The Russian Colony of Guadalupe Molokans [Pryguny] in Mexico, 1993.
Lists of property owners, residents, and cemetery markers. — Added Jerome Junction, Arizona, Appendix F
Mar 23
5th funeral in Arizona locked out of prayer house. Dave Dave Tolmachoff died, 36. Funeral Wednesday March 24, 25.
Mar 21 Mar 28 Doukhboor Genealogy Website maps new and updated. *Molokan label includes Jumpers.
Doukhobor and Molokan Settlements in Amur Province, Russia, 1859-1932
Amur Doukhobor and Molokan Villages, 1859-1932 — Google Maps
Molochnaya Doukhobor and Molokan* Settlements, Melitopol district, Tavria Province, Russia 1802-1845
Tavria Doukhobor and Molokan* Villages, 1802-1845 — Google Maps
Doukhobor and Molokan* Settlements in Kars Province, Russia, 1879-1899
Kars Doukhobor and Molokan* Villages, 1879-1921 — Google Maps
Doukhobor and Molokan Settlements in Rostov* Province, Russia, 1921-Present
Rostov Doukhobor and Molokan* Villages, 1921-Present — Google Maps
Feb 27
The [Dukh-i-zhiznik] Molokans of Glendale, Arizona. by Dr J.E. Clay, Американский ежегодник (American Annual).
Feb 23 Mar 1
Real Quakers question "Russian Quakers" — 3 articles in The Friend. 1905
Feb 23 Jun 11
Russian Wedding in Los Angeles Colony, Los Angeles Herald, Sunday Supplement, page 3 — January 1, 1905.
200,000 Russian Quakers Coming Here, Los Angeles Herald, page 1 — January 12 and 28, 1905.
New Russian Colonists, Los Angeles Herald, page 2 — February 1, 1905Fled from high taxes
Russians Flee To California, Los Angeles Herald, page 5 —  July 23, 1905.
Russian Colonists Stricken With Fever, Los Angeles Herald, page 1 — August 13, 1905.
Report Cholera Under Control. Los Angeles Herald, page 1 — September 5, 1905.
Russian Is Injured, Los Angeles Herald, page 5 — November 11, 1905.
Russian Colonists to Leave Los Angeles, Los Angeles Herald, part II, page 2 — November 30, 1905.
Russian Colony in Panama Fails, New York Daily Tribune, page 2 — December 2, 1905.
"Doctor up" Immigrants To Secure Admission, Los Angeles Herald, page 2 — December 19, 1905.
[Pryguny] Molokanes Seek Big Colony Site, Los Angeles Herald, page 1 — March 18, 1907.
Feb 22
Historic Photos of Whittier Blvd, East Los Angeles Christmas Parade website
Feb 21
A Look Back: A bit of Russian flavor in Rancho Cucamonga historic house,
The Press-Enterprise, San Bernadino County, February 20, 2010 — Map of Demens' house
Feb 11
The Sectarians in America: The [Dukh-i-zhizniki] Jumpers. Leben: a journal of Reformation Life, Volume 5, Issue 4, Oct-Dec 2009.
Feb 5
The Last Station — Movie about Leo Tolstoy's last years and Tolstoyans is at a theater near you (enter: "The Last Station").
Jan 31 Feb 5
Buy the Turkish Molokan movie "Deli Deli Olma" with English subtitles for $26, watch on your computer
Jan 7
Molokans Celebrate Religious Holiday "Birth of Christ" on Jan 7 — 10-year Molokan Holiday Calendar
Jan 3
Женщины прыгуны, с. Орбельяновке, Ставропольский край — Картина Людмила Сергеева, 2008
Prygun women, Orbelianovka village, Stavropol province — Painting by Ludmila Sergeeva, 2008.
Jan 3 Jan 9
Толстой и Иудино [Jew-town], Илбек Хакасстан — 27 Май 2009
Tolstoy and Iudino, by Ilbek Hakasstan — May 27, 2009
 2010  ^
Dec 29
A Russian Marriage: The Way the Devils Were Driven Out of Eden — 1910 Los Angeles Jumper exorcism, wedding
Gettysburg Times (Pennsylvania) — September 30, 1916
Dec 21
Поиск родных и близких, ВЕСТЬ — 2009 Nos. 2,3,4,5,6   
Seeking Relatives, VEST' — 2009 Nos. 2,4,5,6
Dec 17 Dec 21 AZERBAIJAN: Restrictions imposed as registration deadline approaches — Forum 18 News, 21 December 2009
About 90 religious communities pass re-registration in Azerbaijan — Trend News Agency, 17 Dec 2009
В Азербайджане зарегистрировано 28 религиозных общин — 1st News, 12-17-2009
Dec 14
Красильникова Е.В. Русский язык зарубежья. Изд.2 2010. Твердый переплет. 344 с. 268 руб
Krasil'nikova E.V. Russian Language Abroad. 2nd ed. 2010. Hardcover. 344 pp. ~$9
Dec 14
Molokans in Mexico: Valle de Guadalupe, Baja Mexico — 79 photos Babishoffs, Nov 10, 2009, Picasaweb
Dec 3
Clay, J. Eugene. "God's people in the early eighteenth century: The Uglich affair of 1717", Cahiers du monde russe
et soviιtique, 1985, Vol 26, Issue 26-1,  pp. 69-124. — Update of part of his PhD thesis about Khlysty.
Nov 30
роликa: Молокане [Тамбов собрание] 14 ноября 2009 — Чернов А.С., г. Рассказово, поют Псалтирь 39: 8-9.
Video (6:49 min): Molokans [Tambov assembly. Harvest holiday] Nov. 14, 2009 — Singing Psalm 40: 8-9,
by Alexei Serguei. Chernov, 22, Rasskazovo city, Tambov, post-grad Tambov State University, video-photographer. 
Nov 30
Our Trip [to Armenia]: Day 7 - May 4, 2009, Molokan village — 6 photos in Fioltovo, 4 in Deliljan
Nov 30
Дай, друг, на счастье лапу мне... — Поводок № 1, 2001   
Give me, my friend, your paw for good luck ... — Povodok [Leash] No. 1, 2001
Nov 24
Молоканка Катя, Асланян Елена, г. Ереван, Республика Армения, 21.11.2007. Проект "Среда обитания"
The Molokan girl Katya, by Helen Aslanian, Yerevan, Armenia, Nov. 21, 2007. For Project Environment.
Nov 24
Будущее молоканства: наркомания, свобода, равнодушие? — Весть, No. 5, 2009
The future of Molokanism: addictions, freedom, indifference? — Vest', No. 5, 2009
Nov 16
Президент Азербайджана встретился с Молоканами на праздник урожая, Бакинскии Рабочий, 30 октября 2009 г.
Azerbaijan President joins Molokans for Harvest Holiday, Bakinskii Rabochii [Baku Worker], October 30, 2009.
Nov 1
Our Family Story Popoff, Babashoff, Bogdanov, Patapoff, — 502 photos in 11 albums.
Nov 1
"Sectarians in America: The Jumpers", Leben: a journal of Reformation life, Volume 5 Issue 4, Oct-Dec 2009.
Oct 30 Oct 31 Turkish Molokan movie "Deli Deli Olma" wins Best Music Award, English title: "Piano Girl", in 2 international festivals.
Oct 27 Nov 16 Molokans celebrate the 2009 Harvest Festival (Урожай, жатва) from August through November — Not all on one day.
Oct 26
Marsha Siefert, ed. Extending the borders of Russian history: essays in honor of Alfred J. Rieber. 2003, 553 pages.
Khodarkovsky, M. "Colonial Frontiers in 18th-Century Russia: From the north Caucasus to Central Asia," pp 127-142.
Breyfogle, Nickoals B. "Colonization by Conract: Russian Settlers, South Caucasian Elites, and the Dynamics of
Nineteenth-Century Tsarist Imperialism
," pages 143-166.
Mostashari, Friouzeh. "Russian Colonization of Caucasian Azerbaijan, 1830-1905," pages 167-182.
Oct 26
N.M. Savel’eva (Moscow Conservatory). “E.E. Lineva and modern recordings of Molokan musical culture
E.E. Lineva: A Conference, SEEFA Journal, Vol. VII, No. 1, Spring 2002, pages 92-98.
Oct 26
Grace For Hurting Hearts, "Molokans Helping Molokans" — Christian Support Group, Fresno
Oct 23 Oct 26 Was this Russian art rug woven by Pryguny in Mexico?
Oct 22
Проект «РУНИВЕРС» — Онлайн библиотека русской истории начала. ....
RUNIVERSE Project — Online library of Russian history started. ....
Oct 21
Orthodox Missionaries and "Orthodox Heretics" in Russia, 1886-1917, J. Eugene Clay, Arizona State U, pages 38-69
Of religion and empire: missions, conversion, and tolerance in Tsarist Russia,  R. P. Geraci, M. Khodarkovsky, 2001.
Oct 21
Preliminary Program, 2009 AAASS Convention, Nov 12-15, 2009, Cambridge, MA.
“Sacred Waters: The Spiritual World of Lake Baikal”, Nicholas B. Breyfogle, Ohio State U, page 8.
“‘Spiritual Domains’ and Non-Orthodox Ecclesiastical Property in Imperial Russia” P W Werth, U of NV, Las Vegas, pg 31
“Reading and Writing the Lives of Adam and Eve in Molokan [Jumper] Prophecy”, J. E. Clay, Arizona State U, page 40.
Oct 21
1995 Festival of American Folklife : June 23-July 4, National Mall of the US, Wash. DC (1995) — in 6 formats
   Russian Roots, American Branches: Music in Two Worlds, page 79.
   A Russian-American Cultural Exchange, by Richard Kennedy, page 80.
   [Pryguny] Molokans and Old Believers in Two Worlds, by Margarita Mazo, page 83.
Oct 21
Far from Home: Slavic Refugees and the Changing Face of Oregon, by Dr. Susan W. Hardwick.
A lecture given at Hudson Hall, Willamette University, Salem, Oregon, May 19, 2007. Pages 15-18.
Thesis book: Russian refuge: religion, migration, and settlement on the North American Pacific Rim. 1993. Page 89.
Oct 16 Oct 21 San Javier, Tradicion Rusa del Uruguay, Rio Negro district. (Spanish video, 6:17 min.) September 08, 2007.
Museo del los Immigrantes, Rio Negro, Junta local de San Javier. (Spanish. Machine translated.)
Museo de la Diαspora Rusa "Casa Blanca" [Machine translated: The White House: Museum of the Russian Diaspora]
Oct 9
Духовное христианство и сектанство в России. Н.А. Бердяев. Русская мысль, Ноябрь 1916.
Spiritual Christianity and Sectarianism in Russia. N.A. Berdiaev, Russkaia Mysl’, November 1916.
Sep 29 Mar 10, '10
Kars welcomes Molokan and Doukhobor heritage tourists to Turkey:
Books, videos, photos, cultural center, museum, villages, cemetery, Russian houses and more to see

Sep 25
Photo: Molokanes or milk drinkers, Los Angeles, May 1991. George Grantham Bain Collection, Library of Congress.
Caution: Scammers are selling prints of this public photo on eBay and other web sites for up to $15.
Sep 21 Oct 22 Park Valley is resting place of two Russian immigrants, by Di Lewis, Standard-Examiner, Ogden, Utah — Sep 20 2009
More:  Jumpers and Molokans in Utah, 1914-1918
Sep 19 Nov 22
The Russians in Los Angeles, by Lillian Sokoloff, 1918.
Sep 7
«Разъяснение крещения в свете учения молокан», Тикунов Василий Алек.— Видео часть 1часть 2, часть 3.
"Explanation of baptism per Molokan teachings", by Vasilii Alekseevich Tikunov — Video part 1, part 2, part 3.
Sep 7
«Красносельск наш дом» вебсайте. Автор С. Г. Борисов — Фотографии, Новости, Книги, статьи, Форум
Krasnoselsk, Armenia website by S.G. Borisov — 50+ photos4 books, news, maps, guestbook, ...
Sep 7
Новая книга: «Длань Бога. Молокане. Парадоксы русского мышления», Николай Чайкин и Николай Котов.
New book: God's Palm: The Molokans. Paradoxes of the Russian mentality, by Nikolai Chaikin and Nikolai Kotov.
Sep 4 Sep 5 Русский журналист взял интервью у двух прыгунов или молокан в Армении 
Russian journalist interviews two Jumpers or Molokans in Armenia — Delizhan, Fioletovo on YouTube
Aug 23
Malakanlar…, Dr. BeEşir Doster, Gerηek Gόndem, 1 Temmuz 2009 [Turkish]
Molokans…, by Dr. Beshir Doster, The Agenda, July 1, 2009 [machine translated]
Aug 23 Sep 5 Whittier City Council to vote on Sept 8 for "New United Molokan* Church" to build in residential zone at
5609-5621 Pioneer Blvd, Whittier CA  See agenda section 6.D.2, page 2. Also: August 3 and August 17, 2009.
* Akhtinski / Samarin's / Percy Street Spirit & Lifer congregation.
Aug  6
UMCA Summer Camp 2009 — Group Photo
Aug  2 Sep 7 Malakanlar - The Molokans — Facebook group in Turkish, some English.
332 members, 5 discussion topics, 42 wall posts, 107 photos.
Jul 29 Jul 31
New on Vovisi's Channel, July 21, 2009 — 3 videos recorded 1991 in Sloboka village, Tula Oblast, RF.
Visual Monitoring of Russian Traditional Cultures, Centre of Visual Anthropology, Lomonosov Moscow State University
Молокане переселенцы в Слободке беседуют с профессором Маргаритой Мазо из США
  Molokans settlers in Slobodka interviewed by Prof. Margarita Mazo of the United States (4.08 min.)
Василий Алексеевич Тикунов о пении псалмов 
  Vasilii Alekseevich Tikunov about the singing of Psalms (1.07 min)
Молоканское чаепитие в Слободке
  Molokan tea in Slobodka [meal during Paskha holiday] (39 sec)
Jul 23 Jul 25
The Molokan community in Azerbaijan: From religious to nationalist identity,
by Abulfaz Suleimanov, PhD, 2007 Scholarship Programme, Heinrich Bφll Foundation
The New South Caucasus: Overcoming Old Boundaries, Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia
ISBN 978-9941-9009-2-1, 176 pages. December 2008.
Jul 23
Refugee Review Tribunal, Australia,16 August 2007 — Questions about military obligation of immigrant Jumpers
Jul 18
The Ukrainian Stundists and Russian Jews: a collaboration of evangelical peasants with Jewish
intellectuals in late imperial Russia
, by Sergei Zhuk, 2003, Ball State University, IN, Pages 17- 32. (PDF)
Mysterious knocks, flying potatoes and rebellious servants: Spiritualism and social conflict in late Imperial Russia
Julia Mannherz, 2003, Oriel College Oxford UK, Pages 1-16. (PDF)
Jul 17 Jul 29
For Christ and Cabbage: Molokans Preserve Their Way of Life, by Mark Grigorian,
Armenian International Magazine, Glendale, California, 2002 April, Vol. 13, Issue 3,  page 46.
Jul 9
От Карса до Мексики: русские молокане на другом конце света — РИА Новости, 3 июл 2009 г.
From Kars to Mexico: Russian Molokans at the other end of the world — RIA Novosti [News], July 3, 2009
Jul  9 Aug 3
"Rus Emperyalizmi: Kafkasya'nın Ruslaştırılması ve Malakanlar" (PDF), Ludmila Denisenko, 
Toplumsal Tarih Dergisi Sayı: 187. Temmuz 2009. Sayfa 28-32.  (Magazine cover)
"The adoption of the Caucasus by Russians and the Molokans", by Ludmila Denisenko (a Molokan in Turkey),
Social History Review, Issue: 187. July 2009. Pages 60-65.
Error: The publisher incorrectly inserted a photo on page 64 by Prokudin-Gorskii which is not of Molokans.

Jul  8
Oldest Bible online: Codex Sinaiticus — Старые Библия онлайн: Синайский кодекс
Jul  2 Jul  3
1865 Caucasus Molokane and Leapers: Eye-witness report by Vassili V. Verestchagin
Jul  1
USCC Talent Nights: Brilliant March 7, Grand Forks March 14, 2009 —  ~50 photos
Jun 26
Молокане, Ново-Васильевке, Украине, 1908 — фото, Борис Сухоруков
Molokans, Novo-Vasilivka, Ukraine, 1908 — photo posted by Boris Sukhorukov
Jun 25
Сбор в с. Kochubeevskom — SDHM Новости, 13-14 июня 2009 г.
Meeting in Kochubeevskoe — USCM News, June 13-14, 2009
Jun 22 Jul  9
Молокане и прыгуны — русские, украинцы, чуваши, мордвы, армяни ...
Molokans and Jumpers are Russians, Ukrainians, Chuvashs, Mordvins, Armenians ...
Also see: Ethnic Diversity Among Early Doukhobors, by Jonathan J. Kalmakoff,  Aug 2, 2003
Jun 18
Baku Molokan Cemetery Completely Destroyed ! — Roads, houses built. Casket parts moved 12 miles east.
Jun  7
BOOK: Lukian and Fenya Conovaloff Family Tree, by Fae Papin-Veronin, 2009.
82 pages, 11 chapters, 113+ photos, 4-page chart, 150+ descendants. — Preview and download free.
Jun  5
Russians facing issue of ownership — Missionaries News Service, 4 Mar 2009 (Click box upper left to stop music)
May 31
Announcements — Oregon Funeral: David Ivan Shubin (age 21), Tues-Wed, June 2-3, at new cemetery.
May 26 May 28
Announcements — Large Molokan/Jumper family, about 25 people, moving back to Turkey.
May 20 May 23 Restrictive religious laws, by Onnik Krikorian, Frontline News, Feb 15, 2009
3 laws proposed to restrict religions in Armenia, other than the Armenian Apostolic Church
NAGORNO-KARABAKH: Repressive new Religion Law signed — Forum 18 News, 5 January 2009
May 19
Молокане в Сан-Франциско, Николай, LiveJournal, 2009-05-19
Molokans in San Francisco, by Nikolai, LiveJournal, May 19, 2009 [Machine translated]
May 19 May 20
Armenian [Pryguny] Molokans by Dr. H. Hovhanessyan. Republican, Num. 8 (50), 2007 — Translated from Armenian
May 18
Духоборы в Гореловке в Гузии — Doukhobors in Gorelovka, Georgia 2006, by Alexander Kviria Film-maker
7 minute Russian language video with English subtitles. See with photos and links: Dukhobors on Kosmix.
May 16
Репортаж из Канады: духоборцы — Канал 3, Москва 2008 — видео новости (видео 10 мин.)
“Report from Canada: Doukhobors” by Channel 3 TV Moscow Russia — English summary, review of 10 minute video
May 12
Russian religious community prospers in Azerbaijan, Russia Today TV News video/text, July 21, 2007. Run time 2:52
Shorter version of Russian broadcast July 20, 2007: Русский колхоз посреди Азербайджана. Run time 4:42
May 12
На злачных пажитях — Фильм о бракосочетания молоканах, деревни Ивановка, Азербайджан. (64 мин., 2006)
On Green Pastures — A film about a Molokan wedding ceremony, Ivanovka, Azerbaijan. (64 minutes, 2006)
 May  7 May 11
Announcements — "Molokan Gossip Blog", Adelaide Australia, off-line after 2 weeks.
 Apr 27
Announcements — Sectarian genealogy is recorded separately in Amur province, Russian Federation 
 Apr 26
Announcements: Moscow — 100+ Molokans attended Paskha holiday (Easter) prayer services on April 19.
 Apr 22
Russia: Repatriation Plan Appeals To Few Ethnic Russians  —  Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Jan 17, 2008
 Apr 19
The man in the gray coat — Living in Armenia, Apr 18, 2009 — "Molokans' street", Arabkir district, Erevan, Armenia
 Apr 13
90th aniversary of Arizona Jumpers' release from prison noted at Russian religious history conference,
by Dr. J. Eugene Clay, Associate Professor Religious Studies, Arizona State University, April 10, 2009
 Apr 12
Слёт молодежи ДХМ, 21-22 февраля 2009 г — г. Изобильный, ДХМ Новости
Spiritual Christian Molokan Youth Rally, February 21-22, 2009 — Izobil'nyi, Stavropol province — SCM News
 Apr 12
Детско-молодежный съезд 2009 г.: Определены сроки и место проведения — 24-31 июля —
2009 Molokan Youth Convention: Terms and location — July 24-31 — Union of Spiritual Christian Molokans
 Apr 12
Резервация: …русский колхоз в горах Азербайджана… — Русская Жизнь, 06 июля 2007 года
Reservation: …Russian collective farm is in the mountains of Azerbaijan… — Russian Life, July 6, 2007
 Apr 11 Apr 12 Молокане в Армении: Фиолетово и Лермонтово, В.В. Новиков, Ереван ринок
[Pryguny] Molokans in Armenia: Fioletovo and Lermontov,  V.V. Novikov, Erevan market — Live Journal, Sept 13-15, 2008
 Apr  8
Ivan G. Samarin: The Great Molokan Communicator — Updated March 26 with a Google Map
of the 12 Molokan and 9 Doukhobor place names in Kars province, Russia (now Turkey).
Google Maps links to The Doukhobor Gazetteer, Google Earth, and more!
 Apr  6 Apr  7
Молокане в Грузии: Уважаемые люди… — «Аргументы и факты», 1 апреля 2009 г.
Molokans in Georgia: Dear People… — Arguments and Facts, April 1, 2009
 Apr  4
Russian Christians - The Holy Spirit in History pt 5 —, March 22, 2009 (9 min, 8 sec)
'Believer's Voice of Victory' TV segment about Leaping Molokans from Russia. Broadcast March 13, 2006. 
 Apr  4
Молокане поют "И увидел я новое небо..." (Откровение Иоанна гл. 21-1,2) —, March 23, 2009
Molokans sing "I saw a new heaven... " (Revelations 21:1-2)  (5 min., 21 sec.)
 Apr  3 Oct 30 New Movie About Molokans in Kars, Turkey:  "Deli Deli Olma" opens April 17, 2009
Lead role is Mishka, a Molokan miller near Kars
— English title: Piano Girl. summary, images, trailer, links, reviews, ...
 Mar 31
San Francisco Molokans, Friends & Families —19 photos, updated
A few of 100s of Molokan and Jumpers photos in Ghrishka's Photo Albums at
 Mar 26
Studies in Sociology: The Russians in Los Angeles — 17 pages. 1918 report by Lillian Sokoloff online in 5 formats.
 Mar 25
Немногочисленные колонии русских на Кавказе переживают трудные времена — Первый канал, 15.03.2009
The few colonies of Russians in the Caucasus are experiencing difficult times — Channel 1 TV News, March 15, 2009
5 minute Russian TV news of Molokans in Ul'ianovka, Georgia — women sing, presbyter M.I. Shituhin interviewed.
 Mar 25
Its Population Falling, Russia Beckons Its Children Home — New York Times, March 21, 2009
10,300 repatriated in 2 years, cost $300 million. Some Old Believers moved from Uruguay to Far East.
 Mar 25
Historical Map - Doukhobor and Molokan Settlements in Kars, Russia, 1879-1899 (Now Turkey)
by Jonathan J. Kalmakoff, Doukhobor Genealogy Website — See all Doukhobor Historical Maps
 Mar 18
William Chernekoff, Jr., Appellant, v. United States of America, Appellee., 219 F.2d 721 (9th Cir. 1955).
Federal Circuits, 9th Cir. (March 25, 1955). Docket number: 14370
 Mar 18 May 5
Пение молокан: Исаия 22:20, духовные христиане псалмопение  — Molokans singing: Isaiah 22:20-21, Spiritual Christian psalm singing" Voice of young Misei Volkoff
 Mar 13 Mar 27
Les Molokanes — The Molokans [Machine translated from French.]
Articles by Jean-Claude Barbier, Unitarian News, Feb. 24 to Mar. 26, 2009.
 Mar 11
Origin and Meaning of Molokan and Pryguny Surnames updated — Added: Cheshev, Granchikov, Gudnin,
Kambarov, Kholodinin, Lysov, Makarin, Malash, Molodchenkov, Rozanov, Rusakov, Shchegolev, Svikhnushin.
 Mar 9
Irina's Gallery (Russian), Baja California, Mexico,  Feb 24, 2007 —138 photos
Photos 24-31: Guadalupe restaurant, museum — Photos 48-50: Bibayoff and Dalgoff house
 Mar 8
Armenia's currency devalued 22% on "Black Tuesday" March 3. Widespread panic buying. More to fall.
See updated 30-day graph: Armenian Drams (AMD) to 1 US Dollar (USD).
 Mar 5
Community Doukhobor perestroika — USCC Marks Major Changes, USCC AGM Press Release, Feb. 27, 2009
 Feb 26 Apr 7 Georgia Molokans and Pryguny Invited to Russia — News: Feb 17- Apr 6, 2009 — Most Doukhobors already moved.
 Feb 22
24 Molokan congregations registered in Russian Federation. — February 16, 2009
Религиозные организации в России, 2008 г., Российское Объединение Исследователей Религии (РОИР)
"Religious organizations in Russia, 2008", Russian Association of Scholars in Religion (RASR)
 Feb 22
291 records, 150+ headstone photos posted by Nancy Poppin-Posey for Olivet Cemetery, Daly City, CA.
Feb 11 Feb 18
Kosherization of the World: Kosher markert dynamics, 2000-2008 — 5,389 New Kosher Products in 2008
13% of Americans bought kosher in 2008 — Kosher Meat Gets Scarce — Bring home the kosher bacon
 Feb 11
Molokan and Pryguny Photo Exhibit, Istanbul, Turkey — November 3, 2008
 Feb 7 Feb 9
Announcements: Oregon Picnic planned Friday, September 3, 2009 — Oregon
 Feb 6
Ivanovka, Tourism, Ismailli region, Azerbaijan — "... settled in 1847 ... (by) ... malokans ... " More ...
 Feb 6 Feb 21
New Israel: Transformation of a Branch of Russian Religious Dissent, by Serguey V. Petrov,
Molokan and PhD candidate, Department of Religious Studies, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada
See 4 photos, please donate to: Russian Museum at San Javier, Uruguay — $450 needed
 Jan 24 Oct 27
2009 Календар: Праздники молокан — 2009 Calendar: Molokan Holidays
 Jan 16
The Molokans [and Pryguny] in Armenia, research article by Araml Haytian, Yerevan State University
Iran and the Caucasus, Volume 11, Number 1, 2007 , pp. 33-44(12)
 Jan 14
Doğuştan ‘total retηi’ bir cemaat: Molokanlar — Davet Haber,  30 Kasım 2008  2nd half of page
Molokans, a community of "COs" from birth — Entertainment News, Nov. 30, 2009
 Jan 12
The Russian Colony — Moon Travel Guides, January 9, 2009 — More about Molokans and Pryguny in Mexico
 Jan 12 Jan 21
Sόrgόn Bahηesinin Solan Renkleri Molokanlar ve Dukhoborlar — Ardahan Haberi, 06.01.2009  Book cover, link updated
Fading Colors of the Exiles’ Garden: Molokans and Dukhobors — Ardahan News,  January 6, 2009
 Jan 11
Слёт молодежи ДХМ, 7 января 2009 — ДХМ Новости
Молокане решили провести трехдневный пост 16-18 января с молитвой и просьбой о молодежи.
Spiritual Christian Molokan Youth Rally, January 7 2009 — SCM News
Molokans called to fast and pray for faith and youth, January 16-18.
 Jan 9
Потомки молокан в Мексике, Соотчесвенники "Русь Единая", 2007-02-12   
[Pryguny] Molokan Descendants in Mexico, Compatriots "United Russia", February 12, 2007
Los descendientes [Priguni] Molokans en Mιxico, Compatriotas "Русь Ϊnico", El 12 de febrero de 2007
 Jan 8
Bibayoff ranch, Mexico: article: Baja Wine - Bibayoff: From Russia with Love, Baja Times, January 1-15, 2009
30 Fotos de bibayoff (30 photos of David Bibyoff ranch + 6 nearby)  — 3 videos (, 2008)
 Jan 7
Подготовка газеты "Весть" №1-2009 — Submit articles for Molokan "News" No.1, 2009 to
 Jan 7
Фото: Малаканская капуста, Вкус детсва (Molokan cabbage, a taste from childhood), Jan 10, 2007
Photo: Molokan Style Sauerkraut — Sauerkraut, Canning and Pickling Gallery, Sweet-toothers, Baku Pages, Jan 23, 2008
 Jan 7
Lapsha — Katy Kobzeff: notes, events & travels (blog), Jan. 7, 2009
 2009  ^
 Dec 31
Teacher-coach Wm John Novikoff in documentary film Friends in Common about Boyle Heights, by Bluewater Media
 Dec 31
Молокане: 4 Видеотека, 10 Фонотека, 2 Место проживания — Атлас традиционной музыки Азербайджана
Molokans: 4 videos, 10 audio, 2 maps — Atlas of Traditional Music of Azerbaidjan
Русские (Молокане д. Ивановка, Духоборцы с. Славянка) 4 Видеотека, 10 Фонотека, Фотогалерея
Russians (Molokans in Ivanovka, Doukhobors in Slavianka): 5 video gallery, 8 record editions, 12 photo gallery
Dec 30
Los [Priguni] Molokanes el el Valle de Gaudalupe, Grupo Enologico Mexicano, Excelsior 2002
[Pryguny] Molokans in Guadalupe Valley, Mexican Ethnic Groups, Excelsior 2002
Dec 30
Doğu Anadolu’da Kόltόr Turizmi iηin İttifaklar, Molokanlar — Yeni Ufuklar, Aralık 2008
Alliances for Culture Tourism in Eastern Anatolia, Molokans — New Horizons, December 2008
Dec 29
Guadalupe Valley, Mexico maps updated, details added
Dec 28 Jan 8, '09
7 Videos of Guadalupe Valley, Baja California, Mexico — 2008. Museums, Samarin restaurant, Bibayoff ranch, hotels.
Dec 28
Rogoffs in news for returing $10,000 found in box of crackers. — Irvine, California. Rogoffs Sandra, Max, Allie (photo)
Dec 18 Jan 7, '09 Son Molokan 2007’de φldό! — Hόr Haber, 01 Aralık 2008 (Turkish) Copied at Haber Rus (Russian News)
"The last Molokan passed away in 2007"  — Hur News, December 1, 2008  Misleading, many Molokans still in Turkey.
Dec 17
The Historical Parameters of Russian Religious Toleration (PDF) — July 27, 2001. Released.
See much more about Molokans and Pryguny by Dr. Breyfogle.
Dec  13
Molokan — Commercial site by Luke Shubin, Kerman CA — Not Molokans, but Spirit & Lifers
Dec 12
ARMENIA: Imprisonment of some 80 conscientious objectors "not a human rights issue"  F18News, Dec 11, 2008
See more articles in this series 2005-2008.
Dec 11
The 'Subbotnik' Case: "Supreme Court asks State to reconsider" — The Jerusalem Report, Dec 10, 2008
Dec 9
Malakanlar KISA FİLMİ — SHORT FILM on the Molokans —, November 20, 2007
Dec 9 Sep 9,'09
Malakan Belgeseline Φdόl — Award to the Molokan Documentary Film — Kars Haber, October 14, 2008
Dec 8
Azerbaidjan Film: Molokanlar. Saf Ruh (2004) [Molokans A pure spirit (approximate translation)]
Dec 3
Last Name Frequency Map: USA by State — More at Molokan Genealogy
Shubin(count 806), Bogdanoff(329), Samarin(309), Loscutoff(82), Loskutoff(41), ... try your own....
Dec 3 Dec 4 Doukhobor Interfaith Relations in South Ukraine, Late 18th and Early 19th Century,
by Anastasia Buchna, State University of Zaporozhia, Ukraine — Tavria map
Dec 3
Google News Timeline 1708-2007, shows ~103 items for Molokan(s)
Nov 28
Dec 3
Potrero Hill Baby Boomers — Molokans — Reunion photo, news, September 29, 2008
Nov 26
Dec 3 Fundamentally Freund: More than just Sabbath Jews — The Jerusalem Post, Nov 25, 2008
The Plight of Subbotniks — Jewish Russian Telegram, November 25, 2008
Israel's High Court of Justice to Convene Tomorrow to Rule on Fate of Russia's 20,000 Subbotnik Jews
— Press Release: Shavei Israel, November 26, 2008. Also see:
Member of Subbotnik community appeals to make aliya — The Jerusalem Post, November 26, 2008
The Jews left behind in Russia: Thousands of Subbotnik Jews being refused permission to move to Israel
— Israel Opinion, November 27, 2008 — 50+ comments in Talkback
Nov 20

Cтатьи о молоканах — Гарик Галстян, 10 ноября 2008 года
Articles about Molokans — Garik Galstian, November 10, 2008
Nov 18

“The Woman Clothed in the Sun: The Apocalyptic Vision of Maksim Rudometkin”, J. Eugene Clay,  Arizona
State University, November 23, 2008, 8 am to 10 am, Session 11-47, American Association for the
Advancement of Slavic Studies, Philadelphia PA, Preliminary Program, page 87.
Nov 11

Spiritual Singing of Russian Doukhobors [Molokans and Old Believers]
Videos of Dr. Serafima Nikitina, Moscow April 9, 2008 — Review by K.J. Tarasoff, July 31, 2008
Nov 11
Nov 13
YouTube: izba_records_russkaya_muzyka_ансамбль Русская музыка (5:30 min) IZBA Records,
American-Maksimist Песнь 762, Сионский Песенник; and О  Страдальцев  478, Новый Песенник. More soon ....
Nov 11
Nov 30
Last of the [Pryguny] Molokans: The Russian spiritual community in Armenia survives a decline — Novye Izvestiia, December 4, 2007
Последние из молокан: Русская духовная община в Армении переживает упадок — Новые Известия, 4 декабря 2007 г.
Nov 10

Молодёжь национальных меньшинств (PDF) — Первая газета, 25 июля 2007, ст. 8 .
Young People of the Ethnic Minorities (PDF) — The First Newspaper, 25 June 2007, page 9.
Nov 6

Фото: Семя Грушенковы, с. Хильмилли, Шемахинский р-н, Азербайджан, 1910.
Photo: Grushenkovy family, Hilmilli village, Shemahinsky region, Azerbaijan, 1910 (machine translated)
Nov 4

Sara and John Riley's family — 67 photos, 1 July 2007, John Joseph Galitzen (changed to Riley), Sara Wm. Treguboff
Nov 4

Is your chai kosher? — Kosher Today Newsletter, August 25, 2008.
Nov 1

YouTube Video: Mexican indigenous Russians rusos русскиe (6:37 min) English text, Spanish conversation
Nov 1

36 photos of Molokans/Maksimists, Filoletovo, Armenia, 6-7 Sept 2008
26 photos by Rita Willaert, Belgium — 10 photos by Walter Callens
Oct 28
Nov 17
From the Volga to the Salt River: Christian and Muslim Spiritual Songs of Russia
"... musical and literary heritage of the Russian Spiritual Christian [Pryguny] Molokans of Arizona."
Oct 26
Oct 29
Molokan and Pryguny Genealogy Board went down for a few days. Reason unknown. Board is UP.
Oct 26
Nov 5
Doukhobor leader John J. Verigin, Sr. died Sunday Oct 26.  Funeral Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Oct 31- Nov 2).
Oct 22

Молокане — Русский Базар, 2006.6.15    
Molokans — Russkii Bazar [Russian Market], June 15, 2006
Oct 11 Nov 8
22 сентября ессентучанке Евдокии Вахлаковой исполняется 75 лет — "Ессентуки сегодня", 18 сентября 2008 г.
Essentuki's Evdokia Vakhlakova will be 75 on September 22 — Essentuki Today, September 18, 2008
Oct 11
Lermontov (38): Saison du choux, juste avant l'hiver, pour ces Molokans de Lermontov en Armenie
Cabbage season for Ivan Petrovich Shubin (Abramov) farm in Lermontov, Armenia (1:52 min video, 26 Dec 2006)
Oct 9
Few Jews own kosher companies — Kosher Today Newsletter, October 6, 2008.
Oct 8 Feb 22, '09
'Malakanlar' fotoğraf sergisi aηıldı, — Kars Beledieisi, 03.10.2008
"Molokan" photo exhibit opens — Municipality of Kars News, Oct 4, 2008 — Molokans Friendship Association
Oct 7
Loopsha - Russian Noodle Soup and Maloshni Lopsha, Bagdanov Family Recipes,
Recipes of San Francisco Russian Molokans, Mennonite Girls Can Cook, Blog — Sept 17, 2008
Sep 22
Kosher customers shun generic “k”, Rabbis research Category I foods — Kosher Today Newsletter, January 22, 2008.
Sep 18
Русский колхоз посреди Азербайджана — Вести, 2007.8.20
A Russian cooperative farm in the middle of Azerbaijan — Vesti, July 20, 2007 (5 min. TV news)
Sep 1
Sep 12
Фамилии Молокан, генеалогические исследования (Molokan Families, genealogy research) — 27 May 2008 
Aug 27
Aug 28
82 гражданина Армении предпочли альтернативной службе тюремные камеры — АрмИнфо, 2008-01-28
82 citizens of Armenia prefer prison cells to alternative service — ARMINFO, January 28, 2008
Aug 22

Announcments — LA-UMCA Picnic is Saturday, August 23
Aug 8

National Geographic Armenia
Маленькая Россия на Севере Армении, Текст: Марк Григорян. Невиданная Армения, 2008, ct. 46-49
"Little Russia" in the North of Armenia, By Mark Grigoryan. Armenia Undiscovered, 2008, pages 12-14
La Petite Russie du Nord de l’Armιnie, article: Marc Grigorian. Extraordinaire Armιnie, 2008, pages 82-85
Aug 2

Молокане в Армение на телевидение — «Вести недели», 24.09.2006
Molokans in Armenia on TV — Vesti Nedeli, September 9, 2006
Aug 2

Молокане в Азербайджане на телевидение — «Вести недели», 22.10.2006   
Molokans in Azerbidjan on TV — Vesti Nedeli, October 22, 2006
Aug 2

Магазин «Ивановка» теряет имидж и покупателей — Baku, Azerbaidjan — Oct 1, 2007
The Ivanovka store loses it's image and customers — Азербайджан, Баку — 01.10.2007
Jul 7

6 Photos of Maksimists by Sergey Maximishin, Fioletovo and Dilijan villages, Armenia — May 2007
Jun 20
Photo Story: Molokans in Georgia, by: Gogi Tsagareli, June 2001 — 18 photos
Jun 14
Does Russian/Slavic Tribe Of Molokans Still Live In Armenia? —, June 12, 2008
Jun 12
A Miniature Russia in the North of Armenia — National Geographic Traveler, Winter 2008
Jun 11
Молоканский садик — Molokan garden, Baku, Azerbaidjan
Molokans' Park — in front of Bolshoe sobranie, Erevan Armenia.
Jun 11
«Молокане. Сельский мотив»  — “The Molokans. Rural theme”, a painting by Vidyakin Vsevolod
1983, in a Molokan village, Lake Sevan, Armenia. Price ~$2,500
Jun 11
The Molokan C.O and The Molokan Library Web Site — by Daniel H. Shubin: translations, reprints, songs, prayers.
NOTE: Most is about Dukh-i-zhizniki and Pryguny, not original Molokane.
Jun 6

The Doukhobor Gazetteer — 1,000+ searchable geographic place names around the world, 8 in the US.
May 28

Arizona presbyter John Jack Conovaloff funeral to be in LA at Slauson Ave Thursday evening, Friday Morning.
May 27
Ethnic Groups in Georgia #15 – East Slavs,  Part 3 – Molokans and Old Believers — The Georgia Times, May 26, 2008
May 25 Dec 3 ~283 Newspaper Articles, 1905-2008 — US, Hawaii, Mexico, Australia  — 5 articles added
May 17

Origin and Meaning of Molokan and Prygun Surnames — Updated May 10, 2008
Added: Artishchev, Fedotov, Moskalev, Rudakov, Seryaev.
May 17

Молокане в Москве — Molokans in Moscow — New index page
May 17

Молокане присутствует на вероисповедном конференции — 29 ноября 2007
Molokans Attend Religious Conference — November 29, 2007
May 9

The Empire in Practice: Russian Settlers, the Peoples of South Caucasia, and the Structures of Tsarist Governance
by Dr. Breyfogle, Columbia University conference, April 24, 2008
May 9

In Spirit and Life: Maksim Rudometkin and the Messianic World of the Molokan Jumpers (Pryguny)
by Dr. Breyfogle, Ohio State University conference, May 18, 2008
May 9
May 16 Молокане вступили в Международную ассоциацию религиозной свободы — 27 Сентября, 2007
Molokans join International Religious Liberty Association — September 27, 2007
May 8

Wren's Patch: Molokan tomato growers from Manjimup, West Australia — Spice Magazine, March 2008
May 5
Dec 14
Проблемы этнокофессиональных групп духоборцев и молокан, С. Инмкова, РАН, 1998 г.
Problems with the Dukhobor and Molokan Ethno-Denominational Groups, S. Inikova, Russian Academy of Science, 1998.
May 2
May 16
Последний из молокан: Путешествие в Астрахановку — Новости Азербайджан, 7/3/2007
Last of the Molokans: A trip to Astrakhanovka — Azerbaidzhan-News, March 7, 2007
May 1
May 2
Update: Aerial photo of Baku Molokan cemetery shows 10-15 acres destroyed by new highway, houses.
Apr 24
May 4 Государство и Церковь в России: Православие по-кремлёвски? — Нью-Йорк Таймс, 22 Апрель 2008 г.
At Expense of All Others, Putin Picks a Church — New York Times, April 24, 2008
Apr 15

Последние из молокан: Русская духовная община в Армении переживает упадок — 4 декабря 2007 г.
The Last of the Molokans: The Russian spiritual community in Armenia survives a decline — December 4, 2007
Apr 8

[Prygun] Molokan Soldier Enlisted in WWI Canadian Expeditionary Force — William Halopoff, born 1886
Apr 3

Russian farmers arrive in Chino Valley (Arizona) — by Nancy Burgess, Sharlot Hall Museum, January 7, 2001
Mar 29
Apr 1
Doukhobor Prayer Home at Veregin, Saskatchewan Featured in Edifice & Us Documentary Series — video added
Mar 26
Sep 3
The Apocalyptic Rhetoric of Peace among the Russian Spiritual Christian [Pryguny] Jumpers, 1911-1919 — MP3 podcast.
Lecture by Dr. J. Eugene Clay, Dept. of Religious Studies, ASU Tempe, Arizona. April 11, 2008.
Mar 18

Tolstoy helps Molokans from Samara, 1897 — Excerpts from Journal
Mar 14
Mar 19
NEW BOOK March 2008: Leo Tolstoy and Russian peasant sectarian writers: selected correspondence
by The Slavic Research Group. — Wholesale orders at half price.
Mar 12
Mar 25
New York Times corrects error: Molokans "are not Russian Old Believers"
Mar 2

Tambov Doukhobors on Russian TV — Feb 27, 2008 (Russian, translated script)
Feb 23

Страна Духобория (Land of Dukhoboriya) — Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia, 152 pages, 2007.
Read review and download free Russian language book.
Feb 23

A Scattering of Seeds: Wrestling With The Spirit: A Doukhobor Story, 2000 — See 23 min. film at SCN TV, Saskatchewan
Feb 13
Feb 1, '09
The formation and contestation of Molokan identities and communities: the Australian experience.
Univ. of Western Australia, MA Thesis, Paulina Matvei Slivkoff, BA Sociology 2006. 365 pages 46 images 13 PDF files
Abstract. The Australian Anthorpological Society Newsletter. No. 106, June 2007. Page 15.
Feb 13
Online Bookreviews, by Louis M. Waddell — Review of Breyfogle's Heretics and Colonizers
Feb 12

Russian Colonists Going to Mexico: [Pryguny] Molokanes on the Move, Los Angeles Times, August 23, 1907, page II3
Also see: Molokans in Mexico.
Feb 12

[Pryguny] Molokans — "The Happy Wonderer" Blog,, by Ellen Bayles.— 7 Russian recipes, 75 photos
Feb 3
Oct 11
Photos of 3 Molokan Buildings in Blagoveshchensk [Amur province], Russia — Added: image and maps of prayer house
Jan 24

A hidden city under snow (Kars, Turkey) — Turkish Daily News — January 7, 2008
Jan 23

RUSSIA: Building places of worship in Moscow still a struggle — Forum 18 News Service, 3 December 2007
Also see: Moscow Mayor Cheats Molokan Church — Posted July 14, 2006
Jan 23

Is Kosher Food Really Safer? — Kosher Today Magazine, January 22, 2008
Jan 23
Feb 11
Uzaktaki yakınlarımız, sόt iηici Molokanlar — Kilisesiz Hıristiyanlar: Molokanlar
Turkish: The milk-drinking Molokans are far yet near — Molokans are Christian believers
(Photo is of a girl in Kochubeevskoe village, Stavropol territory, Russian Federation.)
Susuz Neresidir? — Turkish: Where is Susuz? [Text mentions Molokans with 5 photos, map.]
Atηılar Haberler — Turkish: Atchilar News, Malakanlar — Turkish: The Molokans
Sόrgόn Bir Hikayenin Masum Kahramanları: MALAKANLAR — Ηare Olgun ΗALIŞKAN, Ocak 2008
Turkish: The story of the banishment of the innocent and brave: Molokans — January 2008
Linked from: Molokans and Jumpers in Turkey
 2008  ^
Dec 23

Shinen-Valoff Family Pedigree Chart — 5 generations back to 1841 by Louis Walter Shinen, Jr.
Dec 19

The [Prygun] Molokan Arrival in Manitoba, 1905 — Manitoba Free Press, 1905 (Canada)
"A Strange People Reach the West" (July 5, 1905), and "Welcome Molokans" (July 6, 1905).
Preface and Postscript by Jonathan J. Kalmakoff. Molokan-Jumper photos from New York Public Library.
Nov 29
Nov 30
RUSSIA: Will Moscow mayor help Molokans? — By Geraldine Fagan, Forum 18 News Service, Nov 29, 2007
Комрютер первод: РОССИЯ: Поможет ли мэр Москвы молоканам? — 29-го ноябрь 2007
Also see: Moscow Mayor Cheats Molokan Church — Posted July 14, 2006
Nov 24

Russian Genealogy, and Digging up your Russian Roots
Two articles edited to show information most useful for Molokan genealogy.
Nov 21

Malakanlar KISA FİLMİ —, Nov 20, 2007
Documentary film about Molokans in Kars, Turkey, shown at an international film festival in Ankara, Turkey.
Nov 5
Nov 21
Half of Jews are not kosher — Kosher Today Magazine, Nov 19, 2007 — Added
Non-Jews are 75% of kosher customers — Kosher Today Magazine, Nov 13, 2007
21% of Americans spend $10.5 billion on kosher products — Kosher Today Magazine, Nov 5, 2007
Oct 24
Oct 28
California Fires — Пожары в Калифорнии — All churches safe. San Marcos church near fire, area evacuated.
Oct 15

По Следам Молоканства (история, факты, проповеди, полемика, обсуждение, фотоие...)
Новое вебсайте пресбытер Виктор Тикунов также опубликовывает "Млечный Путь"
Machine translated: On the Trail of Molokanism (history, facts, sermons, controversy, discussion, photos...)
A new website by presbyter Viktor Tikunov who also publishes "The Milky Way" (machine translated)
Oct 8

921 Kosher certifications world-wide — Kosher Today Magazine, October 8, 2007
Sept 26

ARMENIA: 82 religious prisoners of conscience is new record, By Felix Corley, Forum 18 News Service
Pavel Karavanov was freed from prison in summer 2006. — Published 26 September 2007
Sept 18
Dec 7
На Ставрополье прошел град на 10 миллионов рублей — The Tape.RU (Lenta.RU), Sept 9, 2007
Translated: 3000+ homes damaged by hail in Stavropol' area, cost $4+ million
No news about Molokan homes being damaged, but local TV news shows large hail and extensive damages.
Sept 4
May 1, '08
Baku Molokan Cemetery destroyed! — Roads, houses built on Molokan graves
Перевод: Разрушение кладбища молокан в Бakу — дороги и дома строятся над могилами молокан
Sept 3

Getting to Know Mexican Wine and Russian History, “Vino-Tourism” by Steve Dryden,, Aug 20, 2007
July 24

Russian religious community prospers in Azerbaijan — Russia Today, July 21, 2007
July 24
Oct 8 Georgian Doukhobors Relocate to Tambov, Russia — Iskra, Sept. 3, 2007, pp. 37-8, Doukhobor Genealogy Website
50 духоборов переселились из Грузии в Тамбовскую область — REGNUM News, July 2007
Dukhobors Residing In Samtskhe-Javakheti Region Leaving Georgia — Prime-News, Sept 22, 2007
July 6

One of the last [Prygun] Molokans in Turkey died (News in Turkish)
Jun 6
Sept 18 $1000 needed for Armenian Molokan/Prygun Directory
May 12 Sept 18 Spirit &Lifer girl jailed as illegal immigrant: Tatiana Grigoryeva seeks asylum. Donate to legal fund.
Wedding set for Sept 23, Gervais, Oregon.
Jun 6

Фильм о молокане в Азербайджане: «На злачных пажитях», Баку 2006
Film about Azerbaidjan Molokans: "In Green Pastures", Baku, Azerbaidjan, 2006
Jun 3

Survey of 23 Published Films on the Doukhobors — by Koozma J. Tarasoff, March 10, 2007
Jun 2
Jun 19, 08'
[Pryguny] Molokans in Mexico: Guadalupe Valley — 4 newspaper links added.
May 28
Google Book Search — molokans finds about 576 books, молокане 575, molokan 345, молокан 571, molokane 167,
molokani 189, molokanye 21, pryguny 25, pryguni 5, skakuny 41,  maksimisty 2, максимисты 9, judaizer heresy 19,
subbotniki sect 40, doukhobors 401, doukhobor 305, dukhobors 589, dukhobor 246, dukhobory 35, khlysty 339, khlysti 71
Click on "More results from this book"and "Index" to find page numbers. Google Account needed to view some pages.
WorldCat libraries:  molokans 89, molokan 52, molokane 7 — molokans 48, molokane 42, doukhobor(s) 48 
May 27 May 28 Doukhobor Exile to the Causacus, 1841-1845 — Plus other good maps
Molokans and Jumpers followed this and other routes to all parts of the Caucasus.
30 NEW pages at the Doukhobor Genealogy Website — including Molokans
May 26
908 Russian Sectarian Cemetery Tombstone Transcriptions — Colma, San Mateo County, California
By Nancy Poppin-Posey, 2006  — See photos of 87 grave markers at Find-A-Grave
May 26
May 30 is last chance for [Prygun] Molokan Summer 2007 Genealogy Project
Search Kars, Yerevan, Baku Archives for relatives for fee — William Kisseloff-McCulloch
May 23
5 psalms sung by Molokan women from Azerbaijan (MP3). — Posted by Sergey Petrov, Univ. of Calgary, Canada
May 23
Из опыта изучения молокан Армении, К.И. Козлова.
Конкретные исследования современных религиозных верованийю. 1967. Ст. 119-128
"From experiences studying the Molokans of Armenia", by K.I. Kozlov.
Case studies of contemporary religious beliefs. 1967. — Posted by Sergey Petrov, Univ. of Calgary, Canada
May 22

"The Molokans", Chapter XLI, Through Siberia, by Henry Lansdell. 1882. Pages 528-530.
May 21
May 22
Announcements: — Added: Doukhobor Choir invition to free performances at Seattle Center
May 15

Molokan and Prygun Old Cemetery, Charbakh, Yerevan, Armenia — 79 photos by Alexei Sandikov
Copied on [Prygun] Molokan Grave Markers by Bolderoff and Sandikov — Also see: Sandykov Family Tree
May 15

Blahoslovenie Creek Commemorates Kylemore Doukhobors — Doukhobor Genealogy Website, Jan 4, 2007
May 12 Jun 6
Spirit & Lifer girl jailed as illegal immigrant: Tatiana Grigoryeva in Arizona prison. Donate to legal fund.
May 10 May 16
Biegun/Begun Family Name Origins, by Tatiana Begunoff, 6 Sept. 2000
Can anyone say if Beguny helped create Pryguny?
May 10

The Populist-Revolutionaries and Their Stundist Utopia, by R. De Giorgi, Rome, Italy. 2000
May 8

Armenia: 72 religious prisoners of conscience is new record — Nikolai Karavanov (Maksimist) interviewed
By Felix Corley, Forum 18 News Service, May 2, 2007 — See first article, photos: Desertion or Deception? Oct 28, 2005
Apr 24

California Tombstone Project: Sectarian Russian [Prygun] Molokan Church Cemetery, Kerman, Fresno County, California
By Dorothy Reinhart, Jan 31, 2007 — Alphabetical list of 253 markers and photos of each grave marker.
Apr 17
[Pygun] Molokan Grave Markers — 147 photos by George ("Ghrishka") Bolderoff and Alexei Sandikov
California (Delano, Kerman, Los Angeles, Shafter, Sheridan) and Armenia (Erevan)
Apr 16
Apr 17 [Prygun] Molokan Immigration Via Canada, by Jonathan J. Kalmakoff, Doukhobor Genealogy Website
Ship lists and records show ~ 200 immigrants: Buchnev, Bukharev, Cheremisin, Dvornin, Fadeev, Fetisov, Karetov,
Kholopov, Kudinov, Kulikov, Metchkov, Mokhov, Mokshanov, Molokanov, Morozov, Novikov, Planin, Pluzhnikov,
Prokhorov, Pudov, Samarin, Shchuchin, Shubin, Shvetsov, Slivkov, Sokhryakov, Treglazov, Voronin, Yunkin.
Apr 8 Oct 7, '09
The Old Russian Sects. Christian religion in the Soviet Union: a sociological study.
By Christel Lane 1978. Pages 91-111 — Register to see book pages.
Socio-political Accomodation and Religious Decline: The Case of the Molokan Sect in Soviet Society.
By Christel Lane. Comparative Studies in Society and History. Vol. 17, No. 2. April 1975 Pages 221-237
Apr 8

Third Visit to Europe. Chapters 37 and 38. [Malakans, Duhobortzi, Menonites, Jews — May 1 to June 16, 1819]
Memoirs of the life and gospel labours of Stephen Grellet. by Stephen Grellet, Benjamin Seebohm, 1862.Pages 461-471.
Apr 8

Malakan Christians in Russia [Kars], by Mr. Dunmoro. The Missionary Magazine.
American Baptist Foreign Mission Society, Volume IX, 1859. Pages 87-88
Apr 6
Apr 7 Announcements: — Added: Happy Easter! (from USCM), Easter Service location in Moscow
Apr 6

Bambir Rocks in Tchambarak. ArmYouth Blog  April 13, 2006 — Krasnoselsk (Karmir), Armenia
Apr 6

"Evangelistic Work in Southern Russia" by Rev. Benjamin Labarek.
The Gospel in All Lands, by Methodist Episcopal Church Missionary Society. 1882. Page 263
Journeys in Persia and Kurdistan, ... , by Isabella L Bird, 1891. Page 223.
Yacub Dilakoff, evangelist and Bible seller, forms 16 Stundist congregations among Crimea and Volga Molokans.
Apr 6

Slaven-Slavin-Slevin: Genelogy Exchange-One-Name Study Home : Molokan origin: Slavin
Apr 6

[Prygun] Molokan, Brainy Geography — listing Big Church, Arizona and LA cemeteries
Apr 6

"Alevis, Malakans, Namus" by Daniel Larison. January 15, 2007
Apr 6

Molokan from Russia, 1914 — The Old World in the New, by Edward Alsworth Ross
Apr 5
Russian [Prygun] Molokan, Your Price $916 — ABC Caskets Factory, Los Angeles
Apr 5

[Pryguny] Molokans — "The Happy Wonderer" Blog,, by Ellen Bayles.
Apr 3
Apr 27 — Added items to: General Background, Armenia, and Poland
Apr 1

Всероссийское Генеалогическое Древо — ПОПОВА Анна Артёмовна (1919 г. - 1998 г.)
All Russia Family Tree — Anna Artemovna POPOV (1919-1998)
Mar  31
Сайт постоянных Духовных Христиан Молокан с. Кочубеевского
Website of the Constant Spiritual Christian Molokans, Kochubeevskoe, Stavropol', Russia (translated online)
89 photos of 200th Anniversary, Molokan Museum, Azerbaijan villages, 1905 prisoners and 5 US delegates
42 articles61 songs, Jumpers and Molokans in America, Forum (~250 posts) — Register to download some files.
Mar  31
Сандыковы Всех Стран, Объединяйтесь!!!
"Sandykovs in all countries, unite!" (translated online) — Genealogy and history of Shorzha (Nadezhdino), Armenia
Mar  31
Oldest picture of a Molokan: "presbyter Peter Alekseievich Semenov (1865)"
Mar  31 May 26
Молоканский сад, Самара, 1870-1970 — Molokan Orchard, Samara, 1870-1970
by Prof. George Vladimir. Bichurov and Associates, Samara State Technical University
Mar  31
1 октября. Этот день в истории — 1 October: This day in history
23 congregations of 4800 Molokans in Samara, 1925.
Mar  31
3,290 New Kosher Products in 2006, up from 211 in 2000
Kosher Today Magazine — January 8 & 16, 2007
Mar  31
Old Pictures of Family, and Family photos old. — 120 photos showing:
Berokoff, Galitzen, Gozdiff, Kissell(off), Kobzeff, Liege, Melosardoff, Metchikoff, Syapin
Mar  31

Мордовский Вавилон, в репортаже Алексея Громова, Первый канал — 24.07.2004
Mordovian Babylon, reported by Alexei Gromov, Russian TV Channel 1 — July 24, 2004
Mar  25

Announcements: — ERROR: Los Angeles Big Church not sold, but "For sale".
Added: New Romanovsky (Freeway) Church sold, moving to Whittier.
 2007  ^
Dec 22

Research Trip to Trans-Caucasian Archives, posted by William Kisseloff-McCulloch
2 Moscow scholars are taking orders for family records searches in the Caucasus with no guarantees.
Dec 16

«Хлеб» радости, «хлеб» печали, Николай Близнюк, Ставропольская правда, 27 февраля, 2004 г
"Bread" of Joy, "Bread" of Grief, by Nikolai Blizniuk, The Stavropol Truth, February, 27, 2004
Dec 14

History of the Khlyst Movement in Russia, 1850-2000
By Olga Dekhtevich, Moscow State Regional University. Religious Communities and Urban Communities, pages 116-125
Dec 11

У Русских молокан в Азербайджане, Евгений Степанов, Дневник Ст. 6, 1992
Among the Russian Molokans in Azerbaijan, by Evgenii Stepanov, Diary page 6, 1992
Dec 6

Holidays and Rituals of Doukhobors in the Caucasus, by Svetlana A. Inikova, Russian Academy of Sciences
Calendar of Doukhobor Holidays in the Caucasus, by Jonathan J. Kalmakoff
Compare with Holidays of Molokane / Pryguny / Spirit & Lifers
Dec 6
Jun 29, '08
Дилижан — русский след в истории, Лилит Чибухчян, Апага-Тур, 2006 год
Dilizhan is a Russian footprint in history, by Lilit Chibukhchian, Apaga-Tur, 2006
Nov 24
Dec 27
The First Russian Baptists, by Rick Barry, FrontLine Magazine, September/October 2002. Pages 9-10
In 1867 Georgia, Molokan Nikita Voronin "became the first known Russian to adopt the title 'Baptist'.”
Molokans who joined but refused water baptism were called "Dry Baptists"; a congregation exists in Tblisi, Georgia.
ADDED: Read much more about Molokan-Baptists in Breyfogle's PhD thesis.
Nov 18

[Priguni] Molokanes y el Vino Ruso en Guadalupe [Pryguny and Russian Wine in Guadalupe]
By Elizabeth Vargas, Notices,, August 13, 2005
Nov 18

Tόrkiyedeki Son Malakanlar (Molokans in Turkey)
Malakan Blog , October 27, 2006, 3 articles, 5 photos
Nov 17

Psalms or Peace, which way to our destiny?
Editorial by Lisa Poznikoff, Iskra, No. 1988, Nov. 1, 2006
Nov 17

Where do folk and popular cultures originate and diffuse?
Assignment by Tim Pudoff, Teacher, Santa Rosa Junior College, Fall 2006
Nov 17

Molokans, Stundists, and Pashkovites:
A Historical and Sociological Examination of the Baptist Schism in the Soviet Union

By Britt McClung, Baylor University, Waco, Texas — 8 December 1999
Nov 14

Refugees From Red Russia Settle In Wheatland Area
by Richard Strange, The Appeal Democrat (Marysville, California), Sept. 24, 1959
Transcribed by Nancy Poppin Posey, Nov. 5, 2006

Nov 14

"The Last of the Molokans", Последние из молокан (Russian), L'ultimo dei Molokan (Italian)
by Boris Kyufaryan, Iuzhnyi Kavkas (The Southern Caucasus), Caucasus Journalists Network, July 7, 2006
Oct 23

[Prygun] Molokan Cemeteries in Turkey Vandalized
Oct 17
Armenia: International Religious Freedom Report 2006. Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor. U.S. Dept. of State.
"There was no reliable census data ... congregants offered the following unconfirmed estimates: ... Molokan, an ethnically Russian
pacifist Christian group that split from the Russian Orthodox Church in the 17th century (5,000) ... some ... have not sought registration."

Oct 17
"On the Teachings and Rituals of the Molokan-Mormon Sect with Criticisms against Them"
by Orthodox Priest Khrisanf Rozhdestvenskiy, 1869. — In 1850s Samara, Molokan leader Ivan G. Kanygin
had Christian communist practices and a "community of wives", called Molokan-Mormons. Mentioned in
Crypto-Mormons or Pseudo-Mormons?, by Eliason and Browning, Western Folklore, Sum. 2002, Page 22.
— Also see excellent work by James Scott: Summary of Russian Mormon Research
Oct 17

Maxim Rudometkin definition in — Information tagged for cleanup since June 2006
Aug 28

Азербайджан исторически являлся образцом религиозной толерантности — 30.06.2006, ПРАВО выбора
Azerbaijan historically was a model of religious tolerance — June 30, 2006,  Right of Choice
Aug 28

Окно в Баку: Баку и немцы. 1890 и 1892 год.
Window to Baku: Baku and Germans. 1890 and 1892.
Aug 24

Oospenia Spring Commemorates Doukhobor Pioneers — August 23, 2006
Jul 28
Two Russian [Prygun] Molokan Agricultural Villages in the Intermountain West (PDF 691K) — Utah and Arizona
by Dr. Marshall E. Bowen, Association of Pacific Coast Geographers, APCG Yearbook, Volume 68, 2006
Also see: Russian Colonists in the Utah Desert: Molokan Community in Utah
— 1914 to 1918
Jul 20
Ilham Aliyev guarantees equal rights to citizens — Molokans in Azerbaijan
By Sevindzh Abdulayeva, ITAR-TASS News Agency — July 21, 2005
Jul 20
The Return of the [Pryguny] Molokans — Molokan refugees in Russia from Armenia
by Galina Koval’skaya,  New Times, Special Report. 1993. Pages 14-15.
Jul 16
Doukhobor Union of Youth Festival, May 20-21, 2006 — See 25 photos
"the best UYD Festival in 5 years" — First time: Order on DVD (3 hours), $16.84 USD.
Jul 7
~200 Molokan [and Prygun] Marriage Records, 1906-1999, San Francisco Genealogy, submitted by Nancy Poppin-Posey
Jul 7 Feb 1,'09
"The international diasporic community of Molokans" — .DOC, page 4
Abstract. The Australian Anthorpological Society Newsletter. No. 106, June 2007. Page 15.
Masters thesis abstracts by Paulina Slivkoff, Anthropology and Sociology, The University of Western Australia
Jul 7
“The Russian Molokan Spiritual [Pryguny] Jumpers: The Impact of Pacifism on a Religious Movement” — .PDF, page 7
Abstract by Felisa Anne Meier. Honors Scholarship Presentedations. June 15, 6:30pm,
Cossentine Hall 102, La Sierra University, Riverside, California.

Jul 5

Photo: Congregation of First Russian Christian Molokan Church, 841 Carolina St., 1976
Jun 18
Jun 19
Выдержка: Н.И. Костомаров Автобиография — 1858 г. Саратов молокане, субботник
Excerpt: N.I. Kostomarov Autobiography — 1858 Saratov Molokans, Subbotnik
Jun 10
Jun 11
Transplanted Sakhaliner: Cheurniy Kleb [Black Bread] in Baja, Mexico — The Sakhalin Times — August 24, 2005
Russians from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk invited to live with Molokans in Mexico, "the only piece of the 'good old Russia' on earth".
Jun 3
Jun 14
Announcements: — Added: Jumpers, relocated from Armenia to Uruguay last year, want to return home.
Jun 2
Jun 10
"Words echo after a brief speech" — Paul Wm. Orloff speaks at Southern California immigration rally
By Yvette Cabrera, The Orange County Register — May 9, 2006 — Updated: photos, links, comment
Jun 2

Unutulmuş bir tarihin yitik insanları / The Lost People of a Forgotten History — Molokans in Kars, Turkey
by A. Φmer Tόrkeş, Free POLITICS, Sept. 2004 — Reviews of 3 books by Erkan Karagφz, translated by Forrest McMunn.
May 30
Household cleaners and air fresheners emit toxic pollutants — May news releases of 4-year study
Research led by William Nazaroff  PhD, Professor of Environmental Engineering, University of California, Berkeley
Read much more about Dr. Nazaroffs work. [Parents: William George Nazaroff and Barbara Wm. Alex Shubin]

Jul 2005 May 30 USCM Center in Kochubeevskoe, Stavropol'skii krai, Russian Federation — Added: 13 photos, 2 maps
May 27 Jul 3
Doukhobor Cultural Bridgebuilding Project — Tour across Canada with Tarasoff, 144 photos
May 27
Doukhobor Genealogy Website — 10 new lists. US 1900-1998 census, birth, death, military — 9 new articles
741 born in California  1905 to 1995.   51 died in Oregon  1903 to 1998.   108+ cemetery / burial sites in Canada
12 US draft registrations in WWI.   30 US enlistments in WWII.
May 23
Пасха по-молокански / Easter the Molokan Way — by M. Mursalova, EKHO — April 29, 2006
May 8

April 6, 1924: Death of Ivan Prokhanov, One of the Milk People.
Christian History Institute. "Ivan Prokhanov died in exile for spreading the gospel."
May 8

Молокансое Обозрениe / The [Prygun] Molokan Review, August 1947 (Large: 3,850K PDF)
Dogma on page 4 were translated and updated.

Scan thanks to Jon Kalmakoff, Doukhobor Genealogy and Origin and Meaning of Molokan Surnames.
Apr 26
Apr 27 “The [Pryguny] Molokans: Rights within and outside the community” (PDF file) by Shavarsh Khachatrian
Ditord/Observer, Human Rights in Armenia, Yerevan, 2005 Pages 12-16 — More: Molokane and Pryguny  in Armenia
Apr 2
Apr 3
Духовное наследие, Екклесиаст, No 6 (91) 2004 — Spiritual Heritage, All-Russsian Newspaper: Ecclesiastes
Grandfather and Presbyter Vasiliy Semenovich Trushchelev
Mar 29
Apr 21 Molokane and Pryguny in Turkey — 9 sections indexed, 1 added
Mar 27

Pictures of Gravestones, Sheridan, CA by George "Ghrishak" Bolderoff, 13 Jul 2005
50 graves listed with 23 surnames: Agapoff, Baradine, Bibayoff, Bitnoff, Bogdanoff, Bogdonoff, Burchard, Carloff, Damjanovic,
Fetesoff, Klistoff, Korboff, Loscutoff,
Marks, Popin, Popoff, Preston, Roudenko, Samaduroff, Samoduroff, Sohrakoff, Susoeff, Zyss
Mar 26
Mar 27 3 presentations about Subbotniki and [Pryguny] Molokans at International Conference in London
"Ethnic and Religious Communities in the Caucasus", Warburg Institute, London — 27-28 March 2006
Mar 24
Book Review: A Molokan's Search for Truth: The Correspondence of Leo Tolstoy and Fedor Zheltov
by Dr. Joyce Story — Canadian Slavonic Papers,  Jun-Sep 2001
Mar 18

Heaven and Earth — ArmeniaNow: photo and interview with Pavel and Nikolai Karabanov.
Pavel has been in jail since August 22 for protesting CO conditions. Learn  more from earlier articles.
Mar 15
Nov 17 Photos of Molokane/Pryguny/Maksimisty in Armenia and Georgia (1870s, 1999-2001, 2005)
PatkerPhoto (156 photos)  — (75) — Ann Doherty Photos (1) Fioletovo 2001
New York Public Library Digital Gallery (1) 1870s: Molokan wagon — PhotoShare (3) 2005
HETQ: "Lermontovo" by Ani Tager(10) — Flickr (1) 2005
— Russian Americans (1) 5 girls in Mexico 1947  Added: Flickr(1) 2006
Mar 11

One Ethnic Group in Kars: Molokan [and Prygun] Social Structure
Book by Dr. Turkdoghan. Turkey  2005, first published in 1970.
Mar 5
Apr 22
Bird Flu Threatens Russian Molokans and Jumpers / Maksimists
Chicken safe to eat if cooked to 165 degress F. (70 C.)  Outbreak in South Russia contained
5 kids died in Azerbaidjan, 14 may be infected. 184 infected, 103 died in 8 countries since 2003.

1.3 million birds died or culled. People afraid to eat poultry, eggs as prices drop.  50% of farm poultry lost.
30,000 birds died in 24 hrs in Krasnodar. 20 Russian regions infected. 8 million chickens vaccinated.

Feb 23

Strange Bedfellows: The Bolshevik-Molokanye Relationship (PDF) — "molokan" 26 times on 13 pages
By Jesse Adkins, PhD candidate, Department of History, University of Arkansas, April 2005
See his photos and story about life in Russia: "Study Abroad", PERSPECTIVES, Spring 2005, pages 1-2.
Paper presented as: "‘The Paradox of the ‘Milkdrinkers’:  Orthodoxy, Sectarianism, and Bolshevik Religious Policy’,
at the Provisional Programme, I Conference of the Study Group on the Russian Revolution, 10 April 2005

Feb 22

ARMENIA: Nearly 50 Jehovah's Witness and Molokan [Maksimist] prisoners of conscience
By Felix Corley, Forum 18 News Service, Oslo, Norway — Also see: Desertion or Deception?:
Feb 15
Apr 27
Announcements —  Added: Russian military reduced to 1 year in 2008, but deferments abolished.
Added: Peter & Olga Shubin (+ 2 daughters) from Stavropol', to be guests near Adelaide, Australia..
Feb 13

Religious Policy in the Soviet Union, page 356 — Estimate 10,000 Molokans in Russia in 1990
Russia Under the Hammer and Sickle,1927, page 58 — Estimate 2 million Molokans in Russia in 2003
Feb 13

Images of America: Los Angeles's Boyle Heights, book by Japanese American National Museum
From 2002 exhibit showing 45 items about American Molokan-Jumpers
Feb 5

The international diasporic community of [Spirit & Lifers] Molokans, by Paulina Slivkoff [father: Matvei Baghdanov, Oregon]
Masters Thesis, Anthropology and Sociology, University of Western Australia

Feb 5

Bush Believers — The [Spirit & Lifers] Molokans of Western Australia
Fred [Al] Wren: Practising [Psirit & Lifer] Molokan, Bunbury, Western Australia — Bush Telegraph Summary — June 10, 2003
Sep 1998
Feb 3 Were [Pryguny] Molokans the first to "Speak in Tongues" in Los Angeles?
Added: Azusa Street Centennial, LA Convention Center, April 25-29, 2006
Feb 2

Trying To Find Home: Navigating Social Strata, by Christine G. Renne, PhD.
Professor of Elementary and Bilingual Education, California State University, Fullerton.
Educational Foundations, 17(3), pp. 77-89. — teaching and " Russian [Molokan] background"

Feb 2

[Pryguny] Molokan in Armenia — Hay collection in Lori mountains, Armenia — Photos by Nazarian, Dec 2005
Feb 1
Feb 15
Mexico Molokan Historic Monument Planned, letter from George Mohoff
Feb 1
Mar 23 Molokan and Prygun Families in Turkey — Korolev, Agapov — Added: Photos
Jan 29
Mar 30
The Mysterious Death of Doukhobor Leader Peter V. Verigin in 1924. — Added
For the new website "Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History" to be launched on April 27, 2006
Chapter 1:  Doukhobors — an Overview
Excerpt from the book: Spirit Wrestlers: Doukhobor Pioneers’ Strategies for Living, by Tarasoff, updated 2006
"Popular Myths or Fallacies about the Doukhobors".
Excerpt from the book: 'Spirit Wrestlers: Doukhobor Pioneers' Strategies for Living', by Koosma Tarasoff, 2002.
"Multiculturalism and the rise of a new spirit"
Excerpt from the book: 'Spirit-Wrestlers' Voices', Honouring Doukhobors on the
Centenary of their migration to Canada in 1899. Compiled and edited by Koozma J. Tarasoff, 1998.

Jan 28

Molokans suffer cold, Georgia without power: Coldest weather in 30 years!
Jan 26
Jul 5
Молокане в Азербайджане — Molokans in Azerbaidjan
Updated: Сад им. Хагани / Garden named Khagan
Jan 26

В Чухурюрде торжественно отмечено 200-летие переселения молокан в Азербайджан
Day.Az, Общество — 03 Августа 2005
In Chukhuriurd the 200th anniversary of the migration of the Molokans into Azerbaijan was celebrated
Day.Az, Society — August 3, 2005
Jan 17
Oct 30
Kosherization of the World — Added:  2005-2006 survey
Do you drink "Passover Coca Cola"?   Is your cellphone "paganyi" or "kosher"?
Jan 16

Waking the Tempests: Ordinary Life in the New Russia
by Eleanor Randolph, 1996 — Moscow Molokans visited
Jan 7

В Армении уже почти 200 лет живут молокане, Телеканал ТВЦ — ТВ Центр, 10 ноября 2003
Molokans lived in Armenia almost 200 years by now, Telekanal TVTs — TV Center, Nov 10, 2003
Jan 4

On January 7, Russian Molokans celebrate the Birth of Christ Christmas
(Rozhdestvo Khrista, Рождество Христа)
Apr 4, '05
May 2 — Subbonik communities, cemetery. — Added items to: Isreal, Los Angeles, Russia other
 2006  ^
Dec 26

"Возлюбившие словесное молоко", Иван Александров, Независимой газете, 05.10.2005
"Love the verbal milk", by Ivan Aleksandrov, Independent Newspaper, October 5, 2005 — 9 photos
Dec 22
Jan 15, '06
Doukhobor Song Library: "Dedicated to the Preservation of Doukhobor Singing"
Over 300 complete songs, hymns, folksongs online. Goal: entire songbook by the best singers ever recorded!
Doukhobor Village Museum's Digital Jukebox — Click on "By Title" for the album index
~300 partial songs of ~600, on 55 albums + 30 cassettes indexed, since 1960s. Most in Russian.
Dec 21

Baja Wine Country: From Russia with Love, Spirit and Wine — Bibayoff  and Dalgoff wineries
By Steve Dryden, Baja Times, 2000
Dec 14
The Last Communits of the Caucasus
BMED Impressions, a British Airways Magazine, Nov-Dec 2005 — 7 photos
Nov 27 Russian Sectarian Cemetery, Colma CA
List of graves, some photos: View all interments
Nov 26
Bogomils of Bulgaria and Bosnia: Early Protestants of the East — Section XXIV: ...Molokani...
by L.P. Brockett, MD — 1879
Nov 24
Soviet Evangelicals, by Walter Sawatsky — search for "New Molokans"
Nov 24
Lou Novikoff Stats in Baseball Almanac
"The Mad Russian" Chicago Cubs baseball player at age 25 in 1941. (born: 1915, died: 1970 )
Nov 24 Dec 6, '06 San Francisco's Potrero Hill, by Peter Linenthal and Abigail Johnston —  interview with authors
Book interview Oct 5 in The San Francisco Bay Guardian News — Oct. 19-25, 2005, Vol. 40, No. 03
See Molokans in photos on pages: 54, 55, 56, 57, 73, 74, 75
Nov 24 May 28, '06 Lermontovo: Molokan Photostory, by Ani Tager — 10 photos in FlashMedia
Hetq Online — Oct 31, 2000 — "...100 are Pryguni, 150 are Maximalists, and 450 are Postoiannye."
Nov 24
Tea with Bunya, by Elsie Whitlow Feliz, Reviewed by Shawn Pittard
Poetry Now: A Publication of the Sacramento Poetry Center — Vol. 11, No. 10, Page 17 — October 2005
Nov 24
Oct 20, '06 Molokan and Prygun Home Page
Now 19

Constitutional Amendments Discussed with Armenia's Ethnic Minorities
ARKA News Agency, Yerevan — Nov 18, 2005
Nov 18
Willie Desatoff, Noted Balboa Dancer, Transferred to New Horizons
Skippy Blair's DANCE BLOG — Oct 20, 2005
Nov 18

Azerbaidzhan Molokans
listserv: MINELRES — Minorities in Central Eastern Europe — Sept 12, 2005
Nov 12

1918 Kars Molokans saved Armenians from genocide. Kaghzvan / Kağızman is 50 km (31 mi.) south of Kars.
Deported from Childhood: “There were Armenians suffering everywhere”
By Suren Musayelyan, ArmeniaNow, Issue #43 (165), Nov 11, 2005
Nov 7

Record 90,000 Kosher Products on Grocery Shelves, with 250,000 ingredient items — Nov 7, 2005
Nov 4
Dec 12, '08 Armenian-Molokan-Jumper Pavel Nik. Karabanov, 19,  jailed Aug 22, 2006 for CO protest.
Desertion or Deception?:
Armenia’s first conscientious objectors on trial for refusal to complete “civil service”

By Vahan Ishkhanyan, ArmeniaNow, Issue #41 (163), October 28, 2005
Updated news: ARMENIA: Nearly 50 Jehovah's Witness and Molokan prisoners of conscience
Heaven and Earth — Armenia Now photo and interview with Pavel and Nikolai Karabanov.
Armenia: 72 religious prisoners of conscience is new record — Nikolai Karavanov interviewed May 2, 2007
Nov 3
UZBEKISTAN: Believers are not even allowed to visit each other
Article by Igor Rotar, Forum 18 News Service — Oct 27, 2005 — Subbotnik funeral stopped Aug. 2005
Oct 13 Oct 15 Georgia-Molokans:  3 photos 1870-1890, 18 photos 2001
Sep 24 Oct 13
Molokans in the Far East with photo of 3 Molokan women.
from John J. Stephan, The Russian Far East: a history. 1994. Pages 62-68, 73
Sep 21
Dec 18
"Other Recent Religion Cases of Interest", Religious Institutions Alert, Nov. 15, 2005, page 6
"Photograph", The Religion Case Reporter
California Appellate Report, Thursday, September 29, 2005, Valov v. DMV (Cal.Ct.App., 9/20/05)
Professor Shaun Martin, University of San Diego School of Law
Court Upholds License Photo Requirement
by Howard Friedman, University of Toledo, College of Law, Religion Clause — Sept 21, 2005
C.A. Rejects Religious Objection to Photos on Drivers’ Licenses
Jack Peter Valov lost appeal in court — Sept 21, 2005, Metropolitan News-Enterprise
Opinion for Valov v. DMV (21 pages)  PDF, 64K — DOC, 90K
Docket Entries (Register of Actions) for Valov v. Department of Motor Vehicles
Case# B175665, California Appellate Court, Los Angeles County, since June 3, 2004
Case Summary, Superior Court, County of Los Angeles (Case# BS087908) since Jan 21, 2004
Also see:  "[Spirit & Lifer] Molokan Exemption" = No Photo on Driver's License, similiar case of Benjamin Stackler, 2003
Sep 20

200th Anniversary Congress Presentation Report
by Mary Shubin-Needham,  San Francisco Molokan Church — Sept 18, 2005
Sep 13
Nov 28
Added: Obituary: Marilyn Treglazoff, age 60
Added: David Nazaroff, Jr. Funeral Nov. 14, Obituary in
Added:  American-Jumper Holidays
The Case of the Doukhobors, chaired by Koozma Tarasoff, Ontario, October 14, 2005
Sep 9
Sep 23
These links are also at the Doukhobor Genealogy Website
Sep 7
Sep 23
Spirit Wrestlers of Southern Russia
Russian Life
, Sept/Oct 2005, page 34 —  Also on the Doukhobor Genealogy Website, Stories.
Sep 7
Sep 14
Lessons for a Molokan, by Onnik Krikorian, EURASIA INSIGHT, Sept 13, 2005
Same as:  Lessons for a Molokan, by Onnik Krikorian, Transitions Online — Sept 5, 2005
Same as:  Real Lives: Educating Minority Children, by Onnik Krikorian, UNICEF Armenia
Same as:  Educating Minority Children, by Onnik Krikorian, OneWorld
— April 27, 2005
Commentary:  Minority education in Armenia, Siberian Light
—  July 14, 2005
—  More: Molokane and Pryguny  in Armenia
Sept 5
Canadian Doukhobors on the web: an annotated guide
Institute of Canadian Studies, Ottawa
Sep 4
Contract to Maintain Mexico Church, with G. A. Kashirisky
Colonia Rus de Guadalupe, Baja California, Mexico;  Los Angeles, CA — June 1, 1992
Aug 27
 Aug 31
Added: Mendrin surname means "Swede"
Added: 200th Convention Report, San Francisco Church, Sept 18, 1 pm.
Added: 100th Anniversary of Klubnikin Prophesy in LA, Armenian-Molokans

Funerals for Peter Kostrikin (San Francisco), James M. Pivovaroff (Australia)
Aug 26
Раз в сто лет: Без свечей и икон — Once in a 100 years: Without candles or icons
Stavropol'skaiia Pravda —  July 29, 2005  —  Convention interviews, photos
Aug   2
 Sept 3
Двести лет без места.
На Ставрополье проходит юбилейный съезд христиан-молокан

Two hundred years without a place.
The Christian-Molokan anniversary congress is being held in Stavropol province
Izvestiia — July 26, 2005 — Convention news & photos
Jul 21
  Sept 5
Aliyev Congratulates Molokans on the 200th Anniversary of their Faith
by Onnik Krikorian, Oneworld Multimedia Blog — July 20, 2005     See more postings
Jul 21
The President of Azerbaidzhan Il'kham Aliev receives representatives
from the Molokan Community in our country

AzerTAJ — July 20, 2005    "...200th Anniversary of  the Molokan faith"
Jul 21
200 years in Azerbaijan: How Molokans lived in our country
by M. Mursalova, ECHO — July 16, 2005
Jul 21
What [Pryguny] Molokans in Lori Region Think
Business Express — April 28 - May 4, 2005 — More: Molokans and Jumpers  in Armenia
Jul 21
Molokane [thread in] Old Faiths for New Russians
a Russian bulletin board-forum started January 17, 2001 by Avrom Shmulevich
Jul 14  Aug 31
Moscow Mayor Cheats Molokan Church
After investing $5,000 and waiting 6 years, Molokans complain to President Putin.
Land legally petitioned for a Molokan Church was given to an animal club. — July 8, 2005
Jul 13
UNICEF To Help Develop Universal Education Program
2005 April 27 — Armenpress — education for minorities: Molokans
Educating Minority Children, by Onnik Krikorian
UNICEF aid for
education of Molokan children in Armenia — More: Molokans and Jumpers  in Armenia
Jul 11
Number of Consumer Goods with Kosher Symbol Tops 90,000
KosherToday — July 11, 2005 — and 250,000 kosher ingredients
Jul 11
Armenia's Authorities Do Not React to Request of the Molokan Community of Yerevan
ArmInfo News Agency — January 26, 2005 —  Land not granted
Jun 26
Jun 28
Updated: Many Subbotniki moving from FSU to Israel
Jun 23

Pentagon Creating Student Database: Recruiting Tool For Military
By Jonathan Krim — Washington Post — June 23, 2005 — Page A1
Jun 22

New Armenian-Molokan Photos: "family in Fioletovo", and "harvesting hay"
Panos Pictures by Tim Driven, Belguim — See all his photos of Armenia
Jun 18

COMING OF AGE; In Russia, a Young Man's Dream Is Dodging the Draft
By Steven Lee Myers — The New York Times, Foreign Desk — June 11, 2005   90% avoid military!
Jun 13

The Russian [Pryguny] Molokans in Los Angeles 1929 by Pauline V. Young
American Journal of Sociology. vol. 35 (1929), pp. 393-402
Jun 11
Nov 15
Photos of Molokan Buildings in Blagoveshchensk, Russia
Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C.
Jun 11

Brazil: Russian Old Believers in the Amazon: Family on porch, Father with kids
World Though the eyes of a traveler, photos by Vladimir Snatenkov
Jun 10

Table of contents for The True [Prygun] Molokan / by George W. Mohoff.
The true Molokan, in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. See review...
Jun 10

[Pryguny] Molokans in Armenia: Fioletovo, Lori Region, Armenia by Onnik Krikorian
2005 May 24 —  blogrel : A blog about Armenia —  More: Molokans and Jumpers  in Armenia
May 31

New Survey Reveals: 21% of Americans Eat Kosher  [but less than 3% are Jewish!]
KosherToday — May 31, 2005    Reprinted at Kosher Nexus.
May 27

BOOK REVIEW: Koozma J. Tarasoff 's new book:
Spirit Wrestlers: Doukhobor Pioneers' Strategies for Living
ISKRA, April 27, 2005 — by John Woodsworth, Slavic Research Group, University of Ottawa
May 27

“`Not to be Bought, Sold or Bartered With:’ Religious Communalists in a Fee
Simple World – The Canadian Doukhobors and the Land Question, 1899-1999
presentation to the “Land and Freedom” Conference of the Australian and New
Zealand Legal History Society, Friday, July 9th, 1999, University of Newcastle, New
South Wales by John McLaren, Lansdowne Professor of Law, University of Victoria, British
May 26

Review: Juvenile Mysteries, MANAS Reprint, Vol. 34, No 1, Jan. 7. 1981.
Excerpt from Youth in Conflict (1925) about Molokan juvenile delinquents.
May 16

Why Attending Religious Services May Benefit Health
2005 May 3 — The Wall Street Journal, Body and Spirit
Apr 27
Jul 12
Updated: Dr. Breyfogle to speak with Molokans in LA on Sat July 23 at LA Cemetery chesovnia
Apr 21
Jun 11
Our weekend...(funeral photos), ... Russian heritage...,Mary Samoff
2005 Feb 22 -- Tim Samoff // Weblog

Russian [Pryguny] Molokans — Tim Samoff's PhotoStream at Flickr
"Molokan ministers praying at the burial of my grandmother..."
Apr 21

Guadalupe Valley
Morris Photo Art — 4 photos of Mexican-Molokan grave markers
Apr 21

Szazo vs. Minister for Immigration
2005 March 1 — Sidney, hearing at Federal Magistrates Court of Australia
Georgia Molokan woman denied protection visa, and charged c
osts: $4750
Also posted on FindLaw Australia

Apr 21

Dim Future in Armenia for the Molokans "..45,000...departed...5000 stayed"
2003 March 7 — by Dr. Ian McIntosh, Senior Editor, Cultural Survival
Apr 18

Grandfather's Funeral, April 09, 2005
posted  in Raw Wonders, a blog by a girl of Molokan descent
Apr 4
Jan 8, '06 — Subbonik communities, cemetery.
New website with Bill Aldacushion — Subbonik history, photos, maps, video, links.
Mar 25
Apr 2
Molokan Garden, Baku, Azerbaidjan
Mar 16
Apr 21 Announcements
Added: Paul Zolnekoff, father of ex-mayor, dies at 85.
Mar 16
501 Molokans & Doukhobors Persecuted in 1940s
Soviet military attacks villages in Tselina region, Rostov, winter 1940s
Mar 13
Apr 6
Поездка ходоков молокан-прыгунов в штат Миссиссиппи
Trip of Molokan-Jumper representatives to the state of Mississippi, 1940s
Mar 5

The Dukhobors and Molokans: Spirit Christian Communities in Russia
Excerpts from The Russians' Secret. —  Buy it online for $1
Feb 28
Mar 5
18 Molokan [and Prygun] Songs by Elena I. Zvigintsevna, Cherkasy, Ukraine
CD recorded 1999 — Music posted.
Feb 20

The Poppin Family (5 generations with 20 photos)
Extensive genealogy by Nancy (Poppin) Posey
Feb 6

NEW at the Doukhobor Genealogy Website
17 sections added/updated recently by Jonathan J. Kalmakoff
Jan 25 Mar 5
Радуйтесь всегда в Господе  (Rejoice in the Lord Always)
"the first Molokan CD in Russian history"
Jan 2 Jan 21
Original Molokan and Prygun Home Page online
 2005  ^
Dec 27 Mar 5, '05 Announcements
Added:  LA-UMCA gets cell-phone tower, Buy The Russians' Secret for $1.
Dec 22
Assyrians highly evaluate education, Ezdis & Molokans rate work higher
PanArmenian News, Dec 18, 2004  (Also at: Armenian News Network / Groong)
Dec 7 Jan 15, '05 The Baja Beat: The Russians of Guadalupe Valley
The San Clemente Journal, Mar 13, 2004
Dec 7
Armenian Job Sharks Do Brisk Business
IWPR: Caucasus Reporting Service, article Nov 10, 11
Dec 7 May 12, '07
Militarist Christendom and the Gospel of the Prince of Peace, by Daniel H Shubin
Nov 1 Nov 11
Russians in Armenia consider the land of Ararat is theirs.
REN-TV News broadcast June 2003
Oct 31
Nov 1
Lermontovo... Fioletovo...
Robert Babloian visits Armenia Molokans, Nov 2002
Oct 25

A village of inventors
Video and translated text about Armenia  Molokans
Oct 14
Oct 21 Announcements
Mendrin funeral Kerman, LA Cemetery Hotline 323-724-3984
Oct 13
Jan 15, '05
Azerbaidzhan — Who are the Molocans?
11 congregations registered in 2003 Religious freedom survey.
Oct 9

New Armenia Travel Guide Mentions Molokans
Oct  9
Oct 26
Russian Border Closure Impacts Armenia Molokans
Border closed nearly 2 months -- Sept 1 to  Oct 22
Sep 23
Dec 7
Molokans [and Pryguny] in Utah  — 1914 to 1918
2 papers presented by Dr. Marshall Bowen in 2003 and 2004
Sep 19
Oct 15 "Russians [Pryguny] in Mexico" photo story
by the USC Russian Club, University of Southern California
Sep 10
Oct 21 [Pryguny] Molokans  in Fioletova, Armenia
photostory and article "Expelled from the homeland" with 13 photos
Sep 8

Many Molokans Near Beslan, 3 maps
Sep 7 Jul 12 Heretics and Colonizers: Forging Russia's Empire in the South Caucasus
new book from the Ph.D. thesis by Dr. Nicholas B. Breyfogle
Sep 6 Sept 13, '05 Molokan [and Prygun] Education in Armenia
Reorts by photo-journalist Onnik Krikorian
Sep 6 Jan 15, '05
The Pilgrims of Russian-town Seventy Years Later
by Stephen E. Scott
Jul May 30, '06
USCM Center in Kochubeevskoe, Stavropol'skii krai
Location of the 2005 celebration of 200 years of religious
freedom for Molokans and Doukhobors.
Photos taken at the open-house ceremony August 1997.