~283 Newspaper Articles, 1905-2008

Collected and transcribed by Nancy Poppin-Posey from news archives.
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Summarized and sorted by date. Molokan and Jumper surnames in bold.
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1905 Jan 27
Russian Rush to Sunland
Advance Guard of Fifteen thousand Comes
Los Angeles Headquarters for “Molokane”
Persecuted at Home, They Colonize Here

Ivan Afonin, Michael Lebedev, Capt. P.B. de Blumenthal / Meeting at 1323 East First Street, Los Angeles, New York, Kars (890 words) 160 Molokane here now, 75 will arrive tomorrow. 100s in New York. "Russian Quakers" . “Brotherhood of the Spiritual Christians.” Lebedev, leader shot by soldiers. Afonin, leader and soldier hospitalized for pneumonia, thrown in Turkish river by soldiers. 15,000 of 200,000 total in Russia to come to US. (~2,500 arrived.)
1905 Jun 14
Do Not Believe in War: Advance Guard of Strange
People Arrives in San Francisco

Ivan Samarin, Vasili Pivaroff / Kars, Panama, California, Manitoba Canada (471 words) "Molokans ...have more money ...than other ... immigrants ... $600."
1905 Feb 5
Fresh Batch of Molokans: Another Party of Russians to Arrive Here; Present Colony Now Numbers Four Hundred; Kind Services to Colonists by Local Compatriot.  / Los Angeles, Flats (813 words) Page IV12, "Another company of Russian peasants of the sect of "Molokans," of Russian Quakers, arrived yesterday in Los Angeles. They were received with a warm welcome by the colony located east of the Los Angeles River, in "the flats" of the Ninth Ward."
1905 Aug 31
Select Fair Girl as Their General Pauline Gold / Southern California, Los Angeles, Mexcio, Panama  (photo, 1065 words) "... the tribe ... numbers between 900 and 1000. ...colonists live poorly..." Miss Gold (photo), born in France, speaks Russian, arranged for care at hospitals and USC Medical School.
1905 Nov 24 Bitter Blow to Molokane: Wife Dies While He’s Far Away Seeking Fortune Nastia & Fedoro Beevaeff (Bibayiff), Rev. Henry Teichrelb / Los Angeles, Ensenada Mexico (545 words) First full adult funeral in Los Angeles. Nastia, 26, died and was buried unknown to husband who was working in Mexico. Services organized by Russian Presbyterian missionary, burial in county cemetery, meal at Stimson-Lafayette Industrial School where Molokane also got free English classes at night, a project of the Bethlehem chapter, General Association of Congegational Churches of Southern California. Also buried at the county cemetery are 14 kids who either arrived dead on the trip from Russia or died upon arrival.
1905 Nov 30 Molokane May Leave: Local Colony of Russian
“Quakers” Consider Proposition to Go to Hawaiian Islands
Gov. Carter, Land Commissioner J. E. Castle / Los Angeles, San Francisco, Honolulu, Makee plantation on Kauai Island,  (351 words) steamer Mongolia. "600 ... would become cane field laborers if given their homesteads." "25,000 ... still in Russia ... would gladly (to) go the islands...." ERROR: Molokane are not Quakers, but have often been compared to them.
1906 Jan 3 Deal is Halted
Land Commissioner Pratt, Manager Fairchild, J. B. Castle / Honolulu, San Francisco, Los Angeles (86 words) 1200 Molokan Russians ... disagreement ... Makee Sugar Company.
1906 Jan 20 Hawaii Lures The Russians Capt. P. A. Demens, Land Commissioner Pratt / Los Angeles, Honolulu, Kauai, Bethlehem Institutional Church (779 words)  "...700 .. will leave for .. Hawaii."   "settlement in Lower California ... raising of hogs"
1906 Feb 6 Molokane to Journey Soon
Seven Hundred Ready to Go to Island Home.
United States Land Commissioner Pratt / The Pacific Coast offices of the Hawaiian company on West Third Street, near Spring, Los Angeles, Kauai, Hawaii.(732 words) 700 signed up. Most are penniless because they paid bribes to greedy boarder guards to get out of Russia. Alloted 40 acres / person at $15 / acre, or 21 years labor. Advance pay $20 / month.
1906 Jun 1 More Russians Head This Way
/ Hawaiian Islands, Lower California, Stimson-Lafayette Industrial School (592 words) 200 arrive from Russia. 6 of 43 families returned to LA from Honolulu. 300 families in LA "...earn....$2 to $3 a day."
1906 Jun 20 Fear Slavery is Their Fate:
Russian Peasants Cry for Rescue from Hawaii
C.P. De Blumental, Polykarp Minaevich Fadeyeff  / Hawaii, Los Angeles, Spaulding Sugar Company, Kapsa Kanai, Kealia  (475 words) 15 Russian Molokane families, who left LA for Hawaii  "made slaves...75 cents a day for ten hours’ work"
1906 Oct 14 Take to Hills in Scare: Deluded Los Angeles Molokans Will Move Tomorrow for Fear of Quake / Los Angeles (386 words) There will be an exodus of the Molokane from Los Angeles tomorrow. ... 2000 ... will take to the hills. Two days they have fasted ... fear the destruction of Los Angeles by earthquake.
1906 Oct 16 Faker’s Quake Doesn’t Shake:
So He Tells Foolish Molokane to Fast Again
Prophet Bezieff [Afonasi T. Bezayeff / Bezayiff]/ Los Angeles (676 words) Bezayeff went to court because his son was arrested for fighting for girl. He saw ~50 drunks and others up for judgment, then claimed God will punish LA for wickedness with an earthquake, and all should flee. Then he called off the journey saying God posponed his punishment. "Several of these gatherings have been broken up by the police." NOTE: Earthquakes, Prophesies by Bizieff and Sussoyeff.
1906 Nov 5 Takes Four Priests to Tie This Knot Morris Afanasi Bezayiff and Pauline / Los Angeles (1198 words) Description of wedding in Flats on Banning Street. The couple divorced by 1920. 2 ERRORS: "There were two priests there – one for the groom and one for the bride."  Only one "presbyter", not a priest, conducts the service, the others are honored guests who stand next to the presbyter in-charge. The headline says 4 priests, the text 2. Presbyter is the presiding elder, a lay-minister, a volunteer; not to be confused with a a priest which in many religions is a full-time assignment.
1906 Nov 30 Even Pagans Are Feasted
Turkey and Pie Surprise in Foreign Colony.
Bethlehem Institute Gives a Great Big “Feed.”
Rev. Dana Bartlett / Los Angeles, Pasadena (445 words, truncated article) Russian Molokane and Jumpers, Mexican and Japanese get Thanksgiving meal at Bethlehem Institutional Church, a service center for LA immigrants.
1906 Dec 11 Russian Rush to Schools - Hundreds of the Molokane Now Obey Law: Arrest of One Youngster for Failing to Attend Has Good Effect on Colony, and Teachers Require an Interpreter’s Services in Enrolling the Children Attendance Officer Ayers, Carl Michaelovich / Los Angeles (672 words) Kids worked to help  father’s wages of $2 a day. 11-year old Carl arrested and colony panics. Kids no longer under control of parents. 2,000 Molokane children of school age in the city. Teachers at Ann and Amelia Street schools got a Russian interpreter.
1906 Dec 18 Molokane Problem Believed Solved W. J. Hole American National Bank / Los Angeles, El Paso TX, Sinaloa MEX (715 words) Wealthy investors bought 500,000 acres (781 sq. mi.) in Mexico to relocate up to 50,000 expected Molokane. "More than 2000 of the Molokane here are ready to move. ... failed to adapt themselves to city life. ... are not desirable citizens ... bewhiskered Slavs cannot compete with their American brothers." NOTE: The Sinola 500,000 acres are 38 times larger than in Guadalupe, and 5 times Tampico (below).
1907 May 19 Clever Fist Beats Chair
Doctor Treating Molokane Has to Fight
City’s Health Officials Have Their Troubles
Strange Things Occur in Local Russia
/ (1570 words, illustration) 2000 Molokane lived in poor conditions and ignore health and safety laws. 42 living in a 10-room house at 310 Amelia Street. “We find here more law than we ever knew.”  "Most annoying ... marriages. They won’t get licenses." Children died because parents spread insect powders on food. Doctor punches father to treat daughter. Policeman saves doctor from attack after child dies. "They are the simon-pure Henry Georgeists when it comes to political economy. ...for the most part vegetarians. ... Russia tea ... with molasses." 4 ERRORS: (1) "They come from that part of Russia near Poland." Maybe confusion with Polish Jews. LA Jumpers and Molokane fled from the Caucasus. (2) "...offshoots from the Greek Catholic Church". Molokane dissented from the Russian Orthodox Church. (3) "Today there are 5000 of the people in this city." An accurate census was never tabulated, but is closer to 2000. (4) "... there is no cross kissing ..." Journalist probably only saw good-bye kisses on the street.
1907 Aug 23
Molokanes on the Move:
Russian Colonists Going to Mexico
Philip H. Shubin, Abraham G. Desatoff, Efim A. Urin / Los Angeles, Tampico, Ensenada, Mexico  (478 words)  "200 ...settled ... near Ensenada" "2000 ...from Southern California to.... Tampico, ...15,000 ... from Russia to Mexico." "purchase ... 100,000 acres (156 sq. mi.)"
1907 Sep 1 Molokane to go to Mexico
City Life Not to Liking of Russian Colonists
Glen W. Hack, H.C. Archer, Philip H. Shubin, Abraham G. Desatoff, Efim A. Urin, J. H. Clagg superintendent of the Mexican Central / Guadalajara, Mexico, Los Angeles, Tampico (405 words) 2,000 Molokane in LA. "15,000 Molokane ... in Russia, anxiously awaiting the decision."
1908 May 29 Policemen Rescue Sleepers at Fire
Arouse Occupants of Flats and One Runs Back to Carry Out Baby

Minnie Loskutoff 5 / San Francisco (34 words) Child dies after burns from yard bonfire.
1908 Jul 11
1908 Jul 14
Buried in Garbage
Body of Murdered Youth is Discovered
Police are Still at Loss
2 articles: John Buchnoff 14, Feodor Buchnoff, Chief Biggy, Captain Kelly, Dr. Clarke, Valentino Arato, August Delmouth 11, Arthur McClellan / San Francisco (1232 words) Missing boy found suffocated in 4 feet of garbage.
1909 Feb 12
1909 Feb 12
1909 Sep 18
Maiden is Killed on Way to School by Former Admirer
Fiend Murders 10-year old Girl
Child Slayer Found Guilty
3 articles: Dorothy Malakanoff, Demetri Treshenko / San Francisco (407 words) Deranged, infatuated man kills child on her way to school and attempts suicide, imprisoned.
1910 Jan 17 Quarrel Over Woman Results in Stabbing Aleck Karetoff (1881-1979), Abe Schuben (Shubin?), Policemen Ritter and McTernan / San Francisco (82 words) Jealous for a woman, Schuben cut Karetoff with a knife and was arrested. The wounds were minor.
1910 Aug 29 Woman Tells Judge He Has Stabbed Her Thrice and She Fears Him James & Fannie Susoeff, Judge Trout / San Francisco (156 words) James divorcing wife, he stabbed her three times, case is hotly contested.
1912 April 25 Little Russian Girl Startles the Buddhists Vera Noshkin, Emelian & Mrs. Noshkin / San Francisco, Amur Siberia, Miyajima Japan (192 words, family photo) Wealthy Molokan merchant hopes to start a flour factory, brings 11 kids. Ship list "SS Persia" - April 6, 1912
1912 Oct 10 Held at Mexican Border Fannie Agalsoff 16 / Los Angeles, Tijuana, Ensenada (43 words) On way to funeral in Mexico, held by immigration because sister may have trachoma.
1916 July 7 He Reversed Old Solomon: Referees Made Two Women Take Children They Didn't Want David Shubin, Mary Klistoff, Vera and Nasha (Natasha?) Shubin, Referee Shontz / Los Angeles, (290 words) Poor parents split, have 2 girls, boy. Neither family wants the kids. Court orders both grandparent families to take custody of one girl each.
1917 Six Molokans are Held on New Charge: United States attorney swears out warrants charging Slavs with failure to sign their questionnaires John Kulikoff, Ivan Susoeff, A. Ph. Shubin, F.F. Uren, J.D. Conovaloff, M.E. Shubin, J. H. Langston U.S. attorney / Prescott, Glendale, Phoenix AZ (175 words) 34 Jumpers charged with not registering with military, then all but 6 refused to register after 10 months in jail.
1917 Stubborn Molokan to be Turned over to military arm for service Adjt. Gen. Charles W. Harris, John Kulikoff, Morris Shubin, Fred Uren, Ivan Susoeff, Andrew Shubin and Jake Conovaloff  / Prescott Arizona, Fort Leavenworth Kansas (392 words) 26 others have been release. These 6 “… have been given every opportunity to comply with the regulations … even their own people have pleaded with them to observe the laws. …10-day limit…”
1922 Oct 9
1922 Oct 10
1922 Oct 10
1922 Oct 10
1922 Oct 11
Russian Minister from S.F. Slain
‘Murder’ of S.F. Man Disproven
Woman Traced in Death Probe of S.F. Russian
Auto Falling Over Cliff Kills S.F. Man
Death of Russian Held Accidental

5 articles: William Fetesoff (Martin) 22, Dr. A.F. Wagner / Los Angeles, San Francisco (454 words) San Francisco presbyter died when car falls 200’ at Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles
1923 May 7 Two Killed, 19 Hurt by Autos
Bay District Traffic Accidents Take Heavy Toll

John Bataiff 41, Nellie Alex Sohriakoff, Dewey Trant / San Francisco (56 words) Sailor died after accident.
1924 May 18
Norman Thomas Discusses Conscientious Objectors Book: The Conscientious Objector in America. By Norman Thomas. Introduction by Robert M. La Follette. New York: B.W. Huebsch. Inc.
A Review by Charles Willis Thompson. New York Times
1924 Jan 27 Among the Holy Jumpers at Boyle Heights,
Where a Large Colony is Becoming Americanized
General Crowder, head of the draft board, Margaret Sanger birth control , Miss Elizabeth Beglaroff, U.W.C.A. Russian secretary/ Boyle Heights, San Francisco, Guadalupe, Lower California, Washington, Utah Street School (illustration, 1511 words) more than 5000 in LA. "... their sons are able to get liquor from the bootleggers.”"
1925 Sept 10 S.F. Boy Drowned in San Jose Water Tank
Sam Jack Loscutoff 16, Dr. L. Mendelsohn / San Francisco, San Jose, Saratoga (129 words) Stuck in tank with 6’ of water.
1926 Apr 28 12 Children Would Cost More to Keep Than One Prisoner  J. Susoeff / Auburn CA (67 words) A farmer served 6 days of a 200-day jail sentence for violation of the Prohibition law. He was released because his wife testified the county would have to support her and their12 children.
1927 July 13
Fingers Worth $150, Auburn Jury Decides
John Bagdanoff, James Susoeff / Auburn CA (65 words) Bagdanoff demanded $299 for his finger bitten off by Susoeff during an argument.
1928 May 24 Kerman Father Seeks 16-Year-Old Runaway Son William Kornoff, Moses Kobsoeff (Kobzoff), Mr. and Mrs. John Kornoff / Kerman, Fresno, Los Angeles (117 words) Boy takes savings, flees to LA with friend.
1929 Oct 5 Russians Buy Land Near Helm Miller and Lux by F. Jac Foss a Los Angeles actor, Peter I. Orloff bank interpreter, D. T. Warden, Andrew Tolstoi, John V. Tolmosoff, Semon Zamiatin, Moses E. Voloff, Ida M. Remachel, V. N. Jurin, Austin Antonovich, Frank Poddany, Alex P. Stupin, Dloyd E. Elwell, Bill P. Popoff, Alexander V. Froloff, Jack F. Stupin, Stephan E. Susoeff, V. G. Mechikoff, Paul E. Portnoff, Roy S. Jacobs, Joseph S. Moiseve, Alex R. Galkin, James E. Chapman, Lester E. Snowden, Vladmir L. Moliev / Helm (~20 mi. south of Kerman) (189 words) " ...646 acres divided into 10-acre tracts ... 30 sold for ... $400 to $600. ... converted into truck gardens."
1930 Jun 24
Mother of 3 Electrocuted
Michael Wm. & Jennie Stephen Bolderoff 28 Siliznoff / Delano (34 words) Killed when attaching washing machine to light socket. In 1938 son Michael 17 kills himself.
1931 Jun 24 Babe Succumbs in Auto as Sire is Trial Witness
William & Eddie Valov, Clinton H. Short, Mr.& Mrs. John Samarin / Wasco, Shafter, Kern county, Belvedere Gardens, Los Angeles (193 words) While father was in court testifying, his 3-1/2 month old son died in mother's arms in an automobile outside. Valov's have 8 other children.
1931 Nov 13 Armijo Student is Drowned While Fishing
Jack Cherimisin 17, Paul Cherimisin, Tommie Simmers, Deputy Sheriff Ernest Lockie / Vacaville, Tolenas (215 words) Cold water caused leg cramp.
1933 Apr 15
1933 Apr 15
1933 Apr 15
1933 Apr 21
Mother of Five Slain in Home: Children See Man Shoot Her in Family Row
Vacaville Man Killed Sister-in-Law and Then Ended His Life Last Night
Kills sister-in-law takes his own life
Man Slays Mother of Six; Ends Own Life

4 articles: William & Nellie Poppin (6 kids: Mary Ann 10, Priscilla 7, Annie 5, Billy 4, Doris 2, Juney 1), Fred Caballero, Attorney S. M. Dobbins / Woodland, Vacaville, Yolo, Dixon (1394 words) Murder, suicide because wife seeks divorce. Tried suicide 3-weeks earlier.
1933 Jul 3
1933 Jul 4
1933 Jul 5
Kin's Auto Kills Woman Leaving Church Services
Charge Filed Against Driver of Death Car
Kerman Youth's Hearing Set in Auto Death Case

3 articles: Joe Nazaroff 22, John & Jennie Bizieff 66, Justice Earle J. Church, DA Rae E. Carter, Dr. J.C. Drake, Coroner J. H. Kennedy / Kerman,  Fresno CA (488 words) Jury holds Nazaroff intoxicated when his auto with lights off hit woman on Belmont Avenue near Trinity Avenue while walking home with husband from church, charged with manslaughter. Relatives refuse to prosecute.
1934 Jun 4 One Killed at Wedding Party
John Bogdanoff 26, John Susoeff 18, William Soskutoff (Loskutoff) 24, Samuel Slepnikoff 18, Jack Susoeff 19, Andrew Bogdonoff 18, James Poppin  21, John Loskutoff 21, John Kanehen [Kanihan], Gussie Susoeff, Sergeant Thomas Murphy / San Francisco, Santa Rosa (247 words) “..death of one [Russian] guest, injuries to more than 20 others, and the arrest of seven [Russians].”
1935 Jan 3 Kin sought in slaying of rancher
William Pavloff, Gania Kashirsky, William Chick, Raymond Chick, Rachel and Polly Pavloff / Delano (137 words) Pavloff killed at Christmas at home.
1935 Jan 4 Three Slain in Shooting: Man Kills Two Then Self - Estranged Wife and Woman Ambushed by Russian Who Ends Own Life
Esther Burgaroff 44, Mary Pavaloff 50, Jack Burgaroff [Bogroff] 46, Detective Lieutenant Ledbetter / Los Angeles (323 words) Russian rubbish collector kills estranged wife and her friend in Flats as they walked to work, then kills self. Leave 2 kids.
1935 Jan 22 Wasco Infant Drowns in Three Inches of Water
James Efseaff 1,  William Efseaff, Peter Efseaff, Max Popoff, Alex Emerald [Karyakin], Coroner N. C. Houze, Deputy Sheriff Charles Brunk / Bakersfield, Wasco, Shafter (206 words) Parents were picking cotton, grandparents were cutting potatoes.
1935 Mar 14
1935 Mar 29
Kerman Couple Seized in Probe of Counterfeiting
Counterfeiting Charge Against Couple Is Dropped

2 articles: Paul & Mary, Andrew Malakanoff, Deputy Sheriffs John Ford and J. E. Martin, Constable S. B. Walters, Justice Earle J. Church / Kerman, Fresno (271 words) Parents are held in the Fresno County Jail today on a charge of possessing counterfeiting apparatus reported by their son. Dismissed, insufficient evidence, the family had just moved into the house where the apparatus was found.
1935 Sept 17 Kern Dairyman Suffers Fatal Hurts in Crash
Morris E. Shubin 40, C. M. Whitehill 30, Dr. E. S. Fogg / Wasco, Bakersfield CA (112) Drunk dairyman died from a fractured skull and other injuries.
1935 Oct 25 Kick Kills Tot Trying to Drive Horses to Father
Mike Bolderoff 4, John Bolderoff, Dr. J.C. Drake, Coroner J. N. Lisle / Kerman (247 words) Young boy dies after horse kick at McKinney and Humboldt Avenues.
1937 Apr 12
1937 Apr 20
"...Injured in Auto Accident..."
Motorist Faces Homicide Charge


2 articles: Philip A. Chickenoff [Chickinoff] 23,  Pete Chernoff 24, James Samarin, Captain Ray Salmon, Justice Earle J. Church  / San Francisco, Kerman (226, 1 photo) Chickenoff dies due to drunken, reckless driving,  Kearney Boulevard and Madera Avenue .
1937 Aug 24 Mother Rides Six Hours With Dead Infant in Arms
Nick Siliznoff (baby),  Nick John Siliznoff & Katie Jacob Matchniff, Dr. J.C. Drake / Kerman, San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria (150 words) Whooping cough for 3 weeks,  pneumonia.
1938 Jan 2 Youth Shoots Self At Family Reunion
Mike Siliznoff 17 / San Francisco (66 words) 3 weeks earlier slashed his wrists with a razor. In 1930, mother electrocuted at home.
1938 Jun 12
1939 Jun 18
Kornoff softball team
Brothers' Baseball Club Books Games
2 articles: Kornoffs (Jake, John, Alec, Jim, Pete, Nick, Bill, George, Charles), Al Wegley / Kerman, Fresno, Tulare, El Central, Delano (93 words) Softball team of 9 Kornoff brothers plays 5 games from Central to Delano.
1938 Feb 12
1938 Feb 12
1938 Feb 17
1938 Feb 24
Man Injured in Collision Near Belmont
Veteran Hit By Two Cars: Second Man Injured in Collision Near Belmont On Bayshore
Inquests Set in 2 Traffic Deaths
Death Driver Boasts to Jury of Drinking

4 articles: Michael Jabin 21, John Nicholas Susoeff 25, Inez Vivian Sublsen, Nona Hamlet, Deputy Coroner John Layng, Justice of the Peace Hugh Mullin, Sergeant V. C. Calhoun / San Francisco, South Redwood City, Belmont CA (702 words, 1 photo) “Bayshore Highway .. negligent homicide and driving a car while under the influence of liquor, resulting in bodily injury and death…”
1938 Nov 30 Steering Gear Blamed for Fatal Crash
Michael Kalpakoff 19, Willis Burroughs 21 / San Francisco (52 words) Passenger killed.
1938 Nov 22 Will Jews Follow Russians To Exile In Lower Calif.? Michael Agalsoff, /Guadalupe Valley, Ensenada, Lower California, Mexico, New York, Kars   (447 words)  "In 1903 ... Molokan leaders journeyed to France, Canada and America." "30 .. families .. on a 1500-acre tract leased from the Mexican Government for $72,000 or 99 years .. now numbers less than 300 compared to some 450 in 1919."
1939 Oct 22
1939 Nov 7
Suit Asks $25,700 For Traffic Tragedy
$8,000 Settlement Ends $110,000 Suit

2 articles: William Efseaff, Efim & Ann Efseaff (kids: Nick 21, Peter 18, Jane 15, Steve 12, Vera 11), Alex Efseaff, Roy Mathews, Charles F. Halverstadt, John M. Brown / Waso, Tipton (247 words) 4 vehicles collided on the Golden State Highway, 2 die.
1939 Nov 6
1939 Nov 6
1939 Nov 7
Driver Escapes Death When Car Rams Concrete Strip
Three Killed in Bayshore Road Crash: Two San Francisco Girls, Man Victims; Another Dying
Four of Five in Auto Killed on Bayshore

3 articles: George Poppin, Emma Poppin 18, Mary Warren 47, Walter N. Fadeef 24, George Kashuba 27, John Silva / San Francisco, Santa Clara, San Jose, Los Angeles, Hollywood (624 words, 3 photos not shown) Car rolls over 4 times on the Bayshore highway near San Jose, returning from Los Angeles.
1940 Feb 10 Firemen Save 2 Trapped by Cave-In
Second Slide Balks Original Rescue Effort
Worker Buried Under Broadway Sidewalk; Firefighter Also Caught for More Than An Hour

John Loscutoff 22, Robert Owen, Joseph Connolly 32 / San Francisco (482 words) Plumber trapped in 15-foot hole for 3 hours looking for sewer leak.
1940 May 20 S.F. Model Plan Wins At Coast Meet In Kerman
John Drobshoff / San Francisco, Kerman (100 words) 2,000 people attend West Coast Gas Model championship won by Drobshoff.
1941 Jul 7 Thirteen Die in Swimming and Auto Accidents
Jack Peter Corboff 49, Mary Fred Popoff / Sacramento (66 words) Killed when his pickup truck was struck by a train.
1941 Nov 11 Traffic Takes Lives of Three
Michael J. Botieff 25 / East Los Angeles (35 words)
1942 Feb 11 Shafter Woman Succumbs From Food Poisoning

Alexis 60 & Nadejda 55 Emerald [Karyakin], Nick Conovaloff 27 / Shafter, Phoenix AZ (124 words) Home-canned meat and vegetables eaten at dinner
1942 Feb 12 Host at Shafter Dinner is Second Botulism Victim
Alexis 60 & Nadejda Emerald (Karyakin), Nick Conovaloff 29, Alice Conovaloff, Mary Kalpakoff, Dr. W.C. Buss / Shafter, Phoenix (286 words) Alexis dies day after wife; 3 are critical. Anti botulism serum used by hospital doctors.
1942 Feb 13 Third Botulism Victim Succumbs in Bakersfield

Nick Lukianovitch Conovaloff 28, Mary Evanoff, Alexis Emerald (Karyakin), Mary Kalpakoff 60, Alice Conovaloff 44, J.M. Kirby M.D / Shafter, Phoenix (305 words, photo) Home-canned cucumber pickles, tomato sauce, peaches. MORE:
In Memory, The Molokan Review, 1942
OBIT - CONOVALOFF, Nicholas Luke (1914 - 1942)
3 Deaths Laid to Home Canning
1944 Jan 4 Kerman Man, 40 is Found Dead
William A. Shubin 40, Olga, Morris, Elaine Ballard, Vera Cummings, Coroner A. M. Yost / Kerman, Fresno (138 words)  Heart attack at home.
February 4, 1944 Man Takes Own Life by Strangulation
Children’s Swing Rope is Used to Take Own Life

Elmer F. 65 & Dorothy Poppin (kids: James, William, John, Private George U. S. Army, Patricia), Deputy Sheriff Roy Cripps, Coroner Delmar McCune  / Alex Poppin ranch Elmira, San Francisco (227 words) Suicide on Sunday.

1944 Dec 10
3 Will Face Court on Draft Evasion Counts
Federal Judge Paul J. McCormick, Pete and Jacob John Kornoff / Fresno (56 words) 
1945 May 11 Somebody’s Found Peace Ahmet Emin Yalman, president Turkish delegation, United Nations Conference / Washington DC, New York, Fresno, Los Angeles, Molokan Mothers’ Club, Neighborhood House, Potrero Hill district, San Francisco (623 words) June 1939 prophecy to return to Kars, Turkey, to avoid upcomming world war. "It was just a dream."
1946 Jan. 4 Merchant Marine Heroes: Meritorious Service Medals Awarded for "for Conduct or Service of a Meritorious Nature" during World War II
Peter Treguboff / South Pacific, San Pedro (88 words, photo of medal) Boatswain, SS James Buchanan
1946 Jun 27 Youth Flees Objectors Camp to Join Army
Steve (Efim) Efseaff, Federal Judge Ben Harrison / Wasco (84 words) "The youth, ... said he wanted to get in the army but that his draft board sent him to the objectors' camp instead."
1946 Aug 11 These Interesting People John (William) Volkoff / University of California (Berekely) (57 words) Note: J.W. Volkoff tranlated many books from Russian to English, including Book of the Sun: Spriit and Life.
1949 May 30 Electricity Spells Triumph for Russ Colony in Mexico
"Religious Refugees in Baja California Overcame Many Difficulties for Freedom"
William & Alice Mehoff (Mohoff), Basilio & Maria Rogoff (Margarita), Bukcroff (Buckroff) Kachirisky (Kachirsky) / Rosarito Beach, Colonia Guadalupe, San Antonio Valley, Real del Castillo, Ensenada MEX, New York, Prtland OR, San Francisco (1970 words, 6 photos)  "Most youngsters are tri-lingual. ... Almost everyone in the Colonia are cousins ..." Electricity starts, replaces kerosene lamps. In 6 photos: Maria & Basilio Rogoff and 5 kids at table, William & Alice Mohoff, Pifania Aldama and Catalina Rogoff 16, 2 boys drive tractor, Maria Bucaroff 7 studies with Isabel Lucero 8, couple works garden near windmill. 2 ERRORS: (1) "...Kars in the Russian Ukraine..." (2) "...fled Ukraine..." Kars province (Kars oblast) was in the Russian Caucasus after 1877, then in Turkey after 1922, per the Treaty of Kars.
1950 May 24 Coerced Joiner Awarded $8750
John W. Siliznoff (25),  Attorney Peter T. Rich / Los Angeles (105 words) Rubbish union racketeering stopped by veteran.
1950 Sep 16 Policeman Dies on First Day of Vacation Leave
Police officer Jack J. Kobzeff 37, Vera Kobzeff / Montebello, Boyle Heights (98 words) Cerebral hemorrhage.
1951 Mar 29 Man is Jailed on Forgery Charges
Morris Alexander Afinsoff (28), Under-sheriff Cecil Kilroy, Jess Ross DA investigator / San Francisco, Stanislaus County, Modesto (62 words) “… forging some checks … while working on a fund collection campaign” NOTE: Wife Cesarina D divorces him in 1965 for “fraud”
1952 Apr 13 Mother To Be Injured In Truck-Car Collision
John W 39 & Betty 23 Buchnoff , Marvin W. Golden 25 / Kerman, Dos Palos, Fresno CA (90 words) Buchnoffs and baby Mary survive accident.
1952 May 5 Riverdale Woman Killed
Mary Jane Bizieff 31 / Riverdale, Kerman (76 words) Pickup truck struck a bridge railing. Buried Belmont Memorial Cemetery
1952 May 25
Pupil Wins Scholarship
Alex Samarin / Norwalk, Excelsior High School, Pepperdine College, Los Angeles (109 words) Art major. $500 tuition for 3 years. Bullock's Art Award sponsored by  Scholastic magazine.
1952 Dec 12 Student is Fatally Injured in Crash; Man to Face Charge
Nicholas John Samaduroff 15, John W. Samaduroff & Manya A. Federoff, Arsenio L. Lorenza 40 / Porterville, Visalia CA (80 words) 3-vehicle collision kills boy.
1953 Aug 14 Mr. and Mrs. Fred Evanikoff on Tour of Europe Fred Evanikoff  /  Kars, Turkey, San Francisco, Klamath Falls, Elmira (Oregon) (384 words) "Fred's birthplace, Kars ...now a city of over 20,000"
1954 Jan 10 Kerman Is Haven For Oppressed Russian Families Rev. Nick Nazaroff, George Nazaroff, Karney Goosev (wif + kids: Pete, Nick, George, Michael, Jane), Rev. J. K. Mendrin, Stephan Kashergen, John Nazaroff / Los Angeles, Kernam, Syria, Iraq, Persia, Iran, San Francisco  (1013 words, 2 phoots) ERROR: "In 1905 broke away from ... the Greek Orthodox Church, and came to America." Should say: "In 1805 were freed from  the Russian Orthodox Church...."
1954 Jan 30 Webster PTA Holds Sale For March Of Dimes Robert Kornoff, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Kornoff, Mrs. Mary Duck, J. R. Patterson, Mrs. David Pfister Jr., Lee McCoy, Harvey Grant, Gottlieb Pfister / Fresno (122 words, photo) $100 raised for March of Dimes to honor 5th grader Robert Kornoff with polio and broken leg.
1954 Nov 11
1954 Nov 11
1954 Nov 12
1954 Nov 17
1954 Nov 17
Man, 35, Dies With Needle in His Heart
Darning Needle in Heart Causes Death of Man
Police Lean to Suicide Theory in Needle Death
Needle Death is Homicide, Jury Claims
Murder Charged in Needle Mystery

5 articles: Peter L. 35 & June 34 Pivaroff,  daughter Diana Marie 10, Paul Pivaroff, Bill and Alex Boogroff, Dr. Frederick D. Newbarr, Detective Lt. Fred Laughlin, Sgt. R. L. Dladio, Dr. Reynolodo Qualia, Lt. Fred R. Loflund / Los Angeles (1614 words, 3 photos not shown) Jailed for wife beating, then alcoholic cabinet maker died from a 2-5/8 inch needle in heart, x-ray finds.
1954 Dec 8
1954 Dec 9
Admits Slaying
Retracts Story He Killed Girl

2 articles: Andre Michael Goosev, police inspector Jack O'Keef / San Francisco CA, Ann Arbor, MI (271 words) "unable to sleep and suffered mentally" an unemployed laborer, gave himself up, he killed a girl after she found narcotics in his pocket.
1954 Jan 29 Angel of Guadalupe Mary Rogoff, Gaston Flourie / Ensenada, Guadalupe MEX (873 words) With out payment, "For 16 years now Mary has been the nurse of Guadalupe and vicinity." She built a hospital and dental clinic. "She cooks, sews, washes, does housework, and raises orphans," gives medicine, delivers babies and does surgery. ERROR: "No longer can hogs find sustenance in the fields." Molokane did not raise hogs to eat.
1955 Apr 13 Draft Objector Is Ordered To Work In Hospital Frank W. Volkoff,United Slates District Judge Ernest A. Tolin  / Tulare, Fresno (127 words) "... found guilty of refusing to be inducted into the armed forces, must work for the next two years in a county or state hospital as a ward attendant."
1955 May 14 A Bit of Russia in Old Mexico Moices Michicoff, Jack Dempsey / Guadalupe, Tijuana, Baja California (887 words) "...road ... protests of the Russians ... a simple mule trail was sufficient ... crops to market. ...feared ... government officials and tax collectors. ... In 1901... Czar's forces seized the village grain supply and the young men in a small village near the Turkish border, flogging the old men as an object lesson, ... all members ...fled to the United States. ... first ... near Los Angeles, but ... 'too immoral' for raising children ... isolated sanctuary ... in Guadalupe Valley ... 27 families remain ..."
1955 Jun 10 Boy 5, Is Killed Beneath Wheels Of Gas Truck
Johnny Peter Portnoff 6, Peter P. Portnoff, John Bolderoff, Floyd Andrew Pursell 32, Coroner Ben Paschall  / Kerman (210 words) Truck crushed boy playing in Fresno family yard.
1955 Oct 13 Tractor Crossing - Federal Court Convicts 'Angel of Guadalupe' Mary Rogoff (49), John Silbaugh, Federal Judge Jacob Weinberger, Gilbert Chester Marcon / San Diego, Riverside, Tijuana, Colonia Guadalupe MEX (164 words) “Angel.. because of her care of the injured and ailing ... found guilty ... transporting a stolen tractor from Riverside into Mexico.”
1956 Mar 5 Sheriff's Unit Saves Swimmer Off Monterey
Victor Drobshoff / San Francisco (107 words) Alameda County Sheriff's Underwater Rescue Unit leader saves fisherman.
1956 Nov 22
1956 Nov 26
1956 Dec 10
1957 May 23
Burned Tot Needs Blood For Skin Grafting Surgery
Fresnans' Generosity Assures Blood Supply For 3 Year Old Burn Victim
Benefit Dinner Is Planned For 3 Year Old Burn Victim
Refugee Dad Is Grateful For Care Given Burned Tot

4 articles: Joan (Tanya) Goosev 3, Karney & Anna Goosev, Lucille Shuken FHA president, Robert Huber FFA president, Mrs. Mike Podsakoff  / Kerman Union High Schoolm, Fresno (1050 words, photo) 3-year old Tanya was playing near a bonfire when her dress caught fire, burns on 45+% of her body. Needs type A+ blood for surgery at Valley Children's Hospital. Kerman High School hosted a fund raising dinner, and citizens donated more than enough blood. Tanya had 14 operations and skin grafts, using 13 units of blood. The Goosev family fled Russia and the middle East before arriving in the San Jaoquin Valley 6 years earlier, and now have 7 kids.
1957 Jun 2 Fisherman's Body Found in IID Canal
Donald Benson, Faye Peter Popov,  A.B. Clay, Coroner Richard Ramirez / Niland, Redlands, Brawley
(125 words)
1957 Aug 10 Youth Car Club Aids Stranded Motorists - Young Russian Christian Association Crusaders Put Golden Rule on Open Road
Bill Halopoff 31,  Jim Slevcove 26, Bill Rudometkin, Walter Patapoff, Bill Shubin, Bill Vickunoff / Los Angeles (615 words, photo) Road service club, Young Russian Christian Association – YRCA – Jack Green pastor. Crusaders wear jackets with insignia and plaques in cars, aged 16 to 23, not married.
1957 Oct 3 Rancher Killed in Car Crash
Paul Portnoff 41, Mitchell O. Farrell Jr. 48, / Rosedale Highway, Bakersfield (276 words, 2 photos not posted) Rancher lost control of truck on Olive Drive.
1958 Mar 27 Probe Housewife Drowning Death
William 40 & Wanda [Juanita] Fay 33 Treguboff / South Whittier (81 words) Drowned in bathtub
1958 Sep 7
1958 Sep 9
Kerman Man Dies in Fresno Club
Bizieff Death is Laid to Pneumonia

2 articles: Michael Bizieff 31, Coroner Alphord Dickinson / Fresno, Kerman (180 words) Dies of pneumonia in Elks Lodge gym.
1958 Sep 10 Top Staff's Service Totals 196 Years
James Dobrinin / Pasadena CA (55 words, photo)  Merchandising staff at Sears new store on East Foothill Boulevard.
1959 Sep 24 Refugees From Red Russia Settle In Wheatland Area Max Popoff, Mrs. John Sohrakoff, John Sohrakoff Sr, William Bogdanoff, Jim Popoff, Rev. Vasily Loskutoff, Maxim Losey, Matvey Motile and Peter Gzuravtoc / Sheridan, Wheatland, Mendocino County (photo, 905 words) 21 families migrated 1919-1920. Presbyter Max Popoff left Selim commune in Potter Valley, Mendocino County in 1920 and founded Sheridan congregation.Met in homes until built pdrayer house built in 1929 on land donated by William Bogdanoff. Vasily Loskutoff is presbyter now.
1961 Aug 28 100-foot Telegraph Hill Fall: S.F. Youth Badly Hurt
William Shubin 17, Charles Tedrow 18 / San Francisco (239 words) “ ..internal contusions in the heart region, several broken ribs, a back injury, a possible ruptured spleen and numerous cuts and bruises ”
1962 Mar 19
1962 Mar 21
1962 Mar 30
1962 Apr 16
1962 Dec 20
1962 Dec 22
1963 Jan 22
1963 Apr 3
2 Perish In Car Crash; Driver Jailed
Driver Faces Manslaughter, Drunk Charges
Driver Involved in Fatal Crash is Held for Plea
Suspect Enters Not Guilty Plea In Fatal Collision
Driver Accused In Fatal Crash Goes On Trial
Jury Convicts Kerman Man in Fatal Crash Trial
Kerman Man's Manslaughter Sentence Is Set
Insurance Firm Sues Driver In Fatal Collision

8 articles: William Kachirski, Freddie 4, Marsha Bolderoff 84, Mary Kachirski 16, Darlene Hozen 11, Esther Bolderoff, Laura Dolmatoff 15, Harry Romanoff, Eiijio Avalos Mendez 22, Ernest Ruiz, Judge Harley E. Roberts, DA Ransome M. Smith, Superior Judge Joseph L Joy, Judge Leonard I. Meyers / Kerman, Madera, Los Angeles, El Monte (1220 words) Semi-drunk Mexican runs stop sign 70 MPH at Ashlan and Madera Avenues, kills boy and grandmother, 7 injured. 9 months jail, 3 years probation, sued for $10,996.
1962 Apr 3 Church Incorporates John N. Koretoff, John A. Kochergen, Jim W. Buchnoff, Steve A. Mendrin, Mike P. Patapoff / Kerman (50 words) Russian Molokan Christian Church filed articles of incorporation in Fresno County Clerk's office.
1964  Sep 10 Russian Sect Members Flee ‘Sinful L.A.’ John Susoeff presbyter Old Romanski Church, Faye Kobzeff, Liuba Evdokimoff, Bill Chernekoff 33, / East Los Angeles, La Habra, Los Angeles Harbor, Australia / (430 words, photo) First 8 families leave by boat to Pearth Australia, from crowd of 2000. “there are too many worldly activities and too much sin to tempt our children in Southern California.”
1964 Sep 28
Australian Surprise Awaits Molokan Sect  / (272 words) Washington Post, page D6. "PERTH, Australia—Eight families of a strict Russian religious sect, now on their way by sea from California, are in for a surprise upon their arrival."
1964 Sep 30
Sect Establishes Own 'Paradise'  / (82 words) Washington Post, page E10. "SYDNEY, Sept. 29—Thirty-two members of the Russian-founded religious sect, the Molokan Christian Holy Spiritual Jumpers, arrived in Sydney today to create their own Paradise in Australia."
1964 Nov 13 Rolling Trailer Crushes, Kills Fresno Driver
William P. Kobzeff 51, Detective Roland Johnson, Elmo Compton, Coroner Richard Thomas / Fresno, Kerman (210 words) Brakes on the truck apparently had not been set.
1965 Apr 18

Kerman Boy Wins Bid For Europe Trip Dan Samarin 16, W. W. Eure, Associate Director National 4H Club Foundation / Kerman, New York, Great Britan, Ireland (203 words) 1 of 21 4H youths in US student exchange, 10-day tour of four countries in Europe. 1964 sheep project judged best in Fresno County.
1966 Aug 23 Draft Dodger Gets 3-Year Prison Term
Paul James Samarin, Federal District Court Judge M. D. Crocker / La Puente, Los Angeles (59 words) "Samarin ... three years in federal prison for draft evasion. ... refusal to be inducted into the armed services in October 1965."
1966 Nov 4 Cash in Trash
Mrs. Paul Agalsoff / Monterey Park (55 words) Threw $475 into the trash. Police got money from rubbish truck.
1966 Nov 16 D. C. Couple Observes 50th Anniversary John J. Batieff, William Loskutoff, Max Popoff, Byrhl Quimby, Jack Christiansen / Daly City, San Mateo County, Lincoln, Sacramento, Newark (71 words) Daly City couple celebrated 50th  wedding anniversary at the First Russian Molokan Church, 150+ attended.
1967 Dec 18 Bullet in Heart Ends Row Over Sale of Tavern

Peter Efseaff 46, Harry A. Cole 52 / Morro Bay, Wasco, Atascadero (102 words) Argument over sale of Paradise Inn
1969 Sept 3 Mendota Crash Kills 2 Drivers
Mike Dobrinin 76, Charlie Salas 45 / Mendota, Fresno CA (57 words) “Two men were killed in a head-on collision.. Shields Avenue”.
1969 Sept 25 Severed arm sewn on in dramatic opperation Austin Korneff / Downey, Long Beach, Catalina Island (306 words) Doctors  reattach arm amputated in boating accident.
1971 Aug 17 Rudometkin Recalls His Knick Days Special to The New York Times, page 44
1971 Sep 13 Six Die In Valley Weekend Accidents
Dan Robert Samarin 21  / Kerman (50 words)  A two-car accident, 1 fatality, Belmont and Blythe Avenues.
1972 Sep 3
1972 Sep 3
Kern River Drowning
River Searched for Bell youth

2 articles: Ivan Samarin 15/ Bell, Kern River, Lake Isabella (87 words) Boy drowns in dangerous river during family outing.
1973 Feb 18 Kerman Russian Families: A Tradition Transplanted  Nick & Vera Nazaroff photo, Shuken, Kornoff, Volkoff, Kaseroff, Kalpakoff, Bechkoff and Spolsdoff / Kerman (photo, 907 words) "Kerman ... 150 families of Russian ancestry ... been here ..over 50 years.." ERROR: Russian Orthodox, not "Greek Church".
1973 Mar 25 Around Here  John William Volkoff / Kerman, Iran, Russia (170 words) "...long, long way from peasant in Iran to operating one's own vineyard and upholstery shop ... earth to heaven"
1973 May 7 Tot Dies of Fall into Pool
David J. Kobzeff 3,  James W. Kobzeff / Fresno, Kerman (99 words)
1974 Aug 27
1974 Aug 28
Handcuffed Slain Couple Identified
Rites Tomorrow for Slain Couple
2 articles: Alvin Prater, Mary Ellen Kanihan-Prater 21, George & Frances Kanihan, Deputy Coroner John Prindeville / Sunol, Alameda County, Eureka, Santa Rosa, Sacramento, Hurricane UT (584 words) Newlyweds Mary Ellen Kanihan and her veteran husband tied and shot on an isolated road, car missing.
1975 Sep 27 A Special Anniversary
George John Loskutoff, Vera Alex Jarkieh, Carol 13 / San Mateo (208 words) 24th wedding anniversary
1976 May 18 Man Takes Own Life

Peter Allen Klubnikin 34, Leo & Mary Volkoff Klubnikin, Coroner Vernal Rydalch / Rigby,  Heise, Los Angeles (145 words) Vietnam vet, self-inflicted .22 caliber handgun wound.
1979 Jul 1 Girl, 2, Drowns in Can of Milk Feeding Kitten

Olga Shubin 2, Nicholas Shubin / Palo Cedro, Redding CA (178 words) Left alone, baby falls into 10-gallon milk container head first. 6 siblings working.
1983 Jun 29 Russians in Elmira: The Shubins, Papins, Evanikoffs, Moiseiffs and Cheechovs
They Find Family Unity Far From Home

Steve Shubin, Maik & Mary Shubin 88, Dorothy Papin, Eunice Evanikoff, Hazel Moiseiff, Katya Moiseiff 92, John Berokoff, Matvey Dalmatoff, Semeon Uklein / Elmira, Vacaville, Kars Turkey, Hamburg Germany, New York Ellis Island, Los Angeles, Tambov Russia, Arizona, Australia, Oregon, Porterville, San Marcos, Shafter, Sheridan CA (2706 words, 5 photos) Brick oven, Easter bread ,samovar, plow with horses, geese, fluent in English, German, Turkish and Hebrew, as well as Russian. Lived like in “Fiddler on the Roof”. Holy Jumpers. Those Molokans do like to stick together
1997 Apr 13
Faces of the Valley — Russians John Alex & Vera Kochergen Vera and daughter Janet, Bill Mike Shubin, Bill Grigorieff, Albert Britz / Kerman, Fresno, Tipton, Tulare County, Los Angeles, Oregon, Turkey, Mexico (1559 words, 2 photos not shown) "1913, 15 Molokan families came north to ... near Kerman ... today numbers 240 families in the Fresno-Madera area" He lives on 40 acres; has 2,000 more with family ... 1970s, ... filed for Chapter 11 ... saved by a Jew. Printed 10,000 Bibles to Russia in 1991 and 7  40-foot-long containers with food to Russia since 1992.
2002 Aug 24-29 James Gang Hardware Bluefin Adventure!!
Paul Hozen, Mickey Kalpakoff, Jack Nevarov, Dave Samarin, Cory Valov 14, Joseph Babashoff 13, Micah Hozen, Allan Babashoff, Jack Mendrin /  San Diego, Mexico (241, 4 photos 26 guys)  5-day fishing trip to Mexico from San Diego
2003 Aug 24-27 4-day James Gang Hardware Charter.
Joel Berukoff, Alex Mendrin / San Diego, Mexico (435 words, 3 photos of  27 guys) “..caught their limits of BFTs [Blue Fin Tuna], mixed with about 100 Albacore.”
2004 June 22
2004 Aug 26-29
2004  Oct. 20
Zuker/G Loomis 7 day returns
What a difference a day makes
James Hardware Gang All Done and Going Home to Can Fish
Time to start heading up

5 articles: Gary Samarin, David J. Samarin, Steve Berukoff, Bill Shubin, Roy Mendrin / San Diego, Mexico (584 words, 4 photos) “American Angler” fishing trips to Mexico from San Diego.
2004 Jul 22 Tales from Potrero Hill, San Francisco, CA --  Grocery Stores George John Poppin autobiography: Ach! Amerika (to be posted). "Borky's Store" (Borovkoff), Sheetinin Store, (Vasilee) Evanikoff's store, Hilltop grocery store and meat market (John & Nell Poppin), Slep's store (Slepnikoff), The Greek's Store (Chris Chiotras),  Also: Karetoff, Kasloff, Kiselow
2005 Mar 22 Man dies, three hurt in crash
James Andrew & Onya Koretoff 70 / Norwalk, Kerman (85 words) Car struck by pickup at Belmont and Siskiyou avenues.
2005 Aug 25-28 4-day James Hardware Gang charter
David Beliakoff, Matthew Neverov, Alex Mendrin, Jr., David J. Samarin, Dan Shubin, Matthew Neverov / San Diego, Mexico (503 words, 4 photos of ~24 guys) “American Angler” fishing trips to Mexico from San Diego.
2006 Jan. 8
2006 Jan. 19
2006 Aug 24-27
James Hardware Family home with 3 fish over 100lbs!
It’s all about the quality!

One big happy family!!

2 articles: Father and Son - Bill and Dan Shubin, David J. Samarin, Gary Samarin, Gabe Berekoff, Dan & Kyle Shubin / San Diego, Mexico (912 words, 6 photos) The James Hardware Gang charter is a group of guys that are brothers, first cousins, related by marriage and or just grew up together.
2006  Jun 1
2006  Jun 16
2006 July
2006 Aug 23
Velo cyclist injured in collision
Supporters rally around hospitalized bicyclist
July President’s Paceline
DA: Careless motorist caused bike collision

4 articles: Russ Rudometkin 57, Chase Danielle 18, officer Glenn Patchett, Chris Haynes, DA Mark Huddleston / Medford OR (1155 words) Siskiyou Velo bicycling club member in coma after hit by Jeep, driver on cellphone. …works in the child welfare program of the Oregon Department of Human Services. T-shirts reading "This ride's for you, Russ"
2007 May 13 Academic All-Stars 2007 Honorable Mentions
Jim and Nancy Volkoff , Savannah 14, Larry Parmeter teacher/ Kerman CA (129 words) “…4.0 grade-point average while pursuing a demanding schedule of sports and extracurricular activities… softball …Future Farmers of America …black belt … work for either the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the United Nations.”
2007 Jul 22
Poultry production profited plucky Prohoroffs Terenty & Mary Prohoroff son John, Kathy Shubin, Jacob Shubin, Paul Ecke Sr / California State University San Marcos, Russia, Texas, Arizona, Australia, Japan, Encinitas (797 words) "1945 with 250 chickens ... for a time the biggest chicken ranch in the county ... 2 million chickens on 557 acres ...7 million eggs annually... 11 million pounds of manure each month".. Farm sold in 1985. (See: California Fires — Пожары в Калифорнии)
2008 Feb 18 Passengers identified in Fresno fatal accident
Yost & Webb Obituaries: Thomas Allen Nazaroff (April 12, 1993 - February 16, 2008)

Thomas Allen Nazaroff 14, Melina Sandoval 19 Jeffrey Alexeivich Nazaroff, Tanya William Tolmachoff / Fresno, Kerman, Madera (163 words) “All occupants had been consuming alcohol..”
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