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For American Dukh-i-zhiznik funeral announcements, call the 24-Hour Jumper Funeral Hotline at the LA-Slauson Ave Cemetery: 323-724-3984. The cemetery grounds are open every day, but the office hours are limited to Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 9 AM to Noon.
Updated February 22, 2017

Molokane evacuate Oroville Dam area

The possibility of the California Oroville Dam flooding downstream  caused about 200,000 to evacuate their homes beginning Sunday, February 12. The evacuation was "lifted" about 4 pm (Tuesday, Feb. 14). Our persistent genealogist, Nancy Poppin, in Marysville, 30 miles south of Oroville, drove to San Francisco for 3 days to stay with her 90+ year old mother. Several descendant families of Molokane and Doukhoborsty were also affected.

Updated December 24, 2012

Molokane invited to join USCC Doukhobors for Rozhestvo and Novye God on live video.

USCC Doukhobors invite diaspora Molokane and Dukh-i-zhniki to join them on the Internet by live video of their Rozhestvo (Christmas) and Novye God (New Year's Eve) programs. The USCC web-team will broadcast direct from the Brilliant Cultural Centre (BCC), Castlegar, British Columbia, Canada. Your computer needs to have Flashplayer installed. This is a historic cyber-sobranie union of Spiritual Christians around the world.
* PST = Pacific Standard Time
Updated May 13, 2011

Funeral Kerman : MENDRIN Jack J., age 91
(Born: June 19, 1918 - Died: May 13, 2011)

Saturday, May 14, 4-10 pm viewing at Mendrin assembly [sobranie], Mckinley Avenue, Kerman CA.
Sunday, May 15, 10 am, burial, Russian Molokan Cemetery, Kerman CA. Dukh-i-zhinik service.

Updates on Geneaology Message Board
Updated March 15, 2011

Doukhobor Performs with New Zealand Band in Los Angeles, March 13, 18

Vanya Popov is composer-pianist for LAVA, a "Kiwi folk/pop band." His brother Matt joined the North American tour. The brothers grew up in Grand Forks BC, son of publisher Jim and Lillian Popoff and grandson of Eli Popoff, historian. The band can perform a medley, including Russian folk and Doukhobor stikhi for any who wish to host an event in their area.

Sunday, March 13 at 7 PM
United Church of Christ
370 N Royal Ave, Simi Valley, CA

Friday, March 18 at 7 PM
Bootleg Theater
2220 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

Sunday, March 21
Julian (north San Diego)  CA

Updated January 13, 2010

5 Arizona Funerals Denied Use of Assembly Hall by Aunt and Cousins.

The Arizona cemetery is very close to sobranie. Traditionally caskets are carried to the grave from sobranie. Not now. The refurbished building and kitchen collect dust.

Friday's funeral of of Maryann (Bechkoff) Tolmachoff will be held, as her two sons' funerals, at the mortuary and meal at a house, 13 miles apart. This is the fifth funeral of life-time members denied use of the building. Why? Ask them?
  • Doris (Metchikoff) Tolmachoff (623-846-7804),
  • Sally (Bogdanoff) Tolmachoff (623-939-6205)
  • Pete Uraine (623-939-7971) their puppet-minister
Ask why life-long members are locked out of their own building. Why do they think they own it. Who is the boss? Did they get paid off? By whom? Write down what they say, date, time; have it notarized, and mail it to:

Arizona Church Lawsuit
11001 N 99 Ave Suite 116 #73
Peoria AZ 85345

What this gang has done are felonies, if prosecuted. The story is very complicated because each person is acting for their own delusional, illegal, self-interest at different times and places. All quit the Russian faith, several are married-out. The most aggressive wanted lots of money — $300,000 taken by one; $210,000 needed by another; tax lien $21,000. One said God made him "preacher." The women tell sons to punish people they hate. Their reasons vary widely and often, but all are delusional and/or ignorant, some get violent.

Most of their actions are felonies. They say: "police are our friends." The Attorney General is interested. How are they working as a gang and why? Who is paying who? Please help by calling. Even if they hang up you can report that. If you are afraid to confront them, send a letter of support, also notarized.

More documentation to be posted after Maryann's funeral. Her father-in-law David Wm. Tolmachoff was presbyter, as was his father. Even presbyter, the late John Jack Conovaloff, was denied access to the building, as was his wife twice, all on video tape to be posted.

Come, see them for yourself on any Sunday 11 am. 
7304 W Griffin Ave, Glendale AZ  85301.

Updated October 9, 2010

Russia food prices jumped in one month!

Molokans in Stavropol province report most food costs 2 to 3 times more than last month. They are shocked. Income has not risen. Many hope this is temporary and aren't buying the more expensive items for the winter. Those not living in rural towns with large gardens and animals cannot afford the higher prices.

Today the exchange rate is 29 rubles per US dollar. Pensioners get R2100 to R4000, and WWII veterans are the highest ~R6000. The prices and pensions in Moscow are much higher.
Last month
Potatoes R12 R25
Tomatoes R15 R50






Updated August 13, 2010 

130-years record heat wave and drought partially cooled with heavy rain in central provinces, including Moscow. Nearly 40% of  wheat crop lost. Higher bread prices soon.
Updated August 7,2010

Fires in Russia May Postpone Some Molokan Sevices

Most all Molokans and Jumpers in the Former Soviet Union walk and take public transportation to Sunday assembly, sobranie. The Moscow city Molokan assembly may postpone services due to unhealthy air. Depending on winds, Uzunvovo village in south Moscow province may not be as smokey. No news yet from any of the 5 congregations in Voronezh province where much of the housing damage occured. Reporting of the fires is still being organized and satellite data appear to show normal agricultural burning in the wheat areas which make it difficult for accurate and timely reporting of unintentional fires. For example, Levokumsoe can be very smokey in July and August due to burning of wheat chaff.
Updated May 31, 2009 

Oregon Funeral: David Ivan Shubin, Tues-Wed, June 2-3.

Mortuary (15 miles SE of Salem)
Weddle Funeral Service
1777 N. Third Avenue, Stayton, OR
Phone  503.769.2423

Times may not be accurate.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009
Public viewing in mortuary — Noon to 2 pm
Body moved to Silverton-Berekoff prayer home — 3 pm
Evening service, basement — Gather 7 pm, Pray 8 pm

Silverton-Berekoff prayer home,
From Silverton take Waters Street which becomes Silver Falls Hwy (214). Building is 0.2 miles south of Silver Springs Lane on north side of road, before 1 large tree to the south of parking.

Because the Silverton-Berekoff prayer home is small, so the complete service will be conducted on the Turner Twin Oaks cemetery grounds (table, benches, carpet, everything but walls and roof) near the entrance.

Cemetery (20 miles driving from Silverton.)

Directions from Salem to cemetery: 8 miles SSE of Salem, 12 miles driving from downtown Salem. Going south on I-5 (99), past (22) N Santiam Hwy. 1.5 miles. Get off on Turner Road, go south 4 miles to town of Turner Drive through town to Denver Street, east 1/2 mile to Witzel Road. North 1/4 mile on Witzel Road to Turner Twin Oaks Cemetery.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009
Leave prayer home — 9 am
Cemetery service — Gather 10 am,  Pray 11

Grave is ~600 feet from road at end of property.

David, age 21 not married, is the 4th of 6 children of John Wm and Barabara (Robert Babishoff) Shubin, Prineville OR. He died from head injuries after a car accicent at night May 26. He was driver and his brother Evon in front seat was severely injured, but not sister Luba in back seat, the only one wearing a seat belt. This will be the first burial at this "New Molokan" cemetery section purchased by the Oregon Molokan Church (Jumper- S&L- Users).
Updated May 28, 2009

Turkey — A Molokan and/or Jumper family of about 25 people is moving from Russia back to Arpachai district (Arpaηay), Kars province, Turkey, to reclaim their property. Molokan and Jumpers abandoned most of their land when they moved from Turkey in 1962 to Stavropol province, USSR, now the Russian Federation. For at least 5 years the Turkish government has been inviting Molokans and Jumpers to move back. Attorney Erkan Karagφz is reported to be assisting with administrative problems. Molokans who remained in Turkey are excited to greet them. Photos, audio and maps in-progress. Also see Molokans and Jumpers in Turkey. —  Thanks to Ludmila Denisenko, Turkey.
Updated May 7, 2009

Australia — For about 2 weeks, April 15-28, a cyber-bullying website was posted by Jumper-S&L-user youth: "Molokan Gossip Blog: All the Juicy Bits from Adelaide, Australia" ... "where nothing is a secret". The site showed 6 posts on which people were named and verbally abused — "gay", "hoe", "pops prescription meds to ‘get into the spirit’ before church", "‘chick’ looks like a man", "Fat slut".... It was removed a few days after a link to it was posted on
Updated Apr 27, 2009

Amur Oblast — During the Russian Empire expansion in the Far East, sectarian vital records were recorded in separate books from the Orthodox. This makes it much easier for Molokans, Doukhobors, and Old Believers to find their ancestors' births, marriages and deaths. The original handwritten records are open to the public in the state archive in Blagoveschensk, where nearly a third of all Molokans and Jumpers once lived. — Амурчане ищут истории своих семей в государственном архиве (Amur residents are searching for their family histories in the state archive) Russian Region Press: Blagoveschensk. April 23, 2009.
Updated Apr 26, 2009

Moscow — More than 100 Molokans gathered for Paskha  holiday (Easter) prayer services in Moscow, Russian Federation, on April 19. The higher than normal attendance is attibuted to a large, permanent location now rented in a commercial building in south Moscow due to a donation by William Mike Shubin, Fresno, California. The Moscow congregation has been denied a usable site for a prayer building / dormatory for almost a decade and had been meeting in apartments since 1991. For previous Paska services they rented a hall to accomodate larger attendance but with no food service. It is estimated that as many as 10,000 Molokans and Jumpers may be living in the Moscow area. Nearly every Molokan and Jumper family in Stavropol has a relative working in Moscow where some of the highest wages in the world are paid while most of the country is in poverty. Many Molokan and Jumper congregations have prayer houses which can accomodate more than 100, but are located in smaller towns, most in South Russia.
Updated Feb 9, 2009
Oregon — 2009 Picnic planned for Friday, September 3, at Wildwood Recreation Park, Welches, Oregon, about 35 miles sout-east of Portland. All day: 9am to 7pm, pray 1 pm, food served 1:15pm to 3pm. The specific location of the picnic is not shown on link: Recreation Site Map. From Mt. Hood Hiway (26), turn south on Camino Rio Road, and park near buildings on right. Cost: $5/car park admission + meals from $20 to $125, 20% discount before August 15. Proceeds for youth ski trip December 2009. Activities: guitar jam (bring your instrument), folk-rock singing in Russian and English, basketball, gossip :-). 2008 Ski and Picnic photos at Oregon Photo pages load slowly due to very large (3+GB) photo file sizes.
Updated Sep 3, 2008
ASU Tempe, Arizona — Hear in MP3 The Apocalyptic Rhetoric of Peace among the Russian Spiritual Christian Jumpers, 1911-1919 a paper presented by Dr. Eugene Clay, Department of Religious Studies, Arizona State University on  April 11, 2008 at the Rhetoric of Peace Symposium, hosted by the Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict. Our Arizona sobranie and Al Wren in Australia proofread the first draft of this paper, which will be posted when available.
Updated Aug 22, 2008
Click for MOREHacienda Heights, CA — The LA-UMCA Picnic is this Saturday, August 23. Prayer 12-noon. Shashlik buckets $60. Individual meals $12. Corner of Colima Road and Stimson Ave., enter down hill on Soriano Drive.
Updated May 22, 2007
Washington — The Victoria Doukhobor Choir invites Oregon Molokans and Jumpers to 3 free performances at the Seattle Center (downtown, home of the 1962 World's Fair and the Space Needle) — Free Admission to the 2007 Northwest Folklife Festival. Doukhobors perform:
  • May 26, Sat., 12 pm noon, Narrative Stage: "The Doukhobors: A Russian-Canadian Community"
  • May 26, Sat., 6:30 pm, Intiman Theatre: "Traditional Russian Hymns & Folksongs"
  • May 27, Sun, 11:40 am, Mural Amphitheatre, "Traditional Russian Hymns & Folksongs" 
Updated Apr 7, 2007
Kochubeevskoe — Happy Easter! We congratulate you on the great holiday of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ! We wish peace, love, and spiritual growth.   Submitted by the Union of Communities of the Spiritual Christian Molokans in Russia.

Moscow — Molokan Easter services to be held Sunday April 8 again at the Authors' Building (Центральный Дом Писателей — м. Парк Культуры или м. Фрунзенская, Комсомольский просп. д. 13).    Submitted by Andrey Tikunov
Updated Mar 25, 2007
ERROR: Los Angeles — Big Church did not sell their Lorena Street property as stated earlier. An offer "fell through." But the property is still for sale.

New Romanovsky (Freeway) Church did sell during the first week of March, and they purchased a old church building in Whittier on Broadway, one block west of Colima. If anyone has more information or the address please sent it in.

Update Aug 2008: Big Church sold their property in Summer 2008, moving to Whittier near Milikoy and Freeway congregational prayer houses.
Added June 14, 2006
Uruguay — 3 families (18 people) transplanted from Armenia to Uruguay last year want to go home. Stephan Alex Samarin (Los Angeles area) planned and organized their resettlement, hoping they would live better in this South Armenian country, with no immigrant quota or military draft, among the few Molokans remaining there, like Mike John & Nancy Kalpakoff. But 4 families is not a village. Conditions are difficult, and they fear they might get legally stranded if they don't return to Armenia within a year. Funds are being raised for plane tickets by presbyter Walter Shinen, Madera California.
Added June 3, 2006

Kerman — Central Valley UMCA Picnic is today.  On Olive between Modoc and Siskiyou., north-west of Kerman (1.5 miles north, and almost 2 miles west). Around corner from Buchnoff's Church on Siskiyou.
Added April 27, 2006

Russia — "Defense minister Sergei Ivanov said on March 22 that current two-year terms of army service will be cut to 18 months in 2007, and then again to one year in 2008. In connection with this, he said, most or all deferments would also be abolished." Russian Life, May/June 2006, page 6.
Added April 2, 2006

A Russian Jumper family to be hosted in South Australia for several years. Peter Vas. and Olga Shubin, who left Aremenia about 10 years ago will resettled from Essentuki, Stavropol' to the Adelaide area this month where Peter will temporarily work as a guest welder. They have two small daughters, Tanya and Lisa.
Added March 19, 2006
Added February 15, 2006

Los Angeles, California — Several Jumper/Maksimist congregations in the Los Angeles area will observe 3-days of fasting and prayer "to petition God for his mercy and to protect and sustain the coming generations of Molokan [Jumper/ Maksimist] people; to pray for them in order to hold on to our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, so that in the next 100 years we also will have our grandchildren holding to our faith." Services begin Thursday evening February 16 and finish on Sunday February 19.
Added November 27, 2005

Obituary: Marilyn Treglazoff
Manya Wm Shubin, b. 2-4-1944, d. 2-3-2005

She earned a Masters Degree in Special Education from CSU-Fresno at age 50 with a perfect 4.0 GPA! She also earned three credentials and advocated better pay and benefits for substitute teachers all over California. Her happiest memories were raising her children and working at Rata High School, Fresno CA, where she was a special education teacher. Survived by husband Alex Wm (birth name: Eugene Alexander Treglazoff), married 41 years; 4 children: Michael (Dallas, TX.), Cheri Sherwood (Fresno, CA.), Jayne (Roseville, CA) Katzya Treglazoff-Moss (Fresno, CA) with 3 kids (Samantha (Sammi), Jonathan and Brianne); and 3 brothers Bill (Rockingham, West Australia), David (Hacienda Heights, CA), John (Pineville, OR) with 6 kids; and 1 sister: Carol Kasimoff (Whittier, California). Find more Molokan obituaries posted on the Molokan Genealogy board at — Submitted by son Michael
Added November 24, 2005

David Nazaroff, Jr. Funeral Nov. 14
Obituary at — Funeral Services will be conducted by Peters Funeral Home for David Nazaroff, Jr., age 54, (6/16/1951— 11/8/2005) on Monday, November 14, 2005, at 10am, at the Shafter Molokan Church; interment followed at Shafter Memorial Park. Paul Slivkoff of the Shafter Molokan Church officiated.
Added November 3, 2005

Mendrin's Church May Split
Kerman's Lake Avenue Church which split from the Buchnoff Church in the 1960s, has out grown itself. Inter-family conflict indicates that
Added September 25, 2005

American-Jumper Holidays
  • Blowing of Trumpets (Pamiat trub) Mon Oct 3
  • Day of Atonement/Judgement (Sudni den') Wed Oct 12
  • Feast of Tabernacles (Kuscha) Mon Oct 17-24
Added September 13, 2005

The Case of the Doukhobors
, chaired by Koozma J. Tarasoff, at the 2005 Biennial Conference of the Canadian Ethnic Studies Association, to be held at the Westin Hotel in Ottawa, Ontario, October 14-16, 2005

Friday October 14, concurrent Session 3a: Ethnicity and Social Justice: The Case of the Doukhobors, to be chaired by Koozma J. Tarasoff. Alberta Meeting Room, 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Pathologizing and Criminalizing Cultural Protest: the Law and Vital Statistics, Tuancy and Nudity among Canadian Doukhobors.
  • Minority Children in Neglect: The Doukhobor Example.
  • "Official Nationality" and Russia's Sectarians: The Doukhobor Case.
  • How the Church, the Mass Media, and the Zealots Hijacked the Doukhobor Name.
Added August 31, 2005

Mendrin surname means "Swede"
I have confirmed that the surname is actually Mindrin (Миндрин). "Mendrin" is an Americanized spelling. It is derived from the dialect term "mindara" or "myndra" meaning "Swede", indicating an ancestor who originated from Sweden. This is a good example of where using the English alphabet, Anglicized version of surnames can lead to incorrect results when trying to determine the origin and etymology of the name. Its a small correction, but I'm glad I found it.
Jon KalmakoffOrigin & Meaning of Molokan Surnames
Added August 28, 2005

200th Anniversay Congress Report -- Sept 18, SF
After sobraniia on September 18, about noon to 2 pm, the San Francisco Molokan Church delegation who attended the Congress will present their report downstairs. 14 American-Molokans attended — the entire Pete Wm. Loskutoff family, their 3 chidren with spouses, and grand-kids, all from the SF Bay Area; and Dr. Alex Allan Desatoff from Whittier. Peter Wm Loskutoff was the Church representative. Pete's son-in-law Tim Hazen, an award winning TV producer, took video at the congress and is preparing a video/slide presentation to be shown. Other's at the Convention videoed the 4-day event for history. More information later...
Added August 28, 2005

100th Anniversary of the Klubnikin Prophesy
The "American-Armenian-Molokan" congregation will commemorate the fact that it's been 100 years since their/our people listened to the prophet Efim G. Klubnikin and came to America. They will celebrate their freedom to worship and the blessings they have enjoyed in America on Sunday October 30 at the First Armenian Pentecostal Church, (near Hacienda Blvd), La Habra Heights, CA. Due to space and cost, attendance is limited by invitation only for members only. Presbyter: Stanley Perumean. Home/message phone: 562-690-7580.
Added August 27, 2005

Funeral for James M. Pivovaroff may be this weekend, August 27-28, in Adelaide, Australia. He died Wed Aug 24 enduring dialysis following kidney failure. Jim is best known for his 1976 publication of an English version of the Spirit and Life — the red book.
Added  August 27, 2005

Funeral for Peter Kostrikin was held in San Francisco on August 13-14. Pete had a degree in architecture from the University of California, Berkeley, and suggested plans for the Molokan Center in Russia. Besides being a father, and excellent singer (over 300 songs), he was an assistant presbyter for the SF Molokan Church.
Updated June 28, 2005

Many Subbotniki moving to Israel
Thousands of Subboniki still exisit throughout the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Russians hate them for being too Jewish, but in Israel they are not Jewish enough. Hundreds have moved to Israel in recent years with more planing to go. See the news articles posted at, some with photos and maps.
Updated July 12, 2005

Dr. Breyfogle to speak with Molokans in LA July 23
On Saturday July 23 at noon, Dr. Breyfogle will speak at the new LA Cemetery chesovnia (chapel), 7201 E Slauson Ave (east of Garfield Ave), City of Commerce. He will talk about how Molokans got religious freedom 200 years ago and why a fourth of all Molokans moved to the Caucasus, the focus of his PhD thesis and new book; and his recent research about Molokan Church Building. He will autograph his book — Heretics and Colonizers — if you buy it and bring it with you. More ....
Posted May 3, 2005

George Alex Efseaff died after a long illness. Evening services: Wednesday 4 May. Funeral: Thursday 4 May. Molokan Church, 472 N 4th Street (near Harrison), Porterville, California.
Updated May 3, 2005

2 Books Available Soon: S&L and Pivovaroff

Both books are hard-bound and a bargain at $21 for the set ($24 mailed) — payable in advance. The first is an updated and enhanced reprint of the English Spirit and Life, originally translated by John Wm. Volkoff; and edited, supplemented and published by Daniel H. Shubin in 1983. Shubin made 250+ corrections, added an index, and included his translation of the "1805 Petiton to the Tsar". The second book is the bi-lingual (Russian/English) writings of Mikhail Petrovich Pivovaroff. Both hard-bound books sold at cost as a set and could ship at the end of May. Advance payments only — $21 (walk-in), or $24 (by mail). Send check or money-order to:

"Jack Valoff"
Atlantic Box & Carton,
8343 Loch Lomond Drive
Pico Rivera, CA 90660-2507
Phone: 562-948-3000

See Mike Lediaev's translation of the 1805 Petion to the Tsar. The M.P. Pivovaroff writtings were first translated and printed in Translations from the Book  Spirit and Life: Portions of the Morning Star and Copies of Original Manuscrips of M.G. Rudometkin (red book), by James Moses Pivovaroff, South Australia, 1976, pages 701-767. 
Updated Apr 29, 2005

"New Gathering in Kerman/Madera."

"Recently about 15 members (3 families) left Mendrin's Church (McKinley Ave) to form another gathering. They mainly are the entire Mike "Misha" Metchikoff clan. This is the second group of people to spin off of Mendrin's Church since the Shinens' (also about 20 members) split off a few years ago. The new church meets house to house, and they have no permanent presbyter as of yet. This should be a wake up call to the elders of the Molokan-Jumper Churches that you cannot do away with the molokanskii stradaltsy [Molokan martyrs] and that we must have a firm acceptance of God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit together and seperate, and to accept Maxim Gavrilovich as tsar dukhov Bog vernikh na zemle [king of spirits, God of the true believers on earth]. Together with these things, we can build up the Molokan- Jumper Church to its once former glory under God" — submitted by e-mail.
Posted Apr 27, 2005

The bulletin board "Molokan Underground" has moved to It is no longer maintained 
at MSN Groups. Registration is limited to selected members only, though the CO information is open to the public.
Posted Apr 21, 2005

Paskha (Passover) Holiday for American Jumper- Maksimisti- Molokans begins sundown Friday April 22. Continues 7 days to Friday April 29. Also see: All Holidays. The American- Constant- Molokans celebrated Paskha (Easter) last month on March 27.
Posted Apr 21, 2005

Paul Zolnekoff, father of ex-mayor, dies at 85
2005 March 31 — Whittier Daily News
See son Allan's memorial page: "Sadly, my Dad, Paul Zolnekoff, passed away March 29th,  2005. " Learn more about Boyle Heights: Power of Place. FYI: Paul raised homing pigeons and rare chickens that laid green and blue eggs.
Posted Apr 15, 2005
Submitted: Mar 31, 2005  to

Emma K. Afinsoff  in Family Photos by Surname
Molokan Church Members S.F 1938 — "My grandmother (Emma K Afinsoff) is the woman on the first row, smiling." [Original photo at Library of Congress] "My family information is pretty limited. I am looking for my father's family members. The Afinsoff family. My grandparents lived in Klamath Falls Oregon, Los Angeles and then settled in San Francisco. On Caroline St. on Russian Hill. My 2 Uncles were musicians and changed their surnames to Alexander. George and Nick. They were known in the music field as the Alexander Brothers.My grandmother was an active member of the Molokan church in San Francisco. She passed away in 1974." — Lynn M Sickler
Posted Apr 5, 2005

Molokans observe 200 years of religious freedom

Due to 2005 being the 200th anniversary of freedom of religion for Molokans in Russia, we are posting a series focusing on that history. The first item was the announcement from the Molokan Center for all to attend the convention this July. The second is a translation of the 1805 order and hearings. The third will be posting the Russian text of the 1805 order and hearings. More will follow. In July, Dr. Breyfolgle may visit Los Angeles to present his research to interested Molokans. These items will be featured at the top of Molokan Around the World.
Fresno Bee — March 22, 2005
Man dies, three hurt in crash
      A 70-year-old man died Monday morning [March 21], when the car he was riding in was struck by a pickup northwest of Kerman, the California Highway Patrol reported.
      The victim, James Koretoff of Norwalk, was in the back passenger seat when the driver of the southbound Saturn he was in pulled in front of the Ford pickup after stopping for a stop sign at Belmont and Siskiyou avenues, police said.
      Koretoff was dead at the scene, and three others were injured in the 10:51 a.m. collision.
[All pasengers are relatives of Koretoff who was known for his meat market on Paramount Blvd, Pico Rivera. On Sunday he attended the wedding of his grand-daughter Sada to David Tolmasoff held in Buchnoff Church on Siskiyou Avenue. Funeral to be in LA.]
Update Posted: Apr 1 2005, on the Molokan Network

Chris Koretoff died
After burying her father on Sunday. Chris was taken to the hospital early this week and died of complications of the car accident she was in with her father, daughter and mother. The story is that she had an undetected hole in her lung from the accident and died from the infection.
Posted Mar 21, 2005
Your invitation to attend the 200th anniversary celebrations of religious freedom for Molokans, to be held in Stavropol' Russia. Letter dated February 26, 2005. If you go, please take digital photos and send them in with a report for posting.
Posted Mar 5, 2005

Buy The Russians' Secret, by Hoover with Petrov, discounted online to $1 at Scroll Publishing (Also search for "Molokan"). Normally $15 (UMCA price.) NOTE: The entire book is online, too.
Posted Mar 4, 2005

LA-UMCA Considers Mobile Phone Tower

LOS ANGELES — Cingular Wireless wants to install a 65-foot tall pole with 12 antennas at the UMCA in Hacienda Heights. The Conditional Use Permit presented on Dec 7, indicates the pole will look like a pine tree. The cell phone company will rent the space.
Posted Jan 20, 2005

LOS ANGELES — George John Samarin, Presbyter of Samarins's Church on Percy Street died Sunday in his sleep. Funeral is today. While in his 20's, he was the youngest presbyter annointed in a major American-Molokan congregation. Assistant presbyter Harry Shubin died last year, leaving this congregation with no presbyter now.
Posted Dec 27, 2004

ARIZONA — Fred Wm Tolmachoff ("Speck") died Sunday afternoon, December 26, at home from complications of diabetes. Funeral Thursday, December 30, Arizona. He had no kids, and his wife Pat John Susoev died many years ago. Fred was a singer in the real Church before the scandal, in which his nephews (the "Cowboys") tried to steal the Church properties but continually failed in court. During the first years of the scandal Fred did not want to take sides and remained neutral. Then the Cowboys' helpers mailed about 1,000 annonymous letters to slander the real congregation. They still believed the Church is theirs and continued to falsify documents, and chase the Jumper congregation away with verbal abuse and threats. This year they claimed that the weak and demented elder Fred was "their" preacher and boss of "their" Church. On September 22, 2004, the real Jumper congregation prevailed in a final judgment in Superior Court, Maricopa County Arizona to disolve the corporation, and will not support this funeral due to the illegal and unethical actions of this small confused family.
Posted Dec 26, 2004 -- Updated Jan 3, 2005

LOS ANGELES — Jim Wm and Mary Ghosoph (51) killed in Dec 20 El Monte CA plane crash. Jim is the youngest brother of John Wm Ghosoph (wife: Nura Konovalov) of Madera. Jim's wife Mary is not Molokan. See: The Los Angeles Times  (Dec 21) -- REGION & STATE: Tower in Deadly Crash Was a Menace to Incoming Fullerton Flights, Pilots Say
Oct 14, 2004

KERMAN — The elder presbyter Morris Jack Mendrin died Wednesday October 13 due to an infection after surgery. Services Friday evening October 15. Funeral Saturday morning October 16. Mendrin Church (McKinley Ave, Kerman, California).
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