Russian Is Injured

By Associated Press. Los Angeles Herald, November 11, 1905. Page 5
Vasllo Koulokoff [Vasili Kulikoff] was struck by a stone hurled by an unidentified man at Jackson and Alameda streets last evening and sustained a badly injured head. The police have heard rumors recently of miniature battles fought between Russians and Japanese in the district.

Ethnic gangs began to form and fight within months of immigrating. By the mid-1920s the total count of juvenile delinquent Jumper boys in Boyle Heights district, Los Angeles, was counted to be 181 in 108 families. See Dr. Tony Waters book Crime and Immigrant Youth (1998) base on his Ph.D. thesis in which he concluded that delinquency occurs when rural village people with authoritative elders are resettled in large urban areas, the institutions (schools, police, government, etc.) replace the authority of the village elders which disrupts the social structure of the immigrant community. If the kids don't assimilate and succeed in school or sports, they alternatively try to succeed on the street (fighting, crimes, etc.).
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